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Jason will chop your head off posted on 02/13/09 by Opie

Note: The M.C.O.T.W will be updated this weekend, want to get back to updating it on Saturday or Sundays.

Jeremy Lusk killed in motocross crash (Hope you like my song choice)

The best card trick ever. (Has to be trick video or MAGIC!)

Emilio Estevez/Death Metal!

Women are bad drivers. (Compilation)

Pretty fucked up child abuse PSA.

"You sick fucking bitch" haha

Top 10 messages on A Rod's answering machine.

Oh my god, I would have threw up everywhere.


Proof that Men Have Better Friends...

Friendship among Women:
A woman didn't come home one night.
The next morning she told her husband that she had slept over at a friend's house.
The man called his wife's 10 best friends. None of them knew anything about it.

Friendship among Men:
A man didn't come home one night.
The next morning he told his wife that he had slept over at a friend's house.
The woman called her husband's 10 best friends. Eight confirmed that he had slept over, and two said he was still there.





Nice butt.

Old but still funny.

Action in the background.

What is it?

Praise Allah.

Midget with a strap on. Yay.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Hot nudity.
[NSFW] - College orgy.
[ SFW ] - PacMan on trail.
[ SFW ] - Family Guy quiz.
[ SFW ] - If you like butts.
[ SFW ] - I bet he stole it.
[ SFW ] - Another plane crash...
[ SFW ] - She almost got owned.
[NSFW] - These girls want to fuck!
[NSFW] - Homemade ASIAN porn.
[ SFW ] - You've Waited For This!
[ SFW ] - Very funny T.I. Interview.
[ SFW ] - Pretty funny ass chewing.
[ SFW ] - Biggest animals of all time.
[ SFW ] - Bacon makes any site better.
[ SFW ] - Killed himself VIA BAND SAW.
[NSFW] - Making porn with her boyfriend.
[NSFW] - Child birth is not a beautiful thing..
[ SFW ] - I think she should be stoned to death.
[ SFW ] - Cops beat the shit out of a homeless man.
[ SFW ] - Haha.. Those goddamn ASIANS are funny.
[ SFW ] - Hat from the Jack in the Box guy on eBay.
[ SFW ] - This nigger can't even mug someone correctly.
[ SFW ] - 17 Questions With Jean-Claude Van Damme!!!!
[ SFW ] - Not sure why this singing dog is so funny to me.
[ SFW ] - Send someone a "Jizzed in my Pants" V-Day Card!
[ SFW ] - ASIAN PC game that lets you rape women. FINALLY!
[ SFW ] - A song made from the sounds in Alice in Wonderland.
[ SFW ] - What's the point of this? To show off your fat girlfriend?

finally posted on 02/11/09 by Opie

W.O.W (Yes, I'll leave it up longer)

Ms. Frost #1

Ms. Frost #2


The first time I ever shit my pants on purpose was in 6th grade. There was this girl in my homeroom that would throw up if she even heard the word "poop," so obviously everyone was always finding different ways to get her gagging.

Long story short, I intentionally didn't shit for a week in preparation for the event, I empty a week's worth of shit into my pants while sitting next to her, she threw up, some of it got on me, I threw up, a couple of other people threw up, I got to go home, and that entire section of the school was closed down for the rest of the day.


Send yours here

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Russian slut.
[NSFW] - Nude teens.
[NSFW] - Get laid now!
[NSFW] - Outside sexual fun.
[ SFW ] - Irish Drinking Team!
[ SFW ] - Sexy Carmen Electra.
[ SFW ] - WWII pictures in color.
[NSFW] - She's naked in the tub.
[ SFW ] - That is one big Obama.
[ SFW ] - I like this tramp stamp.
[ SFW ] - Wii is apparently funny.
[ SFW ] - Introducing the iStalker.
[NSFW] - DVD quality porn for free.
[ SFW ] - Stone Cold attacks a fan!
[ SFW ] - The Willy Wonka dub over.
[ SFW ] - So this is like Battleship right?
[ SFW ] - Futurama Bloopers. (The actors)
[NSFW] - For the ladies.. Lick your own clit!
[ SFW ] - Stupid criminals are always funny.
[ SFW ] - Hey they cloned an extinct animal.
[ SFW ] - The 20 Least Romantic Movie Lines.
[ SFW ] - Things you didn't know about Hooters.
[ SFW ] - Tom Hanks freaks out. (Way old movie)
[ SFW ] - I wish this ugly faggot would hang himself.
[ SFW ] - Every cuss word on the Sopranos in one video.
[ SFW ] - Answer this question right and get FREE music. (It's over 200)

I know Kung-Fu posted on 02/09/09 by Opie

Drugged up Kid Vs Christian Bale

It plays the Mario theme.

These guys are mad.

I was hoping it would flip over and explode.


Tiger Vs Chicken.


A man was at the country club for his weekly round of golf. He began his round with an eagle on the first hole and a birdie on the second.

On the third hole he had just scored his first ever hole-in-one when his cell phone rang.

It was a doctor notifying him that his wife had just been in a terrible accident and was in critical condition and in the ICU.

