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Pedo Day posted on 10/31/11 by Opie

Come onnn tittie!!!

A movie that kills a bunch of kids is surprisingly hilarious.

Scaring your kids is always fun.

Best dog costume goes to..

Very Cool Halloween Costume.

Another Halloween Light Show!

Pole dancing FAIL.

News Anchor likes this story way too much.

This cow clearly resisted arrest. (Graphic)

21 ft long crocodile captured!

Dude gets a hooker and films it.

He wins either way.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Fuckbook.
[ SFW ] - Love these.
[ SFW ] - Zombie Shit.
[ SFW ] - Shitter's Full.
[ SFW ] - Pow Her Donut.
[NSFW] - Perfect Breasts.
[ SFW ] - Super Cleavage!
[NSFW] - One night stand.
[NSFW] - Nice flopping tits!
[ SFW ] - Voodoo doll game.
[ SFW ] - Hot girls with abs.
[ SFW ] - Sexy Soiree Chicks.
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[ SFW ] - FALL-ING isn't as good.
[ SFW ] - Weed is safer than crack.
[ SFW ] - Awesome Pencil Animation.
[NSFW] - 30+ minutes of this hot ass!
[ SFW ] - Fake Trick Or Treater Prank.
[NSFW] - Wake up! It's time for penis!
[ SFW ] - The coolest thermostat ever.
[ SFW ] - Hermain Cain (Bad Lip Reading)
[ SFW ] - Funny Halloween Costume pics.
[ SFW ] - The best shitty car review ever.
[NSFW] - College couple makes a sex tape.
[NSFW] - Just some whore taking a shower.
[ SFW ] - Proof on how a fire started. (Onion)
[ SFW ] - Apparently you can't sell moon rock.
[ SFW ] - Killer Whale Seabreacher Watercraft!
[NSFW] - Trick or Treat with these dirty sluts!
[ SFW ] - Girl Accidentally Hangs Herself At Haunted House.
[ SFW ] - Michael Meyers Scaring People at a Movie Theater.

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Little foot posted on 10/28/11 by Opie

Hippo Butt Explosion! Oh my haha

People are Awesome (2011)

Just watch and repeat WTF several times.

The Psychic Cat!

Dog vs. Vuvuzela. (Didn't see that coming)

Gollum at a wedding.

Grounds keeper proves white people can dance. (From World Series)

Fucking WHAT... MAGIC!

Holy KO!

Hey! Let's put our camel in the trunk! (Cruelty Alert!)

Mud and horny chicks!


It's party time!

Biggest Bitch In Porn?

Awesome Oral Skills!

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Tebowing.
[ SFW ] - Worth a look.
[ SFW ] - Tittie Prymaid.
[ SFW ] - Hanukkah Joint.
[NSFW] - Come onnn tittie!
[NSFW] - Facebook of Sex.
[ SFW ] - Beyonce Kills Fan.
[NSFW] - Don't Click Here :)
[NSFW] - Sweet college ass!
[ SFW ] - Best Pickup Lines.
[ SFW ] - Government Sucks.
[ SFW ] - Arm Wrestle Prank.
[ SFW ] - Metallica Wannabes
[ SFW ] - Must see Shark Pool.
[NSFW] - Great Teen Creampie!
[ SFW ] - Heard of the Whizzinator?
[ SFW ] - Big Bad Wolf .. Haha WTF?
[ SFW ] - The ending of this is hilarious.
[ SFW ] - Johnny Depp Vs Ricky Gervais.
[ SFW ] - This game may drive you nuts.
[NSFW] - Girls taste each other's pussies!
[NSFW] - Get her drunk and fuck her more!
[NSFW] - Get girls to flash their tits for you!
[NSFW] - Hottest Supervillain Cosplay Babes.
[ SFW ] - This is What a Dinosaur Feels Like!!!!!
[ SFW ] - TSA goes through woman's luggage, finds sex toy, leaves pervy note.
[NSFW] - The BEST dating site around, scans every other dating site for the most matches!

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na na nom posted on 10/26/11 by Opie


Big ass titties!

Homemade sex time.

Look at all those asses!

Dumbest Girl In Porn?


Stripper pumpkin!

