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Last post of 2012 posted on 12/31/12 by Opie

Can you say Banana?

This is how to put out a boat fire.

Gardening with Patrick Stewart

True Facts About The Angler Fish

Best Table Tennis Shots of 2012

This guy thinks he's SUPERHUMAN!

The Screaming Sheep

Parkour and Free running Stunts (Very cool)

Travelers get to see a Jaguar make a kill!

Great fail compilation of motorcycle and scooter accidents

Sluts with tattoos are always hotter.

She is so fucking fine!

She looks mad!

Porn is better in HD!

Highest rated porn video of all time.. Must see

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Sexy Tan Lines!
[ SFW ] - Monday Pic Dump
[ SFW ] - Come onnnn Tittie!
[ SFW ] - Need to get a job?
[NSFW] - Miss BumBum Brazil!
[ SFW ] - Game Trailer.. haha
[ SFW ] - Doc Brown Racist Rap
[NSFW] - Hot Vintage porn video.
[ SFW ] - Where is 2013? (Game)
[NSFW] - Hello girl with nice titties!
[ SFW ] - Cannabis - Good enough for...
[NSFW] - Sexy ass Blonde chick. (Naked!)
[ SFW ] - Santa Claus was filmed flying!!...
[ SFW ] - The 25 Best New Products Of 2012
[NSFW] - Bring in the New Year with these sluts!
[ SFW ] - Wearing this shirt makes you a dickhead.
[NSFW] - Watch these Perverts spy on people fucking!
[NSFW] - Grandma goes flashing in this funny prank video
[NSFW] - Alexis Texas and Jennifer Dark Milk a Lucky Dude
[ SFW ] - How to Build a house from the Hobbit for $5,000
[NSFW] - Skinny brunette goes crazy on her boyfriend's penis!
[ SFW ] - Anielly Campos is another reason why I love Brazilian women
[NSFW] - You won't believe the things this girl can do with her asshole haha
[ SFW ] - The Walking Dead + Dumb Ways to Die Parody - The Walking Dumb

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GIF DUMP! posted on 12/28/12 by Opie

Hey Dog! Boop

Haha, what movie is this from?

iPhone maps work very good.

He hit the Jackpot!

Wait for it.

Asshole friend.


He's a Mutant!

Marry me now.

Dumb Dog.

Guile can't run from the Law.

Fresh Prince of WTC

I think he's dead.

MILF with nice tits and a HUGE ASS!

Hot webcam sex!

Sexy MILF bangs her Son's friend!

Swingers Party!

- FFL -

[NSFW] - fuck book
[NSFW] - Cam sluts!
[ SFW ] - Got Bacon?
[ SFW ] - Free Blowjobs
[ SFW ] - Plastic surgery fail
[ SFW ] - Fun Ninja like game
[ SFW ] - I Find You Beautiful
[ SFW ] - Nature's Little Wonders
[NSFW] - Busty Milf First Time DP'd
[ SFW ] - Blonde with a perfect body!
[NSFW] - 42 minutes of Amateur fun!
[ SFW ] - Best News Bloopers of 2012
[ SFW ] - Women and Parking don't mix.
[NSFW] - Aubrey Addams is hot as fuck!
[ SFW ] - The Worst Coaches Of 2012 are...
[ SFW ] - The Most Successful Men Of 2012
[ SFW ] - Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge
[ SFW ] - This is how hot your computer runs
[ SFW ] - 32 Vintage Predictions of the Future
[ SFW ] - Some of the wildest pictures I've seen..
[ SFW ] - Christmas striptease for children.. DAFUQ?
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee for that new job test?
[ SFW ] - How to make some Lemon Bars.. with WEED!
[ SFW ] - The World's Smartest Mice (Bunch of videos)
[ SFW ] - Dad's Reaction To Getting A Ticket To The Game
[ SFW ] - Kids Eating Warhead's Candies For The First Time
[NSFW] - 19-year-old redhead in funny sex-outfit fucked on tape
[ SFW ] - Walgreens Surveillance Video of Mobile Alabama Tornado Havoc
[NSFW] - You've gotta keep your priorities after a crash and attempted hit and run
[NSFW] - Guy pays two hookers to reenact the battle scene from Braveheart...while naked

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DMXMAS posted on 12/26/12 by Opie


This is her first porn scene and it's a good one.

