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» 04 was a good year. posted on 12/31/04 by Opie

Forums are open. Better hurry, I wont let but a few hundred in.

Yeah Yeah.. I've been enjoying the holidays (not paying attention to the INTERNET) and got something for ya to end 2004. Lots of plans for 2005.

I doubt you'll see this on the news. (A lot of dead bodies)

You can see some tsunami videos here. (Scroll down)

Now to the funny stuff...

You'll hate me for this one.

He's trying to get that pussy.. dog.

Something is wrong with this cat.

Some e-viewers made this. Good job with the MS paint.

Joke 1

There were these four college kids, and on the night before their final exam, they partied.

The next morning when they woke up, they realized that they had missed the test, so they all gathered together and thought of a plan. They decided to go to the professor and tell him that they had a flat tire.

The professor hears the story, smiles, and says "Ok, just come in tomorrow to take the test."

They ran home excited because they had tricked the professor.

The next day, they went to the professor and he handed each of them a test and put them in four separate rooms. It was a two question test, get one wrong, and you fail.

They each saw the first question and smiled because it was such an easy question. They each turned the page, excited that everything was going very well for them.

The second question was: "Which tire was flat?"


Horrible joke alert: He must of been a bookworm.

Great ad for the picture. (On the right)


A nursery school teacher says to her class, "Who can use the word 'definitely' in a sentence?"

First a little girl says, "The sky is definitely blue."

The teacher says, "Sorry, Amy, but the sky can sometimes be gray, or black."

A second little boy says, "Trees are definitely green."

"Sorry, but in the autumn, the trees are brown."

Then little Johnny from the back of the class stands up and asks, "Does a fart have lumps?"

The teacher looks horrified and says, "Johnny! Of course not!!!"

"OK...then I DEFINITELY shit my pants!"


- FFL -

- Got milk?
- Haha wtf..
- Big ass tittas.
- Ummm... hm
- What a rip off.
- Land the airplane.
- Cool bridge game.
- Capture the Flag.
- Fucked up air drops.
- Are ya straight acting?
- Britney Spears fans?
- Jewish people are funny.
- Lindsay Lohan fans? Fun-nay
- Free porn yay. You knows it.
- 67 and pregnant with twins.
- Here's that typing game again.
- 96% of women are liars, honest.
- Story behind that plane picture.
- How cool are these apartments?
- That's a lot of air for a skateboarder.
- Baby born with heart outside body.
- Top 10 New Year's Sex Resolutions.
- AND I thought I was a bit throwed off.
- X to be tested on cancer patients huh..
- They should rethink their product name.
- I don't blame the Marine for killing "shim".
- You hockey fans should remember this one.
- It still amazes me what people get off too.
- Man they are coming up with some stupid shit.
- Guy beats Half Life 2 in 2 hours and 14 minutes..
- I think I'd rather have the new version anyway.
- Type in your zip code and see your city on the map.
- Now you homos can let each other know whos who.
- Chyna & X-Pac Sex Video. (Psst.. China has a penis.)
- I bet if it was a cat instead of a puppy, they would do it.
- Not sure why you would need 26 lbs of cell phones and pagers.
- This guy added himself to some blockbuster films. Prank calls are great too.

Happy new Year. Look forward to some good stuff on Entensity to start the new year.

» Merry after Christmas posted on 12/27/04 by Opie

Don't worry I'll have one more post before the new year, been taking time off from the site. I told ya it would be slim this week anyway [last week]

Ghost video from a prison. Blah.

Smart elephant.

[Sui88] 67% of girls are stupid
[V-girl] i belong with the other 13%

Funny Essay

Supposedly he was high when this was turned it.

(But it's the Internet)

- FFL -

- Parrots suck.
- Free cam girls.
- I like Wal*mart.
- Lots of fun facts.
- Girls on the beach.
- I hope this is a joke.
- Go stay at Hotel Fuck.
- NOOO.. Gay penguins!
- Playboy puzzle game.
- Light population is purty.
- Looking for a girlfriend?
- Who's scared of Santa?
- Download GTA2 for Free.
- Pierced nipple.. on his leg.
- The definition for mcjob is..
- Ashlee Simpson fans? haha
- Sexy videos to jack off to.
- Flooding video from China.
- White people can't jump?
- Tupac and Mr. T! hahahaha
- Let's all go color on money.
- The World Islands. Pretty cool.
- I shouldn't have laughed at this.
- The Wal*mart prank. (Re-post?)
- Whatever you do, don't click this shit.
- Christians think spongebob is offensive.
- Santa didn't bring her what she wanted.
- Jackie Chan has some great music on his site.
- Some people are just nuts. OOPS.. pun there.
- Google in piglatin. A.K.A the dumbest "slang" ever.
- A cooking show all guys and lesbians would watch.
- Autopsy Performed On Baby.. Reveals smuggled drugs. (Here's that graphic warning)

