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Heeey maaannn posted on 02/27/13 by Opie


Watch Teen USA, Melissa King's Sex Video Scandal!

Holy shit @ those tits!

Teen with a perfect rack!

Slut Takes it in Front of Roommates!

Who likes big wet butts?


Sexy Threesome in The Countryside!

Quick Joke

Priest walks into a hotel reception and says "I have booked a room for the night, but I hope the pornography on the television is disabled".

The receptionist say "You weirdo, its normal porn!"


Can you remove this Scooter? (Gallery)

Correct grammar is key with tattoos.

I bet he had some questions running through his head.

Bruce Wayne!

Doesn't get any more black than this.

How do you not catch this?

Why the thumbs up?

Every fucking time.

Everyone knows a guy like this.

Just ban this guy from guns.


Only white people are considered normal.


Panda or a Dog?

Girls, this is how all guys piss.

"The picture is on the USB" Nailed it.

That's nasty.

Awesome resume

I like Jersey Thor.


Damn it Tyrone!

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Wild shit
[NSFW] - Fuckbook!
[NSFW] - Sexy cam girls!
[NSFW] - Married Woman
[NSFW] - Come onnn tittie!
[ SFW ] - Unforgettable Night
[ SFW ] - You Can't Be My Girl
[ SFW ] - Hilarious photobomb!
[ SFW ] - St Patricks Day Shirts
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a piss test?
[ SFW ] - Willie Nleson loves his weed!
[NSFW] - A whole bunch of great asses!
[ SFW ] - Star Wars Rock - Interjections
[ SFW ] - Anyone care to explain this one?
[ SFW ] - Man these rappers are hardcore...
[NSFW] - Lesbians playing in the shower (5:16)
[ SFW ] - Get on the choo choo to hell! (Game!)
[NSFW] - Couple films their first sex tape! (16:23)
[NSFW] - College Madness.. Bitch is crazy (32:45)
[ SFW ] - Guys experiencing pregnancy pain. haha
[ SFW ] - How How to Buy a Car, Using Game Theory
[NSFW] - We all wish we can fuck a crazy girl like this
[NSFW] - Wet girl fucking herself with a big dildo (5:43)
[ SFW ] - Translating Honey Boo Boo in Other Countries
[NSFW] - What if Tool Time Was a Porn Flick LOL (23:43)
[NSFW] - Big boobs bombshell reamed and creamed (8:12)
[NSFW] - Busty Laura Lion Dildos Her Sweet Pussy (14:43)
[NSFW] - Amber Rayne gets her ass and camel toe stuffed (33:53)
[NSFW] - Old man stepping off a ferry falls into the sea and drowns
[NSFW] - Hot young MILF fucks her husband in the back yard (3:48)
[NSFW] - They Say it's the Best Fight of 2013 (So far, NSFW for ads)
[NSFW] - Rihanna And Kate Moss: Intimate Photo Shoot and Video for "V Magazine"
[NSFW] - Fucked up Russian girl stuffs a chicken up her pussy in a busy supermarket
[ SFW ] - 3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production

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That'll do pig, that'll do posted on 02/25/13 by Opie

UFC 157: Ronda Rousey Vs Liz Carmouche (That's a bad chick)

Taylor Swift - GOAT REMIX!

Jay- Z feat. Kanye West - Niggas In Paris (GOAT REMIX)

Grizzly bears charge fast!

Gorillas playing in leaves

Forrest Gump as a Horror Movie

Cheerleader half-court trick shot! Black people aren't impressed.

Conan O'Brien Fully Exposes Mainstream Media

Teen Falls Off Of Chair Lift 45+ Feet

Amazing Badminton Shot!

Harlem Shake vCall of Duty

Truck suddenly explodes at an Iranian gas station!

Japanese couple pretending to be statues fuck in public, OK?

Look at the tits on her!

Scooby Doo Porn Parody!

Very nice ass!

Amateur girl has a perfect ass

One of the best HD porn videos I have seen in a long time...

