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Bought to you by the numbers 6 and 9 posted on 04/29/04 by Opie

Fun fact:

The actual scientific term for "fear of long words" is:

Charisma Carpenter NAKED!!!!!!!!!!

What's the difference between Batman and a Black man?

Batman can go into a store without robin!!


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Who doesn't belong????

This one is a bit tricky.

Boo boo kitty fuck.

I can think of at least 5 jokes for this one.

He killed a US soldier.. then stole his shoes!

Just read it hippy.

A college professor was doing a study testing the senses of first graders, using a bowl of lifesavers. He gave all the children the same kind of lifesavers, one at a time, and asked them to identify them by color and flavor. The children began to say:

"Red - cherry"
"Yellow - lemon"
"Green - lime"
"Orange - orange"

Finally, the professor gave them all honey lifesavers. After eating them for a few moments, none of the children could identify the taste.

"Well he said, "I'll give you a clue, itís what your mother may sometimes call your father."

One little girl looked up in horror, spit hers out, and yelled: "Oh My God! - they're assholes."

- FFL -

- Fuck off.. k.
- Don't fall off!
- Drum lessons.
- Twat smoking.
- Sick fucking humor.
- Tron.. Gay tron.
- Ohio police videos.
- Pussy or Raw Meat?
- Slutty College girls.
- Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Chris!
- Asian vending machines.
- Jet powered Beer Cooler.
- Some good birth control here.
- Ashes to ashes.. Dust to BANG!
- Hack a Disposable Digital Camera.
- Check out Gramps skateboarding.
- What a lovely model for this dress.
- Drowning detection systems.. Darn.
- I wish Dale would run over this idiot.
- Someone else likes this Blink song as well.
- Bush is Jesus! (Note the name of the site moron)
- Ha, they blew them up. (Right click save target as)
- Why can't we have commercials like this in the US?
- Better keep these away from those CRAZY ASIANS!
- Happy late B-day Saddam! (I mailed him a black dildo)
- I want a girl with two mouths... Not sure why though?
- Re-post, because it's so fucking cool. (Led Zeppelin is the devil)
- This was a gift from forum member Juice.. Funny as hell! (Weiner Alert)
- Ok the bid is over $100 now for one cat.. I could make a fortune with this.
- Part 4 of the Mario Brothers saga. (A lot of you have been waiting for this)
- Wow, this car thief is a good driver. I bet he was saying "HAHA I'M DRIVING A CAR! HAHA"

Can I jew you a question? posted on 04/27/04 by Opie

Q. What do you call a mexican vato thats fuckin your old lady?
A. Nacho , nacho pussy anymore.


Reminds me of that cum video.

What the hell are these guys doing?

HEY! There's a car there.

Opps.. ruined the dress.

- FFL -

- Girls getting their hair DID.
- I hate that fatkins shit too.
- Muffin Films.. What the hell?
- Wow, dead soldiers make a Bush.
- I hate clowns. Even ones on roids.
- How to use Japanese-style toilet.
- Pornosaurus..This is kinda crazy.
- Why would someone throw tee tee on britnee?
- ASSES OF FIRE - ASSES OF FIRE!! (She a hottie too)
- Funny mountain dew commercial.. With Steven Segal.
- I saw this on my local news..It's a shame I live in this state.
- Holy shit.. Do not scroll down.. Well I dare ya. (Really nasty)

I need a tissue.. for my booty. posted on 04/26/04 by Opie

As promised the Chappelle's Show page has been updated. Enjoy!

Huge Bitch part 11.

Another fun round of "Who doesn't belong?"

This is why you should always show those purty whites.

Q: When white people die where do they go?

A: Heaven

Q: What do they get?

A: Wings

Q: What do they become?

A: Angels

Q: When black people die where do they go?

A: Heaven

Q: What do they get?

A: Wings

Q: What do they become?