» Ho Ho hoes posted on 12/24/04 by Opie

Merry Christmas

Had to throw a classic image up here.

Enjoy your Christmas and get off the computer. I'm going to go get fucked up on eggnog now. We call it beer down here though.

Since I'm not going to have any new stuff for you guys until Monday and really not much until 1/01/05.. I figured I'd type up a little blog for you.

Just kidding, you guys be safe this weekend. Meow.

» yes, I rule posted on 12/22/04 by Opie



Neve Campbell does a nude scene.
(We'll get back to the hardcore stuff in the beginning of 2005)

Observation is Key hahahaha

A professor is giving the first year medical students their first lecture on autopsies, and decides to give them a few basics before starting.

"You must be capable of two things to do an autopsy. The first thing is that you must have no sense of fear."

At this point, the lecturer sticks his finger into the dead man's anus, pulls it out, and then licks it. He asks all the students to do the same thing with the corpses in front of them. After a couple of minutes' silence, they follow through with his disgusting command.

"The second thing is that you must have an acute sense of observation: How many of you noticed that I stuck my middle finger into the corpse's anus, but I licked my index finger?"

After the class was over, it took the janitor three hours to mop up the vomit.

Ever happened to you?

Time to wake up.

Q: What do you call a black guy in the middle of the ocean?
A: Pollution.

Q: What do you call a whole bunch of black people in the middle of the ocean?
A: Solution.

It's just a joke retards.

Fucking idiots.

Damn Nigga!

I rode on a fucker today.

Future porn star.

Half Life 3 screen shot.

Wait a second..

What kind of sick site is this. der der

Any OC fans? I'm not.

How did that happen.

Well she did it.

- FFL -

- Owned.
- Topless Rodeo.
- Lazy polar bear.
- Want a real laser?
- He's a trash man.
- Funny town names.
- Sin of lust? Uh huh.
- OK, what-the-fuck?
- Hicks and golf don't mix…
- Whatever you say buddy.
- The dildo song. (Classic)
- What kind of headline is this?
- Hmmm, may be a good excuse.
- Decorate the Christmas Tree.
- Oh look, another stupid ass singer.
- Lindsay Lohan can sing very well..
- Sexy videos and your moms junk.
- Funny Fedex commercial. By crocy.
- Perfect titties. (More at the bottom)
- Showing up in San Fran? Get outa town..
- Male fishes laying eggs. That sounds crazy.
- My question is.. How were they able to change clothes?

» yo posted on 12/20/04 by Opie

Funny stuff in the next post, had to make this one quick.

He shoots himself, story below.

Calif. Man Shoots Cop Then Kills Self While in Custody
SAN BERNARDINO: The sheriff says he wasn't searched properly. The suicide was videotaped.
By TIM GRENDA AND IMRAN GHORI / The San Bernardino Press-Enterprise

MUSCOY, Calif. -- A man who shot and wounded a San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop in Muscoy on Friday morning killed himself an hour later while alone inside a sheriff's interview room with a pistol he apparently sneaked into the building, officials said.

Sheriff Gary Penrod said officers failed to adequately search the man, identified by the San Bernardino County Coroner's office as Ricardo Alfonso Cerna, 47, of San Bernardino.

The deputy shot during the traffic stop, Mike Parham, 31, is in critical but stable condition and is expected to recover, officials said.

In an extraordinary move, a 13-minute surveillance-camera video that included footage of the man's suicide was shown by the Sheriff's Department to reporters, the leaders of local Latino groups and officials from the Mexican consulate to quash any questions regarding the department's treatment of Hispanic subjects.

The video shows Cerna pulling a .45-caliber handgun from his pants and firing one shot into his left temple.

"The best way to dispel any rumors was to have the media view this tape," said Undersheriff Bob Peppler.