The man told the doctor to inform his wife where he was and that the he'd be there as soon as possible. As he hung up he realized he was leaving what was shaping up to be his best ever round of golf. He decided to get in a couple of more holes before heading to the hospital.

He ended up playing all eighteen, finishing his round shooting a personal best 61, shattering the club record by five strokes and beating his previous best game by more than 10. He was jubilant.... Then he remembered his wife.

Feeling guilty he dashed to the hospital. He saw the doctor in the corridor and asked about his wife's condition.

The doctor glared at him and shouted, "You went ahead and finished your round of golf didn't you!

"I hope you're proud of yourself! While you were out for the past Four hours enjoying yourself at the country club your wife has been languishing in the ICU! It's just as well you went ahead and finished that round because it will be more than likely your last!" "For the rest of her life she will require 'round the clock care. And you'll be her care giver!"

The man was feeling so guilty he broke down and sobbed .

The doctor snickered and said, "Just fucking with you. She's dead. What'd you shoot?"


Diddy has never seen a dollar before.

Holy ass!

Just read it, you will laugh.


There's a dog hiding.

Can you see it?


She must be digging for treasure.

Is that a dick?

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Russian slut.
[ SFW ] - Damn Nigga!
[ SFW ] - Satan's dog.
[NSFW] - Hot galleries.
[NSFW] - Sex in College.
[NSFW] - Get a nice Blow J.
[NSFW] - Very nice cam girls.
[ SFW ] - Hot movie badasses.
[ SFW ] - PS3 withdrawn.. haha.
[ SFW ] - These are dudes right?
[ SFW ] - Chuck Norris Forecast.
[ SFW ] - Hello girl with nice rack.
[ SFW ] - Oh Lawd.. ASIAN Hitler?
[ SFW ] - Spanking it on the toy aisle.
[NSFW] - No legs, one arm, but nice ass.
[ SFW ] - "I'm On A Boat" Is funny as hell.
[ SFW ] - I Love You Man, Restricted trailer.
[ SFW ] - The 20 Least Romantic Movie Lines.
[ SFW ] - Funny un-aired Budlight commercial.
[ SFW ] - Midget Supremacists.. SMALL POWER!
[ SFW ] - These T-shirts are worth every penny
[ SFW ] - 50 Cent and UFC. (Yeah I know it's 91)
[ SFW ] - Jurassic park is just around the corner..
[NSFW] - Rectocvaginal examination.. AKA SHOCKER!
[ SFW ] - This midget looks like the Jerry Maguire kid.
[ SFW ] - Joe Pesci stabbing the shit out of someone.
[ SFW ] - Anyone else see this insane Robbie Maddison jump?
[ SFW ] - Some of the most insane(best) dancing I've ever seen.
[ SFW ] - Another mall security movie, this one looks better though.

hey yo posted on 02/06/09 by Opie

GI JOE trailer spoof. In you don't get it watch these

MMA Punchout!

Penn and Teller showing you magic secrets.

How to get out of a bear hug.

He almost lost his head.

That hurt.

So this is how you break your jaw.

He's good.

Now that's a slam.

Fernanda Ferrari is bad.


Funny hot line. Call 413-497-0025

If you don't believe me, here's what she says:

"Thank you for calling the psychiatric hot line

If you are obsessive compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.

If you suffer from multiple personality syndrome, please press 2, 3, and 4.."

She goes on and on...



Is she really that stupid?

I will do that Ted.

Dog VS Squirrel.



Oh those ASIANS..

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - ADHD.
[ SFW ] - Daily sex tips.
[ SFW ] - EXTREME tennis!
[NSFW] - 18 year old whore.
[NSFW] - The best porn sites.
[ SFW ] - Hottie with a 6 pack.
[NSFW] - This little bitch is hot.
[NSFW] - Find sluts in your area.
[NSFW] - Silver Daddies is weird.
[ SFW ] - Hello lady with big boobs.
[NSFW] - That is one meaty pussy.
[ SFW ] - Cheerleader or Porn Star?
[NSFW] - Drunk chicks are the best!
[ SFW ] - This can't be a real band.
[ SFW ] - The very hot Karina Jelinek.
[ SFW ] - Best self defense video ever.
[ SFW ] - I want to kill all the white deer.
[ SFW ] - Ninja cheerleaders are the best.
[ SFW ] - This shows that women are crazy.
[ SFW ] - Google Latitude sounds like trouble.
[ SFW ] - Hell's Kitchen chef as a child.. Haha
[ SFW ] - Christian Bale going apeshit.. REMIX!
[ SFW ] - HEY KIDS!, Make a Muriatic Acid Bomb!
[ SFW ] - Look Into My Eyes (While I Masturbate)
[ SFW ] - North Korea is going to capture the moon!
[ SFW ] - This is the stingray that killed Steve Irwin.
[ SFW ] - Comprehending Engineers bringing the funny!
[ SFW ] - Obama using bad language like a true American.
[NSFW] - I would grab a chair and stare at her for hours.
[ SFW ] - This is gay but something funny happens at 1:08.

hello pu.. kitty posted on 02/04/09 by Opie


Porn aired during the Superbowl (This isn't edited) Story here

Yes sir, those are real.