Wait for it! (GIF)

So close to WINNING.

On the look out.

That is some good marketing.

Kids are dumb. (GIF)

Must have been a funny joke.

Beware the wrath of Liu Kang. (GIF)

Dog must have watched 8 seconds. (GIF)

Two great costumes.


I need my penis warmer!

Now that's an ass.


Lake Bell shows her tits! (GIF)

I watched this for a bit to long. (GIF)

Um Got Milk?.. (GIF)

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Fuckbook.
[NSFW] - Girl Crazy.
[ SFW ] - Peace Talks.
[NSFW] - Gaddafis body.
[ SFW ] - Girls with guns.
[ SFW ] - Slutty T-shirts.
[ SFW ] - Sexy Yoga pictures.
[NSFW] - Hot redhead fucked!
[NSFW] - The hottest cam girls.
[ SFW ] - Invisible Runner Game.
[ SFW ] - Best Zombie Costume.
[ SFW ] - Heard of the Whizzinator?
[ SFW ] - Cool Halloween Light Show.
[ SFW ] - Oh please COME ON TITTIE!
[ SFW ] - This man is a calf saving hero.
[ SFW ] - The coolest police chase ever.
[NSFW] - Big natural tits and a big booty!
[NSFW] - Hot girls aren't suppose to poot!
[ SFW ] - Can you guess which one is legal?
[ SFW ] - The Many Deaths of Steve Buscemi.
[ SFW ] - Lindsay Lohan is going to pose in Playboy.
[ SFW ] - Awesome Dogs Who Rocked Terrible Movies.
[NSFW] - Mom "accidentally" flashes for pizza delivery girl.
[ SFW ] - I was cracking the hell up at these tee shirts, ridiculous!
[NSFW] - Fucking this tattooed slut would be like fucking a coloring book.

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MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY posted on 10/24/11 by Opie

Beyonce makes fan sing and.. hahahaha

Gorillas Fighting in the Ghetto. (The narration is hilarious)

Angry Birds are SCARY!

Cat puke compilation.. with techno music!


Dirt Bike Vs Girls.

Chinese girl ruthlessly run over twice and pedestrians do nothing.

Sky Dive sex stunt.

Cute teen fucked via webcam.

Hey lets prepare an ass smoothie!

Peeping Tom.

Babes & Beer


A man and a woman were waiting at the hospital donation center.

Man: "What are you doing here today?"

Woman: "Oh, I'm here to donate some blood. They're going to give me $5 for it."

Man: "Hmm, that's interesting. I'm here to donate sperm, myself. But they pay me $25."

The woman looked thoughtful for a moment and they chatted some more before going their separate ways.

Several months later, the same man and woman meet again in the donation center.

Man: "Oh, hi there! Here to donate blood again?"

Woman: [shaking her head with mouth closed] "Unh unh."

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Mykoc
[NSFW] - Fuck buddy.
[ SFW ] - Dare to Fight?
[NSFW] - Facebook of Sex.
[ SFW ] - I love drunk girls!
[ SFW ] - Come onnn tittie!
[NSFW] - Hurry up and cum!
[ SFW ] - Need to get a job?
[ SFW ] - Touch the Boobies.
[ SFW ] - A fun hunting game.
[ SFW ] - 90's Retro Flashback!
[NSFW] - Smokin' hot cam girls.
[NSFW] - Naked and body paint.
[ SFW ] - Creative smoking tools.
[ SFW ] - The Hottest UFC ring girl.
[ SFW ] - Great Halloween Costumes.
[ SFW ] - Dude eats a LIVE Scorpion!
[ SFW ] - A guy with a 100lb nutsack.
[ SFW ] - Laughing Quadruplets. haha
[ SFW ] - Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses!
[ SFW ] - Some badass Pumpkin Carvin'.
[ SFW ] - A new Superhero movie trailer.
[NSFW] - All these girls fighting over one dick.
[NSFW] - Hot chick practices her stripper skills!
[ SFW ] - A Peter Pan sequel that looks awesome.
[NSFW] - College couple have sex on the kitchen table.
[ SFW ] - If you like Led Zeppelin, check out these skills.
[ SFW ] - Man Reunited With His Childhood Friend Gorilla.
[ SFW ] - Guitar Riffs Every Man Should Be Able To Play.
[ SFW ] - Turn Into a ZOMBIE for only $17 with this T-Shirt!
[ SFW ] - Disney Surprise Gone Wrong - We're not going to Chattanooga?

