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666 pick up sticks posted on 01/30/13 by Opie


So over in Japan, they have sex in rice. DAFUQ!?

Holy shit.

These college girls sure know how to throw a pool party

Big Boob Hottie gets Banged!

Home vid of them fucking

Must see!


A businessman was having an affair with his young secretary.

Every Friday the two would leave work a few hours early and have sex at the secretary's house.

When the executive returned home, he would tell his wife he had gone to a bar with his friends.

One night, the executive accidentally fell asleep at his secretary's house.

When he woke up, he rushed to get dressed and told his secretary to rub his shoes in the grass.

Eager to help, the confused secretary took his shoes outside, rubbed them in the grass, and handed them off.

By the time he arrived home, the executive's wife was waiting for him. She immediately asked him where he had been.

"I am not going to lie to you," he said, "I am having an affair."

His wife slowly looked him up and down, paused for a moment and said, "BULLSHIT, you've been playing golf!"


Yeah! Fuck this war!

It might as well say "ROB US PLEASE"

These would make great Valentines Day cards.

Well what do you know.


That show is a little silly.


Jesus is scary!


This shark needs a Dentist.

Cat, You can't a snowball.

It's because they're Jews.

Stolen Chicken by Blacks.



- FFL -

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wanker posted on 01/28/13 by Opie

Prince Harry runs after ice cream truck during an Interview. haha

Awesome Golf Trick Shot

The Beatboxing Goat


How to extract iron from cereal

Miami Heat Fan Half Court $75,000 Shot & Gets Trampled By LeBron James

The Flying Bitch Slap!

Someone didn't get served.

Bill Gates is a GANGSTER!

This dog is having some issues with his stick.

One legged crackhead hops across a busy highway haha

Smoking hot MILF getting fucked!

Incredible fuck on show stage. (Send me tickets!)

Hot Madison Ivy!!!

One of the best asses I've ever seen!

Highest rated porn video of all time.. must watch

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[NSFW] - Playboy bunnies get sent flying from a home made catapult

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Some Videos and GIFS! posted on 01/25/13 by Opie

Second Amendment Rights Gone Wrong! haha

The Suicide Challenge!

Hilarious edit!


Morgan Freeman in Heaven.

This would make me shit my pants.

This Llama will make you laugh.

Nothing better than chicken and watermelon.

He's a smart cripple.

Oh silly cat.

Not sure why this is so sexy.

"Here take this"

What out for that STOP Sign.

Gimme dat.

Silent Sessions

Crazy bitch throws her self at her boyfriend's car after he dumps her. haha

Oh wow. Her ass is just ridiculous.

Alexis Texas Is A Goddess!

42 minutes of this fine ass blonde!

Fun in the shower!

FUCK!, She's hot.

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[ SFW ] - Christian Bale Calls 8 Year Old Fan Fighting Leukemia To Talk Batman
[ SFW ] - Oregon family uses medical marijuana to manage son's autistic RAGE!!
[ SFW ] - Brutal fucking.. girl gets fucked like an animal. Best video I've seen in a while

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Jay-Z doesn't rap, he talks. posted on 01/23/13 by Opie


Awesome compilation of experienced porn stars fucking amateur guys

Excellent Parenting.

Natural tits bounce like this!

Official Basic Instinct Parody XXX

Nice big floppy tits!

Russian porn is hilariously horrible!!!!!! OMG HAHAHA

Damn, this Latina bitch knows what she's doing.

Joke (Classic)

A guy is at work when he hears a voice in his head.

Quit your job. Sell your house. Take the money, and go to Las Vegas.

He ignores the voice, but it keeps coming back.

Quit your job. Sell your house. Take the money, and go to Las Vegas.

Months go by, and the voice won't stop.

Quit your job. Sell your house. Take the money, and go to Las Vegas.

Finally the guy can't take it anymore. He quits his job. He sells his house. He takes all the money and buys a plane ticket to Las Vegas.

The second the plane touches down, he hears the voice in his head:

Go to a casino.

He goes to a casino.

Find the roulette table.

He finds the roulette table.

Put everything on 17 Black.

He puts everything on 17 Black. The dealer spins the wheel. It comes up Red 36.

The voice in his head says: Fuck.


I'm brushing my teeth now.

Someone is having a bad day.

They're everywhere!

Disney is Satanic

Hmm, what they be doing?


He mad

This about sums up the Internet

Best one ever

Like a Boss.

Oh that Hitler!


This is the blackest image ever posted.

What the shit..


Bright future.


Nice x2 (GIF)

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[ SFW ] - Why does the Federal Government have a patent for Medical Marijuana?
[ SFW ] - There is a single spot where it is almost inevitable you will fall over. (ICE)

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uhhhhhhhhh posted on 01/21/13 by Opie

Los Angeles Overreacts to Cold Temperatures


A Dog that can Skype!

Bench Press FAIL!

Failed assassination on Ahmed Dogan

The spider who couldn't hide. haha

Somebody Picked the Wrong Girl (Wait for it!)

Cat vs Snow

Tin Foil Cat Repellent

And what's inside this huge chicken egg?

The wrong way to free a stuck Jeep

Collision warning with emergency braking system (Volvo Trucks)

Epic High Heels Catwalk FAIL!


This is fucking hilarious!

Hey! Nice rack!

Think I'm in love with this girl

This girl does the nastiest things I've ever seen in a porn video.. so damn hot!

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[ SFW ] - Dolphin entangled with fishing line rescued by divers
[NSFW] - Candice Swanepoel In New Victoria's Secret Ad (HOT)
[ SFW ] - Can the DEA Hide a Surveillance Camera on Your Land? Yup!
[NSFW] - Young French teen sucks off her boyfriend on the school campus
[NSFW] - Girl doing her first porn scene goes ballistic after the guy cums inside her!

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i did that for a klondike bar!? posted on 01/18/13 by Opie


Trust Fall Fail. (Best one ever)

This is a different Police Chase video. (Wait for it)

Shocked Squirrel Drops His Nut. hahah

Drunk girl runs through a bus stop sign.

This is the best commercial ever! (Wait for it x2)

Ridiculous Hockey goal

Whites Only Laundry

The Hamster goes round n' round.

Homeowner Catches Thief In The Act (I would have shot him)

Huge Bear Attacks Film Crew

Really hot Foursome!

That one chick has some awesome titties

Now that is a nice ass!

Oh Japan, You so nasty.

Goddamn this girl knows how to fuck!

- FFL -

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[ SFW ] - "Fuck Me In The Ass Because I Love Jesus" Girls are singing this.
[ SFW ] - Some truly fucked up shit. This is why the Internet was invented. These girls are so hot though..

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