Those ASIANS are at it again!


t0rbad> so there i was in this hallway right
BlackAdder> i believe i speak for all of us when i say...
BlackAdder> IM SICK OF YOU
BlackAdder> IN FACT
*** t0rbad sets mode: +b BlackAdder*!*@*.*
*** BlackAdder has been kicked my t0rbad ( )
t0rbad> so there i was in this hallway right
CRCError> right
heartless> Right.
r3v> right

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Lesbians!
[NSFW] - Nice booty.
[NSFW] - Big fake tits.
[NSFW] - Naked chicks.
[NSFW] - Very nice body.
[NSFW] - FREE cam girl site.
[ SFW ] - I love dancing sluts.
[ SFW ] - Stupid ass inmates.
[ SFW ] - Rejected Wii games.
[ SFW ] - Why is that kid mad?
[NSFW] - Let's make a sex tape.
[NSFW] - Naked girl and a guitar.
[ SFW ] - Single Ladies by Obama.
[ SFW ] - She doesn't need panties.
[ SFW ] - 10 Craziest Child Preachers.
[ SFW ] - Hot chicks getting pranked.
[ SFW ] - EXTREME last call for alcohol.
[ SFW ] - Travis Pastrana tricycle jump.
[ SFW ] - Kid doped up after the dentist.
[ SFW ] - The Top 50 killings sprees are..
[ SFW ] - It's a good thing this happens to idiots.
[ SFW ] - These games are always fun. (Bike ones)
[ SFW ] - Christian Bale is kind of insane and funny.
[NSFW] - She gets pounded under the Eiffel Tower.
[ SFW ] - Top 10: Things Guys Shouldn't Do In Public.
[ SFW ] - Couple who led gay marriage fight are getting a divorce.

fuck GSP posted on 02/02/09 by Opie

UFC brings the funny!

Roadside Ass-sistance!

He missed or something.

This one be graphic kids.

He does good magic.

How does that even happen?


You find out interesting things when you have sons, like:

1. A king size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 200 m2 house to a depth of 10 cm.

2. If you spray hair spray on dust balls & run over them with roller blades, they can ignite.

3. A 3-year old Boy's voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant.

4. If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the motor is not strong enough to rotate a 20 Kg boy wearing Batman underwear and a Superman cape. It is strong enough, however, if tied to a paint can, to spread paint on all four walls of a 6m x 6m room.

5. You should not throw cricket balls up when the ceiling fan is on.

6. When using a ceiling fan as a bat, you have to throw the ball up a few times before you get a hit.

7. A ceiling fan can hit a cricket ball a long way.

8. The glass in windows (even double-glazed) doesn't stop a cricket ball hit by a ceiling fan.

9. When you hear the toilet flush and the words 'uh oh', it's already too late.

10. Brake fluid mixed with bleach makes smoke, and lots of it.

11. A 6 year old Boy can start a fire with a flint rock even though a 36-year old Man says they can only do it in the movies.

12. Certain Lego's will pass through the digestive tract of a 4- year old Boy.

13. Play dough & microwave should not be used in the same sentence.

14. Super glue is forever.

15. No matter how many jelly crystals you put in a swimming pool you still can't walk on water.

16. Pool filters do not like jelly crystals.

17. VCR's do not eject 'BL&T' sandwiches even though TV commercials show they do.

18. Bin bags do not make good parachutes.

19. Marbles in petrol tanks make lots of noise when driving.

20. You probably DO NOT want to know what that smell is.

21. Always look in the oven before you turn it on; plastic toys do not like ovens.

22. The fire department in Brisbane, Qld, has a 5-minute response time.

23. The spin cycle on the washing machine does not make earthworms dizzy.

24. It will, however, make cats dizzy.

25. Cats throw up twice their body weight when dizzy.

80% of Women will pass this on to almost all of their friends, with or without kids. 80% of Men who read this will try mixing the bleach and brake fluid.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Nakedness.
[NSFW] - Swedish porn.
[ SFW ] - Superbowl quiz.
[ SFW ] - Girls Gone FAIL!
[ SFW ] - Thongs are nice.
[ SFW ] - Dog riding a bike!
[ SFW ] - Ants are amazing.
[ SFW ] - Meet Carl the cat.
[NSFW] - Sex in the kitchen.
[ SFW ] - He sure is creative.
[ SFW ] - Hangovers kick ass.
[NSFW] - Meet horny women.
[ SFW ] - Blood and Benny Hill.
[NSFW] - She has very nice tits.
[ SFW ] - Land Of The Lost trailer.
[ SFW ] - They found the gate to Hell.
[ SFW ] - George St Pierre Vs BJ Penn.
[ SFW ] - Sleeping with a friend advice.
[ SFW ] - Here's all the Superbowl ads.
[ SFW ] - So Power Rangers wrestle now?
[ SFW ] - Kanye has lost his goddamn mind.
[ SFW ] - I wish all girls had sprinkles on them.
[ SFW ] - Michael Phelps smokes weed. So what?


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