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Guide
[NSFW] - fuckbook
[ SFW ] - iNintendo!
[ SFW ] - Lego Weed!
[ SFW ] - Monday Pic Dump
[NSFW] - Take a look at them
[ SFW ] - Some cool 3D Tattoos
[ SFW ] - Read the reviews haha
[ SFW ] - Getting On Snake Venom
[ SFW ] - This Girl Loves Her Husband!
[NSFW] - Sexy Girls and Cars (Gallery)
[NSFW] - He's a 19 second man, haha
[ SFW ] - Google Glass looks AWESOME!
[NSFW] - Big tit Natasha gets raw! (27:50)
[NSFW] - Damn, her tits are perfect! (19:28)
[ SFW ] - Pass that piss test with flying colors!
[NSFW] - Might be the hottest girl I've ever seen!
[NSFW] - Smoking Hot Vixen Blows Boyfriend (9:22)
[ SFW ] - Japan movers are better than anywhere else.
[ SFW ] - 50 Awesome Restaurant Sandwich Board Signs
[NSFW] - CGI VFX Breakdown on Game of Thrones (Boobs)
[NSFW] - Super Hot German chick banged outdoors! (9:05)
[NSFW] - Striptease in the kitchen from a sexy blonde (4:59)
[NSFW] - Schoolgirls fucked hard in the mouth and pussy (55:24)
[NSFW] - Milf & Young Blonde Teach A Guy How To Please (48:29)
[NSFW] - Woman has a hilarious and disgusted facial reaction to a facial
[ SFW ] - I update the Entensity Facebook page everyday too! Like it! Now!
[ SFW ] - Keep the last remaining human alive for as long as possible. (Game)
[NSFW] - Busty redhead gets fucked and covered in cum by half a dozen guys (8:46)

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Harlem Taint posted on 02/22/13 by Opie

Gallon Smash Prank! (Fucking Hilarious!)

Ok. This is the BEST Harlem Shake video.

Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong! hahaha

Quadrocopter Pole Acrobatics! WAT

Nascar Trolling "Guys I dropped my controller" haha

Car backflip!

The First 3D Drawing Pen in action!

This is the cutest frog ever! -Gay

Indoor Parkour Fail

Talk about a hole in one. - Happy Gilmore

Dog that sneezes on command


"Move bitch, I'm a bus!"

Young amateur babe with awesome titties!

Natural tits are so much nicer.

Blonde Cougar gets some lovin'

She's a cheating whore!

Awesome Threesome!

Pornstars Humiliate the Pizza Guy!

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Sex
[NSFW] - social sex
[ SFW ] - Funny shit
[NSFW] - Nerdcore Hotties!
[ SFW ] - Kitty no like you!
[ SFW ] - Kill the bad guys!
[ SFW ] - Aging Level Asian
[ SFW ] - Condom Ice Cream
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[ SFW ] - Electric EEL vs. 4 Gold Fish
[NSFW] - ASIANS have weird sex toys.
[NSFW] - Hot naked Chick on the beach
[NSFW] - Big tits and lots of oil! (28:21)
[NSFW] - Tokens Can't Buy Dignity Bitch
[NSFW] - They're just barely 18! (32:12)
[ SFW ] - Apple iWatch Comes Closer To Reality
[ SFW ] - Shenanigans Saint Patricks Day T-shirt
[ SFW ] - Harlem Reacts to Harlem Shake Videos
[ SFW ] - Birds eat a lot of dumb shit. Kinda sad.
[ SFW ] - Rare Historical Photos with descriptions
[ SFW ] - Hundreds of Bed Bugs Biting a Man's Arm
[NSFW] - Happy Ending Massages are Real (24:35)
[ SFW ] - Hot Girls Love Playing Beer Pong (Gallery)
[ SFW ] - Facial Beauty Analysis - Score Your Face
[NSFW] - Chat with these chicks over the weekend.
[ SFW ] - Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets Rescued!
[ SFW ] - Laura sings the "Diva Dance" from the Fifth Element
[NSFW] - Gorgeoud Blonde Teen Playing In The Shower (5:00)
[NSFW] - Ex girlfriend gets fucked and a huge cumshot! (25:20)
[NSFW] - Sexy Teen masturbates while watching Star Trek on TV
[ SFW ] - Apparently these Ironman suits are made from cardboard.
[NSFW] - Barack Obama gives some slutty blonde his presidential penis! (33:30)
[NSFW] - Fishnet Whore Trina Michaels Ass Fucked In Abandoned Factory (24:20)