This is very fucking strange.

Sexy as fuck!

She will fuck your dick off!

She rides the shit out of his dick!


Quick Stupid Joke

Two antennas meet on a roof and fall in love. The wedding wasn't much but the reception was excellent.


Santa Terror!

FUUUU Santa!

I'm gonna eat it.



Silly Cat.

Reindeers a humpng..


Good Guy Dad

Yeah, Dipshit.

There are two kinds of people.

Who's the retard now?

People are dumb.

This method works best.

Mein Nigga

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Blowjob Shirt
[ SFW ] - Cat trolls dog
[ SFW ] - Fun shooter Game
[ SFW ] - Santa getting high.
[ SFW ] - Yoga chicks are hot
[ SFW ] - Sticky sidewalk prank
[ SFW ] - Get your clean pee here!
[NSFW] - Stacy Keibler should do porn.
[ SFW ] - This dog doesn't have a snout.
[NSFW] - Jayden James has awesome tits.
[NSFW] - Beautiful girl sucks cock like a Pro!
[NSFW] - Chat it up with these naked sluts!
[ SFW ] - This is an awesome view of Earth!
[ SFW ] - Old Volvo gets some crash testing.
[NSFW] - Chick with big ass loves morning sex!
[NSFW] - Girl with big naturals plays with her toys.
[NSFW] - Drunk chick gets fucked in the Bathroom
[NSFW] - 25 Naughty Cheerleaders Dressed As Santa
[ SFW ] - 15 Seriously Demented Tattoos of Celebrities
[NSFW] - Guy fucks a Russian girl with a flawless body
[ SFW ] - Oh great now Terrorist can learn more about Airplanes
[ SFW ] - NASA plans to "lasso" asteroid and turn it into space station
[ SFW ] - Making sure your hookup is STD-free? There's an app for that
[ SFW ] - Santa Claus visits a 21 year old retard.. or someone with "Austism"
[ SFW ] - WARNING: Your day is about to get murdered on one of the most entertaining sites ever..

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Christmas Time is Neeeaaar posted on 12/24/12 by Opie

Some Bad ass HD porn!

This Year in Unnecessary Censorship

Useless machine advanced edition

Say NO to Crack, Say YES! to Roller Skating.. DAFUQ!?

Vegeta.. Will Always Love You

Truck full of cows crashed

Dog walks up stairs 4 legs at the same time.. haha

Crazy lady on the Squat Machine

Since it's almost Christmas, Here's one of those "Good Person" videos.

Eskimo Mariachis

Britney Spears/Porn Mash-up!

These are the scenes that porn stars won an AVN award for.

Merry Christmas to him!

First anal for this hot latina.. her moans are so sexy

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Sex Tees
[NSFW] - fuck book
[NSFW] - Super Hot!
[ SFW ] - Fun Pirate Game
[ SFW ] - Monday Pic Dump
[NSFW] - Sexy ass cam chicks.
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[ SFW ] - Interview with a Cannibal.
[ SFW ] - This is a Manly Man! haha
[ SFW ] - Best fight scene of all time
[ SFW ] - Scary Movie 5 Official Trailer
[ SFW ] - WTF is this?... Mexican Tron?
[NSFW] - This Whore's Tits are AMAZING!
[NSFW] - "It's Only Smellz" hahahahaha!!!!
[ SFW ] - Ninja Turtles and Weed? Jackpot.
[NSFW] - Burning Crane comes crashing down!
[NSFW] - Big ass floppy titties! (Homemade porn)
[ SFW ] - Is this a real music video? Autotune from Hell.
[ SFW ] - Getting an Asian hooker (Expectation vs Reality)
[NSFW] - Natural beauty gets bathed and then fucked good
[ SFW ] - Lioness shows trust in man with her newborn cubs
[ SFW ] - Can you imagine having a fractured penis? Holy shit!
[NSFW] - Hot freshman gets caught having sex with boyfriend
[ SFW ] - Cleaning the World's Tallest Building is scary as fuck!
[ SFW ] - Man Of Steel trailer recreated shot-for-shot entirely on an iPhone!
[ SFW ] - The Bacon Weave Breakfast Burrito Is Even Crazier Than It Sounds
[ SFW ] - 15 Things We Think Make Us Different From Animals (But Totally Don't)
[ SFW ] - Steve Carell, Jim Carrey and Olivia Wilde are in a Magic movie together! Funny stuff.

