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Last Updated on 4/26/04 Chappelle's Show
Check out some clips from the best show on TV now! Season 1 and 2 clips up now.
New! Added 3/3/04 Need some help?
Here's a super duper cool tutorial I wrote on how to browse a website.. for stupid people of course.
Last Updated on 4/26/04 GI JOE!
A great series of spoofs of the show. If you don't laugh, you suck.
New! Added 3/3/04 SNL - Jeopardy
Probably one of the best skits SNL has done. Here's the best ones.
Last Updated 3/4/04 Are you an Idiot?
Follow this guide if you think you fall into that idiot category thing.
Last Updated 3/4/04 Jokes
Here's like five pages of jokes and crap. For more jokes look in the post archives.
Last Updated 3/4/04 Funny Images
A ton of images to laugh at or whatever
Last Updated 3/4/04 Headlines
Yep some from Jay Leno, not many up at the moment.
Last Updated 3/4/04 Funny Flash
Quite a few flash movies that might make you pee your pants.
Last Updated 3/4/04 Funny Audio
Got some prank calls and some stand up for you here.
Last Updated 3/4/04 Hatemail 101
Some people don't like this site. Pretty old stuff.
Last Updated 3/4/04 Huge Bitch Series
The "famous" thing I stole from any Rob Schneider movie.
Last Updated 2/17/08 Q and A
These are my favorite type of jokes!


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