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bunch of stuff today posted on 02/20/13 by Opie


EPIC does not begin to describe her tits! (2:28)

Smoking hot brunette gets fucked hard by a sex machine (5:35)

Rachel starr has an amazing ass! (43:55)

More(3) naked Harlem Shakes!!!! (1:54)

Nice fishnet outfit! (7:46)

Define perfect body. (11:40)

If you don't think this is hot, you're Gay. (9:59)


An elderly couple is enjoying a 50 year anniversary dinner together in a small tavern. The husband leans over and asks his wife, "Do you remember the first time we had sex together over fifty years a go? We went behind this tavern where you leaned against the fence and I made love to you."

"Yes," she says, "I remember it well."

"Ok," he says, "How about taking a stroll round there again and we can do it for old time's sake."

"Oooooooh Charlie, you devil, that sounds like a good idea."

There's a police officer sitting in the next booth listening to all this, and having a chuckle to himself. He thinks, "I've got to see these two old-timers having sex against a fence. I'll just keep an eye on them so there's no trouble."

So he follows them. They walk haltingly along, leaning on each other for support, aided by walking sticks. They finally get to the back of the tavern and make their way to the fence. The old lady lifts her skirt, takes her knickers down and the old man drops his trousers. She turns around and as she hangs on to the fence, the old man moves in.

Suddenly, they erupt into the most furious sex that the watching policeman has ever seen. They are bucking and jumping like eighteen-year-olds. This goes on for about forty minutes. She's yelling, "Ohhh, God!" He's hanging on to her hips for dear life. This is the most athletic sex imaginable. Finally, they both collapse panting on the ground. The policeman is amazed. He thinks he has learned something about life that he didn't know.

After about half an hour of lying on the ground recovering, the old couple struggle to their feet and put their clothes back on. The Policeman, still watching, thinks that was truly amazing. He was going like a train. I've got to ask him what his secret is.

As the couple passes, he says to them, "That was something else. You must have been having sex for about forty minutes. How do you manage it? You must have had a fantastic life together. Is there some sort of secret?"

The old man says, "Fifty years ago that wasn't an electric fence!"


Bad Taxidermy (37 pics!)

Already back at it..


Someone is watching you!

Actors and their stunt doubles.. Last one is the best.

Yeah the weather is like FUCK DAT

I wonder about people sometimes.

His finger is also a dick

YOU LIE!!! - Leonardo

You girls are fucking gross.

They do look delicious.

George is Racist!

Internet is going to kill this kid.


Clever one he is.

Someone probably sued.

What the shit?

Marry me.

Rubbing one out! (GIF)