The video, which sheriff's officials said was unedited, begins with Cerna being brought into an interview room where Sheriff's Sgt. Bobby Dean uncuffed him and had him sit in a chair in front of a table.

Cerna, looking tired and disheveled, only spoke briefly and in Spanish, replying to questions from Dean.

He leaned down on the table on his right arm for much of the time, occasionally rubbing his head, his nose and eyes with his hand, and coughing a few times. His eyes were downcast, only looking up a couple times when speaking to Dean. He responded with a short, tired laugh when Dean asked him the Spanish word for wallet and he responded " cartera."

At one point, Dean took Cerna out of the interview room for about four minutes to have his fingerprints scanned electronically. The man was brought back shortly because the machine wasn't working at the time, officials said.

Shortly after they returned, someone brought in a bottle of water and a cup of coffee for Dean. Dean stepped out of the room, leaving Cerna alone.

Cernasat down with his back against the wall, took the cap off the water bottle, took two gulps, and put the bottle down. He started breathing heavily, pulled a large handgun from the front of his pants with his left hand and shot himself in the left temple.

The video ended with an expletive from Dean off camera.

Search called inadequate

- FFL -

- Son of a gun..
- Pay your bills.
- She's a singer?
- This site is crazy.
- Haha, pretty good.
- Sign up and be happy.
- Porn stars are funny.
- Funny videos. der der der
- Girls on webcams are hot.
- OK, Where's the ASIAN one?
- I want to fuck you in the ass.
- Separate those retards guys.
- Lindsey Lohans boobie bounce.
- Reality Pictures. (Some graphic)
- "The "gay panic" motive" hahah
- I like the first part of this. (NSFW)
- Helps make Halo a little less nerdy..
- Buying Internet game land is just sad.
- Everyone that drinks needs on of these.
- A mix of reality gore and some fact stuff.
- Don't type anything bad in the name box.
- Letters from a solider over in Iraq and Afghan.
- A man with three legs.. Noo not a penis joke.
- Watch the clip on the left.. That is awesome.
- Pretty gross but every guy will probably laugh.

» Boooo.. Yayyyy - Mixed crowd posted on 12/17/04 by Opie

Two "ouch" videos.

A bunch of Chappelle clips in one. Funny stuff.

This is very exciting.

A bunch of home video mess ups. FUN-NAY.

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn Hatemail 101 10-stupid

Subject: you obviously have MAJOR isues

I sent you an email last week regarding animal cruelty (the cat).
Tonight my boyfriend told me of the dog being beaten and the pig being
decapitated. Are you that desperate for material? You must be the
BIGGEST LOSER. Were you beaten as a child and this is your way of
getting back ? Grow up. What a pussy. NO honorable MAN would condone
such material on his site. I will be sure to tell EVERYONE I know that
your site is AWFUL. Why is it on your site if you don't agree with it
OR you claim something like that in text. Also ANY idiot knows that
those back wood redneck pricks were not making bacon by chainsawing off
a pigs head. If I continue to see more animal cruelty I WILL do
EVERYTHING in my power to find the correct authorities to prosecute you
to the FULLEST extent of the law. Maybe you need to find Jesus or
something. Or better yet get laid. No woman would ever deal with you.
I bet you make your mother proud of you.

My reply:

(Doesn't apply to people that "get" this site)

OK boys and girls, idiots of all ages...

Where does it state that I support this? Sure I hate cats, but that doesn't mean I'm telling you to go kill/hurt them now is it? This is a entertaining site but sometimes it's great to point out the idiots. There are quite a few retards that browse this site (I know from the grammar in the e-mails I get) but also quite a few that can -get this - actually read.

If you want to do something about the people hurting animals, e-mail your local Congressman or those PETA guys. You're seriously wasting your time e-mailing me and very stupid. I believe I gave a strict warning. Did I move your mouse and click the image for you? If so, I must be magic.

You know, there is a "freedom of speech" thingy here in the US. For instance, I can type "I HATE HONKYS AND NIGGERS". Does that mean you have to hate them too? Well no, but if you do.. Gold star for you. Nobody cares. Oh and I don't hate anyone, it's just funny how evil text can hurt the human eye.

I can also lie on the INTERNET. For instance, Once I saw this little kid steal a bottle of cologne from the local Citgo. HAHA I made that up. You know it's a lie because that cologne smells like horseshit. I mean who would steal it? See where I'm going with this?...

