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» hip hop cock posted on 01/16/08 by Opie

Q and A

Q. What do you call a black guy with a stutter?
A. Cocoon.


Just watch.. silly porn.

Where is this beach at?


A married man was having an affair with his secretary.

One day, their passions overcame them and they took off for her house, where they made passionate love all afternoon. Exhausted from the wild sex, they fell asleep, awakening around eight PM. As the man threw on his clothes, he told the woman to take his shoes outside and rub them through the grass and dirt. Mystified, she nonetheless complied. He slipped into his shoes and drove home.

"Where have you been!" demanded his wife when he entered the house.

"Darling, I can't lie to you. I've been having an affair with my secretary and we've been having sex all afternoon. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until eight o'clock."

The wife glanced down at his shoes and said, "You fucking lying bastard! You've been playing golf!"

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - BMX game.
[NSFW] - Porn is fun.
[NSFW] - Fuck buddy.
[ SFW ] - BJ from hell.
[NSFW] - Taxi cab sex.
[NSFW] - OK this is gay.
[NSFW] - Gas pump girl.
[ SFW ] - Ladder surfing!
[ SFW ] - I like Dominika.
[ SFW ] - I'd rape them all.
[NSFW] - Massage and BJ.
[NSFW] - Big ghetto booty.
[NSFW] - After school orgy.
[ SFW ] - Owned by a chair.
[ SFW ] - Who'd you rather?
[ SFW ] - Come onnnn tittie!
[ SFW ] - Carmen's an animal!
[ SFW ] - Alexis Bledel is hot.
[ SFW ] - This you gotta see!
[ SFW ] - CroCop is still a BMF.
[ SFW ] - Commercial audition.
[NSFW] - TITS, Pussy and ASS!
[ SFW ] - I like shooting games.
[ SFW ] - Mountain bike crashes.
[ SFW ] - You Christians are weird.
[ SFW ] - Black models are hot too.
[ SFW ] - Dinosaurs had teen sex!
[ SFW ] - Deep sea drilling disaster.
[ SFW ] - Tom Cruise is really fucking weird.
[ SFW ] - This dude is huge and very strong.
[ SFW ] - I can't wait to eat cloned humans.
[ SFW ] - Are these guys boyfriend and boyfriend?
[NSFW] - 3 porn star sluts take one 12 inch cock.
[ SFW ] - Hot teen cumming to terms with orgasms.

» hate/hate relationship posted on 01/14/08 by Opie

Donate to this man! (I think he's retarded)

Check out this hockey fan.. haha

What an excellent suicide video.

Email regarding this vid

"I'm probably foolish in assuming you care. I knew had low standards, which is what made a lot of the movies so funny. But this video seriously crosses the line. I can't imagine what kind of person it would take to find this video humorous. The man depicted in the video was clearly in a confused state of his life, and what he did wasn't funny. I could spend an hour trying to write up some sorry little note you probably wouldn't read. With that being said, I'm contacting what agencies I can to take down the site I used to watch and enjoy."

"I have just learned that this type of film is routinely referred to as a snuff film and is illegal. Reports will ensue."

I wouldn't trust this fucker.

Say firetruck!

Fat kid can dance.

He said nigger on TV.

99 words for boobs.

Lohan stripper scene. (White trash whore)


A family are driving behind a garbage truck when a dildo flies out and thumps against the windscreen.

Embarrassed, and to spare her young sons' innocence, the mother turns around and says "Don't worry. That was an insect."

To which one of the boys replies "I'm surprised it could get off the ground with a cock like that."


I spit my drink out.


He's gonna spank it to that pic.



Neat magic trick.

Dang white boy.

That is scary.

What is going on here?

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Big jugs.
[ SFW ] - Lara Croft
[ SFW ] - Nice booty.
[NSFW] - Secret cam.
[ SFW ] - Funny Tees.
[ SFW ] - Joanna Krupa.
[ SFW ] - Hellooo Janet.
[ SFW ] - Camel toe tee!
[ SFW ] - Fake or Slutty.
[ SFW ] - Learn to queef?
[ SFW ] - Talk about lucky.
[ SFW ] - Adult site reviews.
[ SFW ] - Smokin hot babes.
[ SFW ] - Funny commercial mix.
[ SFW ] - Girls in the mud = fun!
[ SFW ] - Gisele is VERY Naughty.
[ SFW ] - Weird looking black fella.
[ SFW ] - Self-tuning robot guitar.
[ SFW ] - Pretty cool puzzle game.
[NSFW] - The best crank dat vid yet.
[ SFW ] - Stacey Keibler is very hot.
[NSFW] - Kelly fucks her gym trainer.
[ SFW ] - Elisha Cuthbert hates her fans.
[NSFW] - Should be called the tittie wall.
[NSFW] - Free massage! (With your hand)
[ SFW ] - What the hell is this ASIAN shit..?
[ SFW ] - These idiots think the earth is flat.
[ SFW ] - This fucking tard can't rap for shit.
[ SFW ] - Superficial Friends vs. Cock Blocker.
[ SFW ] - This may be the greatest game ever.
[ SFW ] - Can't wait to see their retarded babies.
[ SFW ] - Very hot Swedish singing, but she sucks.
[ SFW ] - See with me, my dick would get hung up.
[ SFW ] - If you like the taste of man juice, you're gay.