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Stolen Futures
[NSFW] - Sexy Redheads!
[NSFW] - One Night Stand
[ SFW ] - Kate Middleton Doll
[ SFW ] - Smoking Vs. Vaporizing
[ SFW ] - Xena the Warrior Moron
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a piss test?
[ SFW ] - Not so good picture haha
[ SFW ] - Little Girl's First Train Ride
[ SFW ] - Public Prank - Drug Dealing
[ SFW ] - What 200 calories look like.
[NSFW] - I want a sex slave! (21:29)
[NSFW] - Most of these chicks are hot!
[NSFW] - Giant ass gets fucked (43:34)
[NSFW] - Weird Midget porn scene haha
[NSFW] - I wish this video was longer! (5:35)
[ SFW ] - Trex Blowing his Load Harlem Shake
[ SFW ] - Harlem Shake Featuring Supermodels
[NSFW] - Sexy Girls Playing in the Mud (Gallery)
[NSFW] - Homegrown Beauty's First Time (25:35)
[ SFW ] - These guys keep finding such cool shit!
[NSFW] - Busty girl takes a hard pounding deep (5:13)
[NSFW] - Diamond Foxxx - Double D Housewife! (23:27)
[ SFW ] - Awesome & Funniest Gaming Pics of the Week
[ SFW ] - Protect your base from enemy attack. (Game)
[ SFW ] - You can buy gold pills and make your shit glisten.
[NSFW] - 19-year-old latina gets fucked hard in a motel room
[NSFW] - Nothing beats a good blowjob after a long hike (5:24)
[ SFW ] - Stranger helps reunite IE man with dog that was taken away
[ SFW ] - Some people should never sing. I think she's retarded though.
[ SFW ] - Jurassic Attack Trailer, I think I could have produced this shit.
[ SFW ] - WARNING: Sick Humor, hard to watch, yet you can't look away
[ SFW ] - Hello Mr. I will never get laid, ever. He does have a point though.
[NSFW] - There are some fetishes I'll never understand, the fart mask is one

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Harlem Shake: vPorn posted on 02/18/13 by Opie


Annoying Cat Knocks On a Door Using its Leg

Poop Song - Potty Training 101.. Really?

Let me hear your war cry!.. WTF?

Did he say Jesus is his Nigga?

Chameleon frightened by iPhone

BRB, Going to go jump on a Cactus. Idiot.

Cat goes crazy for his toy! (GIF)

Hey what happened to my tennis racket!? (GIF)

Coolest cat around! (GIF)

Get this Owl off the field! (GIF)

Finally a Harlem Shake with naked chicks!

Damn her tits are awesome! (13:43)

Guys throwing snowballs at some firefighters get taught a lesson

My, She sure is shiny! (53:11)

37 minutes of DAT ASS!

It's BONER TIME! (31:22)

I wish I was a Lesbian... sometimes. (18:13)

The best ass in porn!

Highest rated porn video of all time.. Must see

- FFL -

[NSFW] - social sex
[ SFW ] - Soccer Mash Up
[ SFW ] - 3D Racing game!
[ SFW ] - Monday Pic Dump
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[NSFW] - Holy fuck the girls are hot!
[ SFW ] - World's Largest Rope Swing!
[NSFW] - Girls In Tight Dresses Picdump
[NSFW] - Teen gets fucked hard! (6:27)
[ SFW ] - Oh fuck that. It's raining SPIDERS!
[ SFW ] - These flasks are cooler than yours.
[NSFW] - Dick loving Daria plays with her juggs!
[ SFW ] - Awesome and Funny Pics of the Week
[ SFW ] - SeaWorld San Antonio: Harlem Shake!
[ SFW ] - Send someone a pile of shit. Seriously.
[ SFW ] - These people feed their dead to buzzards.
[ SFW ] - "The Worst Test" - An Engineering Flash Mob
[ SFW ] - Facebook will get a 429 million tax refund. WTF!
[ SFW ] - "Shut that nigger baby up" Says man on a plane.
[ SFW ] - I can't get enough of these Harlem Shake videos!
[NSFW] - ASIAN porn really needs to be uncensored. (6:07)
[NSFW] - Cute brunette teen rubs her big-natural-tits (6:49)
[ SFW ] - Be courteous to your neighbors when smoking weed!
[NSFW] - The hottest lesbian threesome I've ever seen! (44:06)
[NSFW] - Big titted girlfriend gives a blowjob in the kitchen (3:59)
[ SFW ] - The 30 Most Breathtaking Mullets in the History of Sports
[NSFW] - Young amateur couple star in leaked private sex tape! (2:12)
[ SFW ] - Teacher suspended for pretending to shoot 1st graders in game
[ SFW ] - Florida couple addicted to coffee enemas, up to four times a day
[NSFW] - Tall and skinny blonde gets her tight ass fucked in the bathroom (7:43)

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