As for the law breaking... How did I break the law? If anything Entensity is helping the "correct authorities" find the persons responsible for the actual animal cruelty crime. It would however be illegal to post if the guys turned around and fucked the pig up the ass. The stupid kids that beat the dog got caught. I'm not applauding them by posting it, just showing the INTERNET world shit you don't see everyday. So in other words..

Entensity DOES NOT support animal cruelty.

Funny how every piece of hatemail contains "get laid".. You guys crack me up. If the site is so awful, then why do you keep coming back? Must be the porn, because I know when you type "boyfriend" you must have meant girlfriend.

Oh and tell your four friends not to come back. I need to extra bandwidth..

A reply from a visitor that doesn't fall in the "idiot class".

"I visit this site frequently and would like to respond to the woman whose email was posted recently. Since she did not post her name, and I like calling people by their name, I will call her Stephanie. I have known many unintelligent girls with this name, so allow me to generalize for the sake of this email :). To say the least, this is the most ignorant and juvenile email I have ever read. I truly hope Stephanie is in her adolescent years still; then, and only then, will it make sense to me.

Okay, now my comments. In my opinion, entensity is a site that was made for the purpose of entertainment. The definition of entertainment is very broad and open - "any activity that entertains". Some people are entertained by say...funny videos. Some people are entertained by porn. Some people are even entertained by animal cruelty videos. Not because they love watching someone beat the shit out of animal, but because it is somehow entertaining. Stephanie, you have a very narrow-mind if you believe that just because it offends you, everyone else in the world feels the same. Narrow-minds make for unhappy people. Because an animal cruelty video offends you, you believe that it means the owner of the site is desperate for material? Even though the purpose of his site is entertainment, because it doesn't make you happy, it's not entertaining. Everyone grab a box of tissues!!!

Okay and how the FUCK can you complain about an animal cruelty video, yet you can say "were you beaten as a child", "what a pussy", "get laid", etc. You can cuss, make rude comments about someone being abused as a child, and tell someone they need to have sex to improve himself, but watching a video of a dog getting hit by someone you don't know is just WRONG. Interesting. Also interesting - "Grow up. What a pussy." I think that's my favorite part. The most contradicting statement of the whole email. What is more childish than a girl emailing a person she doesn't know and calling him a pussy? Not to mention, "you must be the BIGGEST LOSER." Sounds like it's straight out of my 10 year old niece's mouth. Or even something from the movie Clueless, "Like, oh my god, he must be the biggest loser!!"

Stephanie wants a guy who created and maintains a website to "grow up", while she emails him and says "were you beaten as a child". Yeah, that's a mature thing to say. I don't even want to explain my thoughts on the phrase "chainsawing off a pigs head". Oh yeah, and Stephanie is going to contact "authorities" and have them "prosecute" a man for posting a video on his website of someone beating a dog. Good luck with that Stephanie. Keep us all updated on the investigation. Oh and yeah I can just imagine a woman saying, "no I will not sleep with you, you posted a video of two kids beating a dog that one time, remember?" Stephanie, thank you. You entertained me tonight better than any animal cruelty video ever could.



Come on Cletus..

Damn Nigga!

Good idea.

She just shaved off a part of her clit, no biggie.

- FFL -

- Am I a freak?
- Well, this is weird.
- Cum, all ye faithful.
- Big nasty black man.
- I like this gingerbread.
- Britney Spears naked.
- Whoa... stupid bitch!
- Heavylite is awesome.
- A game similar to mario.
- Free porn is your friend.
- Meet a girl in your area.
- Let's say it together: GAY.
- Cheetahs aren't that fast.
- Welcome to India... Very stupid.
- Great BMW Film with Madonna.
- Who gets off on toplees fishing?
- He's more on the dog getting beat.
- Shake that ass, Shake that booty!
- Apparently he's going to kill his wife.
- Rip off your local drag race buddies…
- So, people actually like this stuff huh?
- How the fuck do you get a 34th DWI?
- Why would you want this type of art?
- I'd bid if they were used. HAHAHa.. yeah..
- A Mexican ate his lover.. with hot sauce.
- This girl is most likely on the "crazy" side. Run.
- "Surveillance Video Captures Clerk Shooting Suspected Robber"

That is all, have a good weekend guys.


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