» I married my hand posted on 01/11/08 by Opie

Funniest thing of the week.

This is an awesome "dance-off".. and I thought they were gay.

How Nascar drivers go for the W.

They must be in Arkansas.

Why I turned off the new American Gladiators.

Cock tease.


One morning, this gay man woke up from a wonderful dream, only to hear his partner in the bathroom making grunting and moaning sounds. The gay man got out of bed, walked down the hall and opened the bathroom door. The gay man looked at his partner, masturbating with a condom on.

"What the hell are you doing???" he asked his partner.

The gay man's partner looked up at him sheepishly, "Oh... I was just packing your lunch!"

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Nudity.
[ SFW ] - Red hot.
[ SFW ] - Cam girls.
[ SFW ] - Dominika.
[NSFW] - Wild time.
[ SFW ] - Hot thong.
[NSFW] - Hot Cuban.
[ SFW ] - Pussy farts.
[NSFW] - Hey nice tits.
[NSFW] - Three hotties.
[ SFW ] - Sexy Cameron.
[ SFW ] - A true LSU fan.
[ SFW ] - Secret sex tape.
[ SFW ] - The Negrotiator.
[ SFW ] - The new Bond girl.
[ SFW ] - Police Lamborghini.
[ SFW ] - Dear Internet porn.
[ SFW ] - I will not shop there.
[ SFW ] - Whoose nerdy boobs?
[ SFW ] - New Year's Resolution.
[ SFW ] - How to make fireballs.
[ SFW ] - Fuck a hottie near you.
[ SFW ] - Here's a fun video. Yay.
[ SFW ] - Kind of like a maze game.
[ SFW ] - You can't say lynch Tiger!
[ SFW ] - Dumb blonde cheerleader.
[ SFW ] - Some bad ass tree houses.
[ SFW ] - His arms are like a puppets.
[ SFW ] - What makes Hollywood tick?
[ SFW ] - Don't think I'll see Mad Money.
[NSFW] - She jerked him off with her feet.
[NSFW] - Masturbating after video games!
[ SFW ] - Fun with that TV-B Gone remote.
[ SFW ] - I bet she took these pics herself.
[NSFW] - You know who Mr. Hands is right? haha
[ SFW ] - Rambo is about to come out. (Reminder)

» pornajdjdjgsg posted on 01/09/08 by Opie

Note: This girl is insane.

Bedroom strip.


A woman brings 8-year-old Johnny home and tells his mother that he was caught playing doctors and nurses with Mary, her eight year old daughter.

Johnny's mother says: "Let's not be too harsh on them. They are bound to be curious about sex at that age."

"Curious about sex?!" Replies Mary's mother. "He was taken her fucking appendix out!"

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Sex.
[ SFW ] - Orgasm.
[ SFW ] - Big jugs!
[ SFW ] - Hot MILFS.
[NSFW] - Hot women.
[ SFW ] - Sexy celebs.
[NSFW] - Anal sex 101.
[NSFW] - Sex in public.
[ SFW ] - I hate clothes.
[ SFW ] - ASIAN models.
[ SFW ] - Dancing Chicas.
[NSFW] - I love strippers.
[NSFW] - One night stand.
[NSFW] - Her titties are nice.
[NSFW] - Porn via INTERNET.
[ SFW ] - Fleshy loves kittens.
[NSFW] - Two hot MILFS fucked.
[ SFW ] - For all you weed heads.
[ SFW ] - Alyssa Milano lapdance.
[NSFW] - Anyone remember this?
[ SFW ] - Girl licked clean by dogs.
[ SFW ] - Bill gates last day at work.
[ SFW ] - A great ass on myspace..
[NSFW] - Crazy robot sex animation.
[ SFW ] - Kill your friends with a pen.
[ SFW ] - Supermodels in bathing suits.
[ SFW ] - Muscles and women don't mix.
[NSFW] - Masturbation with a golf ball..?
[NSFW] - A cum machine? Silly ASIANS..
[ SFW ] - Black people mosh dance now?
[ SFW ] - Really cool way to pick up chicks.
[ SFW ] - Hate school? Glue your hand to your bed.
[NSFW] - I'm still waiting for a sex machine malfunction.
[ SFW ] - A new use for the thigh master. (If you're gay or a girl)