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O'DOYLE RULES posted on 10/21/11 by Opie

Washing Machine has an Orgasm.

Wax Museum prank.

Brad Pitt Ping Pong!

Cinderella Fail!


Damn The Hulk is strong! (GIF)

Watch out for that glass door Sir. (GIF)

Alice Eve has awesome titties!

What a great view!

Cum shot via titties!

No pictures please!


A Romanian, a Jew and a Somali under a tree.

A caterpillar gets on the Romanian's shoulder.

The Romanian throws the caterpillar at the Jew, the Jew throws the caterpillar at the Somali, the Somali picks up the caterpillar and eats it.

Another caterpillar gets on the Romanian, the Romanian throws it at the Jew, the Jew picks it up and ask the Somali: "Do you want to buy a caterpillar?"

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Pu$$y.
[NSFW] - Read This.
[ SFW ] - War game!
[ SFW ] - You like this.
[ SFW ] - Internet Story.
[NSFW] - Facebook of Sex!
[ SFW ] - Cool Audio Illusion.
[ SFW ] - Halloween t-shirts!
[ SFW ] - Turn into a Zombie!
[ SFW ] - Menstruation Maiden.
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[NSFW] - Busty girl sucks cock.
[ SFW ] - Trojan supports weed.
[ SFW ] - Sexiest Legs in Sports.
[ SFW ] - Campus Pooting.. haha
[ SFW ] - The True Origins of Pizza.
[NSFW] - Like a 50 minute porn clip.
[NSFW] - More hot girls with iPhones.
[ SFW ] - Fastest Two-Ball Labyrinth!
[ SFW ] - Safe to say he OWNS this game.
[ SFW ] - The always hot Kate Beckinsale.
[NSFW] - Chat with cam girls this weekend!
[ SFW ] - Mr. Bean teach me how to Dougie.
[ SFW ] - Fish that has excellent Camouflage.
[ SFW ] - Family Gets Lost in Corn Maze, Calls 911.
[ SFW ] - I would Motor Boat the shit out of those.
[NSFW] - Why does this have over 86 million views?
[NSFW] - Sybian Morphs Crazy Slut Into Crazier Slut!
[NSFW] - Who needs hands when you have feet like that!

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early to the porn posted on 10/19/11 by Opie


Really good amateur porno!

This bitch can ride a dick!

Rainy day sex

Quick Joke

My girlfriend and I were having sex the other day when she looked at me and said, "Make love to me like in the movies."

So I fucked her in the ass, pulled out, and came all over her face and hair.

I guess we don't watch the same movies.


A blonde did the funny!

The bear is like "shoot this bitch"

Eat that corndog fatty!

The perfect couple.


No, the shocks are fine.

Well this race is off to a great start.

I love real titties.

Haha! Now that's a costume.

Jokes are better with pictures.


Don't go into retard mode.

I sits.

Best headline ever!

Pure Genius.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Fuckbook.
[NSFW] - Strip poker!
[ SFW ] - Party shirts!
[ SFW ] - Plot Device.
[ SFW ] - Halloween Games.
[ SFW ] - A Facebook song?
[NSFW] - Hot Sorority Party!
[ SFW ] - Funny sit-up prank.
[ SFW ] - Really cool LED floor.
[ SFW ] - Now that is a blunt!
[ SFW ] - Hot girls working out.
[ SFW ] - How to date a Model.
[NSFW] - I love this blue dress!
[NSFW] - Smokin' hot cam girls.
[NSFW] - Lesbian Fantasy. (Hot)
[ SFW ] - Cats noes like the water.
[NSFW] - Dirty whore fucked in a van.
[ SFW ] - Best superbike race of the decade.
[ SFW ] - Zombie Costume you need to see!
[ SFW ] - Moves Like Jabba (Maroon 5 Parody)
[NSFW] - Dorky teen gets ripped by her boyfriend's cock!

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