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Fucking Mayans! posted on 12/21/12 by Opie

Nothing but Awesome HD Porn!

End Of The World Prank!

So this Eagle attempts to capture this kid...

Pacific Rim Trailer with Power Rangers theme. Amazing how well it goes together.

Rewind YouTube Style 2012

The Gaming Glitch. Awesome!

Most Brutal Metal Scream.. Not sure why I found this so funny.

Barack Obama Singing Deck the Halls

UPS Driver steals a Fedex package.

Clearly this cat is Satan.


Homosexual Activity

Latina bitch with an awesome ass!

HOT brunette babe with a perfect ass. (Nice tits too)

So fucking fine!

I love me some Hanna Hilton!

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - LOL!
[NSFW] - Fuckbook
[NSFW] - Cleavage
[ SFW ] - 12.21.2012
[NSFW] - Smoking Hot.
[NSFW] - Hey! Nice tits!
[NSFW] - A gift for her ass!
[NSFW] - Tits that go FLOP!
[ SFW ] - Would not hit this.
[ SFW ] - Who loves the 80s?
[NSFW] - Gangnam Arab Style
[ SFW ] - What the Gay is this?
[NSFW] - Tell them to get naked!
[ SFW ] - United State of Pop 2012
[ SFW ] - Gangnam Reaches 1 Billion
[ SFW ] - What level can you make it to?
[ SFW ] - Hard to believe that this is CGI.
[ SFW ] - This Is The End Red Band Trailer
[ SFW ] - Get yourself some clean pee pee.
[ SFW ] - Touching a Hooters chick's Titty!
[ SFW ] - Enter Sandman by a Wedding Band
[NSFW] - One of the hottest Lisa Ann videos out.
[ SFW ] - If You're High, Avoid Calling 911 If Possible
[NSFW] - Chick with big titties fucked in the shower!
[ SFW ] - 20 Amazing Facts You Probably Didn't Know
[NSFW] - BRB.. Going to stick a garden gnome up my ass.
[ SFW ] - It's going to take an hour to open this present.
[ SFW ] - 9 Of The Most Expensive Products On
[ SFW ] - 9 amazingly wrapped presents ... and 1 that's totally lazy
[ SFW ] - Awesome Memorable Gaming Moments We Can All Relate To
[ SFW ] - Thieves arrested for stealing 6 million pounds of maple syrup
[ SFW ] - Former U.S. Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton was Working as a Vegas Escort
[ SFW ] - One of the hottest chicks I have seen gets fucked brutally by a young guy
[ SFW ] - 8 Year Old Girl Caught Stealing Holiday Packages From Neighbors Front Porches
[ SFW ] - So, Some 15 year old kid is hacking Westboro members Twitter Accounts. Awesome.

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welp posted on 12/19/12 by Opie


Naked Yoga!

German Babe with a killer body makes a great sex tape!

And Here's another good home-made sex tape!

Lisa Ann Does A Hot P.O.V!

Bitch with huge titties rubs one out!

I spy with my little eye a Smokin' Hot Blonde!


Guy finds a bottle with 2 blonde genies. They grant him 3 wishes.

He thinks about it...suddenly he is in a vast room filled with money up to his waist. He sees a door on the other side of the room and makes his way to it...

He now finds himself in another vast room filled with beautiful, naked women. He looks across the room and sees another door.

He makes his way through those beautiful, naked women and opens the door, when suddenly...

He is hanged by his neck until he is dead.

Some time later the 2 blonde genies are walking along the beach chatting and the subject of the guy who released them came up.

One says to the other, "I understand why he wanted wealth beyond his wildest dreams. I certainly understand why he wanted to be surrounded by beautiful, naked women. But, why in the world did he want to be hung like a black man?"


Tony Hawk learns them.

He wont be riding that again.

Yeah, Cheater.

Seal is horny.

I just don't understand people.

I read Multipass in her acent.

I always wondered if this would work.

Dupstep Conductor.


It's her!

Hahahaha I GET IT...

What's in feel like to be a fucking idiot?

I'm tired too.