» I don't read, I look posted on 01/07/08 by Opie

Deer hung up on a swing.

Ghost ride - Granny style!

Dramatically Normal Day Ever

Stabbing in public. (Graphic..blah blah)

Mortal Kombat bum.

Owned via pistol.

Buddy of mine eating a duck tongue.

ATV back flip attempt.

Booty flash!

He got beat up by a girl...Pussy...

What an excellent actor.


This doesn't make sense because I forgot part of it, fuck it though. Laugh at my stupidity!

Because St. Peter was on break, Jesus had to receive an old man at the pearly gates. Upon seeing him Jesus asks "What is your name?"

"I'm so old I don't remember"

"Where are you from?"

"I don't remember that either"

"I need some information so that i make look up your name in the book of life"

"All i remember is that i was a carpenter, and that i had a son who became incredibly famous all through the land, even today his story is still being told to millions"




I knew it after the first pic.. Girls only fuckers.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Nice taco.
[ SFW ] - It's a trap!
[ SFW ] - Agent Julia.
[ SFW ] - Hi crazy guy.
[ SFW ] - Breast Fetish.
[ SFW ] - Painted bikini.
[NSFW] - Sexy blondes.
[ SFW ] - You'll like this.
[NSFW] - Perfect review.
[ SFW ] - Naked fun sites.
[ SFW ] - Slide accidents.
[ SFW ] - Kill the other ball.
[ SFW ] - Worst driver ever?
[NSFW] - Sex on da streets.
[NSFW] - I like these whores.
[ SFW ] - Olympic Swimwear.
[ SFW ] - I like booty shorts.
[ SFW ] - Japanese bug fights!
[ SFW ] - Sexy bikini contest.
[ SFW ] - Snowy the Frostman.
[ SFW ] - I hate white niggers.
[ SFW ] - Cocaine vaccine? haha
[ SFW ] - Fake titties don't shake.
[NSFW] - Wonder it became stinky?
[ SFW ] - Supercharged power wheels.
[NSFW] - Hot women just a click away.
[NSFW] - This would happen in real life.
[ SFW ] - Guess the deformed celebrity.
[ SFW ] - Hello crazy psycho ex-girlfriend.
[ SFW ] - Little girl singing some stupid shit.
[ SFW ] - This video most have cost a ton.
[ SFW ] - In My Dreams You Are Blowing Me.
[ SFW ] - He doesn't like women, only dolls..
[ SFW ] - 25 most annoying voices. (Singing)
[ SFW ] - Kid Beats hardest level on guitar hero.
[ SFW ] - This is so weird because he's he's black.
[ SFW ] - Internet owned! (They even signed him up for the Army)

» Let our powers combine posted on 01/04/08 by Opie

Q and A

Q. Why do black people have flat noses?
A. That's where god put his foot before he ripped off their tail.

What is going on here?

Guess it would be fun to play bumper cars in a car wash.

A great dog walker.

Talk to your kids about sex.

Laugh without smiling.. haha

Mick remix.

People always crashing into police cars..

I like those.

Quick Joke

Three blondes were walking in the forest one day. They saw a set of tracks and started arguing over what kind of tracks they were.

The first blonde said, "I think they’re deer tracks!"

The second blonde said, "I think they’re dog tracks!"

The third blonde said, "Well, I think they’re cow tracks!"

They were still arguing when the train hit them



This picture is crazy.. or I'm dumb.

"I will eat this white girl up"

Should have waited for the money shot.

This is why black people hate whites.

What, no watermelon?

Good air time.

A gay nipple pinch.

He is tall.

Walmart for black people.