Nice. (GIF)

and Nice again (GIF)

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Grind
[NSFW] - Fuck Book
[ SFW ] - Not Your Day
[NSFW] - Chat with them
[NSFW] - Sexy Ski Chick!
[NSFW] - Naled Celebrities!
[ SFW ] - Bacon, bacon, bacon...
[ SFW ] - Deep Sea Hunter (Game)
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a piss test?
[NSFW] - I love them Bubble Butts!
[ SFW ] - 1 Second Everyday (Video)
[ SFW ] - Is this talent or just dumb?
[NSFW] - Kelly Divine has an amazing ass!
[ SFW ] - Kid has a great view of DAT ASS!
[ SFW ] - All I Want for Christmas Is... Jews
[ SFW ] - The 50 Most Googled Women of 2012
[ SFW ] - The 15 Deadliest Human Caused Disasters
[ SFW ] - Fighting after school (Expectation vs Reality)
[NSFW] - Amateur hottie decides to show her huge boobs
[NSFW] - Big-booty Latina amateur makes a home sex tape
[ SFW ] - Should we be preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse?
[NSFW] - This little Latina babe is too cute to be doing porn
[NSFW] - Karate instructor gets impaled in the foot by a car key
[ SFW ] - The Three Speeches (Presidents on School Shootings)
[ SFW ] - Michael C. Hall Wants Dexter To Die Funny In The Finale
[ SFW ] - The Sad Off with Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway
[ SFW ] - Chinese Factory Workers And The Toys They Make haha
[ SFW ] - One of the hottest chicks I have seen gets fucked brutally by a young guy

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bang bang posted on 12/17/12 by Opie

A bunch of great Life Hacks (Gallery)

Fuck off, Jesus. (Gallery)

Johnny Knoxville's Nut Shots!

Holy Rave

Dodge vs Chevy tug of war goes too far

Incredible Anamorphic Illusions!

The coolest Cotton Candy maker ever!

Cool AA Battery trick.

Surprise Gangnam Style in Martial Arts

Backflip FAIL!

Demon Possessed Singing Trout

Hey watch out for that speed bump! haha

The End of the World Cometh

A classic Porno Blooper!

Blonde bitch has perfect tits!

Babysitter Amy Brooke get Assfucked! (She looks like that Jenna Marbles chick)

One lucky Mother Fucker!

Hot chick gets fucked in possibly the best position ever

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Lava is cool
[NSFW] - Xmas Cuties
[ SFW ] - Santa Game!
[ SFW ] - Breaking Abbey
[NSFW] - Sexy ass Cam Chick
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[ SFW ] - Hilarious Rape T-Shirt!
[NSFW] - I like my womens tanned!
[NSFW] - Pornstars going crazy on set! haha
[NSFW] - All 10 of these Asses are excellent.
[NSFW] - I love girls that wear pants like this.
[ SFW ] - Need some gift ideas for a real man?
[NSFW] - The always sexy, Bree Olsen! (36:13)
[NSFW] - This girl might have the best ass ever!
[ SFW ] - For some reason I like this music video.
[ SFW ] - 50 Heartbreaking Movie Moments (Supercut)
[NSFW] - Raise your hand if you like a Big Juicy Booty
[NSFW] - A hotel room sex tape she'll not soon forget
[NSFW] - Sexy blonde teen Jessi Andrews rides Santa
[ SFW ] - Top 20 Best RTS of All Time: Click, Click, Die
[ SFW ] - McDonalds Worker Beat Two Women With Pipe
[ SFW ] - Is it ok to make fun of the School Shooting yet?
[ SFW ] - The Victoria's Secret Angels Sing 'Deck the Halls'
[ SFW ] - The 9 Best Upscale Holiday Gifts For Your Girlfriend
[NSFW] - Gorilla eats a bit of shit...then pukes it right back out
[ SFW ] - 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year
[ SFW ] - Unbelievable Assassin Bug Wears Its Victims' Corpses as Armor
[ SFW ] - This would be the coolest party which it wasn't photoshopped.
[NSFW] - A passed out drunk Japanese girl gets fucked, or raped. haha
[ SFW ] - 10 Inventions from Back To The Future that Actually Came True
[ SFW ] - 6 Technologies From Blade Runner That We've Already Surpassed
[ SFW ] - Apparently Pioneer has a Wifi non electric CD Player and mixer!.. FAIL!
[ SFW ] - What Happened When NYU Students Discovered They Could E-Mail 40k People At Once

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