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Air band?
[ SFW ] - Sexy stuff.
[NSFW] - Fuck buddy.
[ SFW ] - Rambo Bells.
[ SFW ] - Bed beauty.
[NSFW] - Mini van sex.
[NSFW] - Teen dream.
[ SFW ] - She's red hot.
[NSFW] - Blonde whores.
[NSFW] - Locker room sex.
[ SFW ] - Naughty girl in bed.
[NSFW] - Surprise my ass...
[ SFW ] - A new tank game.
[ SFW ] - Celebrity Mini-Me!
[ SFW ] - I think they're real.
[ SFW ] - Erin has nice boobs.
[NSFW] - Yummy Marissa Miller.
[ SFW ] - Annoying roommate.
[ SFW ] - Cool fighter jet video.
[ SFW ] - The RIAA are still stupid
[NSFW] - I'd like the girls on top.
[NSFW] - I'd cut her pig tails off!
[ SFW ] - Camel toe song. (Old school)
[ SFW ] - Some sexy celeb pics for ya.
[ SFW ] - This is a weird commercial.
[ SFW ] - He found your stupid lost dog.
[ SFW ] - Oh wow look at that flexibility.
[ SFW ] - I know what I'm making tonight.
[NSFW] - HOOK Up with Local Lusty Ladies!
[ SFW ] - Kid connects Wii to rocking horse.
[ SFW ] - Kim Kardashian poses for Playboy.
[ SFW ] - Ninja Babes from space, Episode 2.
[ SFW ] - I wonder if he likes taking pictures.
[ SFW ] - Hilarious DUI Test. (Not the Reno 911 one)
[NSFW] - Didn't know they had porn in black and white.
[ SFW ] - I can't believe the people arrested were black.
[ SFW ] - You can download weed to your PC and it will grow!

» Happy new year faggots! posted on 01/02/08 by Opie

I should go back old school this year....

Q and A

Q: How come black people and Mexicans don't have babies together?
A: They're afraid they'll be to lazy to steal.


Oh shit.


A man with a winking problem is applying for a position as a sales representative for a large firm. The interviewer looks over his papers and says, "This is phenomenal. You've graduated from the best schools; your recommendations are wonderful, and your experience is unparalleled.

"Normally, we'd hire you without a second thought. However, a sales representative has a highly visible position, and we're afraid that your constant winking will scare off potential customers. I'm sorry....we can't hire you."

"But wait," he said. "If I take two aspirin, I'll stop winking!"

"Really? Great! Show me!"

So the applicant reaches into his jacket pocket and begins pulling out all sorts of condoms: red condoms, blue condoms, ribbed condoms, flavored condoms; finally, at the bottom, he finds a packet of aspirin. He tears it open, swallows the pills, and stops winking.

"Well," said the interviewer, "that's all well and good, but this is a respectable company, and we will not have our employees womanizing all over, the country!"

"Womanizing? What do you mean? I'm a happily married man!"

"Well then, how do you explain all these condoms?"

"Oh, that," he sighed. "Have you ever walked into a pharmacy, winking, and asked for aspirin?"

Send your e-boobs here!

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Ex sex.
[ SFW ] - Party girls.
[ SFW ] - FAIL! (Pics)
[ SFW ] - Naked teens.
[NSFW] - Holy lesbians.
[NSFW] - Very hot teen.
[NSFW] - Single women.
[ SFW ] - Bouncing boobs.
[ SFW ] - Internet Models.
[ SFW ] - She needs a bath.
[ SFW ] - Bike crash pile up.
[NSFW] - More porn for ya.
[NSFW] - Sporty sluts fucked.
[NSFW] - For fake rack fans.
[ SFW ] - Daddy's little helper.
[ SFW ] - It's make fun of time.
[NSFW] - Holy shit @ her body.
[NSFW] - I love that booty clap.
[ SFW ] - Love, ass, and tequila!
[NSFW] - Taco drive girls fucked.
[ SFW ] - One legged salsa dude.
[NSFW] - Twins fucked in the gym.
[ SFW ] - Some Rampage highlights.
[ SFW ] - Semi Pro Trailer (Rated R)
[ SFW ] - Who is this little fat fuck?
[ SFW ] - Luby's is a nasty restaurant.
[ SFW ] - A nasty way to quit chewing.
[ SFW ] - Kermit watches 2 Girls 1 Cup.
[ SFW ] - Victoria's secrets finally exposed.
[ SFW ] - Ninja babes from space, Episode 1.
[ SFW ] - They want some breast for one dolla.
[ SFW ] - Yoga farting is funny for some reason.
[NSFW] - Canadian Tea Party... (Lemon party?)
[ SFW ] - These may be the dumbest men ever.
[NSFW] - How did this dick make porn, oh it's ASIAN...
[ SFW ] - I almost killed myself after watching this shit.


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