A: Angels....No wait bats

- FFL -

- Ass-teroids.
- Cool costume.
- I hate fake titties.
- Skeletor takes on Jesus.
- Bottle rocket up da ass.
- Haha Bob has a website.
- Get out of the traffic jam.
- Check out that cool coptor.
- HAHAHA check out this dog!
- I bet Pepsi hates college kids.
- Gay people and a tree. Gay.
- How well o you know the bible?
- Quick brick.. Yep, a time killer.
- What the hell is this all about?
- Does she come with the watch?
- Since when can you sue minors?
- Heyy you guys wanta get highhh?
- Put whatever you want on the sign.
- A flash with retards and such. haha.
- Another one of those "hack it" websites.
- Super Dicks and Twats! So the domain says.
- Urban Legends Series.. (Some I haven't seen)
- Ghetto rainbow.. Funny to me for some reason.
- This guy is suppose to be straight? Ha.. bullshit.
- Only English people would do something like this.
- Grow weed on your desktop, this may be a new version.
- Here are some more nice moto riders, has some spills in this one.
- 13,000 VPM Vibrator.. Blah my penis can go 18,000 on a good day.

Skeet skeet skeet posted on 04/23/04 by Opie

***** News Flash *****

I dated this blind girl once...her name was :..:: .:::.: ...:::

I love the loud ass fart. (Porn-ish)

What happened to the old school locker bit?

Be sure you check out this loser. (Porn-ish)


It's also been a crazy week (hence the weak post) and I have a wedding to go to yadda yadda yadda (This isn't a fucking blog).. Had to take an option day a work this afternoon, because of so much shit.


I've been getting the Chappelle page updated and will upload on Sunday and after the first of the month I'll go back to my main server and everything will be back online. I also went ahead and purchased yet another server for you guys so I wont have this problem for awhile.

In dummy terms: More money spent, server DNS problems, crazy week, and going to get drunk here shortly.

Thank you for not bugging the shit of me with stupid e-mails and for your patience.

fkafafaf.. which means posted on 04/22/04 by Opie

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a 2nd place race horse?

They both cum in a little behind.

Print this sucka out and get a 99 cent movie.

Um. You think of something, there's too many.

I guess I'll be nice today... buttcrack knee.

Phobias are the devil

Alliumphobia - fear of garlic
ambulophobia - fear of walking
anuptaphobia - fear of staying single
arachubutyrophobia - fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth
atychipobia - fear of failure
bacillophobia - fear of microbes
blennophobbia - fear of slime
catagelophobia - fear of being ridiculed
chirophobia - fear of hands
chronophobia - fear of time
cibophobia - fear of food
coulrophobia - fear of clowns
dendrophobia - fear of trees
didaskaleinophobia - fear of going to school
elutherophobia - fear of freedom
ephebiphobia - fear of teenagers
euphobia - fear of hearing good news
francophobia - fear of france or french culture
geliophobia - frear of laughter
genophobia - fear of sex
glossophobia - fear of speaking in public
hadephobia - fear of hell
helminthophobia - fear of being infested with worms
homichlophobia - fear of fog
hylophobia - fear of forrests
hypsiphobia - fear of height
itthyphallophobia - fear of thinking about or having an erect penis
katagelophobia - fear of ridicule
kymophobia - fear of waves
lachanophobia - fear of vegetables
ligyrophobia - fear of loud noises
logizomechanophobia - fear of computers
logophobia - fear of words
lutraphobia - fear of otters
macrophobia - fear of long waits
melissophobia - fear of bees
metrophobia - fear of poetry
mnemophobia - fear of memories
myctophobia - fear of darkness
neopharmaphobia - fear of new drugs
nephophobia - fear of clouds
nostophobia - fear of returning home
octophobia - fear of the figure 8
oneirogmophobia - fear of we dreams
ostraconophobia - fear of shellfish
papaphobia - fear of the pope
paraskavedekatriphobia - fear of friday the 13th
parthenophobia - fear of virgins
peladophobia - fear of bald people
phasmophobia - fear of ghosts
phobophobia - fear of phobias
pteronophobia - fear of being tickled by feathers
rectophobia - fear of rectal diseases
rupophobia - fear of dirt
samhainophobia - fear of halloween
selachophobia - fear of sharks
sesquipedalophobia - fear of long words
somniphobia - fear of sleep
taphophobia - fear of being buried alive
thalassophobia - fear of the sea
traumatophobia - fear of injury
venustraphobia - fear of beautiful women
xenophobia - fear of strangers or foreigners
zelophobia - fear of jealousy
zemmiphobia - fear of the great mole rat

- FFL -

- Catman.
- Terminator?
- This nigga is tall!
- HA HA! A gay dude..
- Are you whipped? (Test)
- Dave Chappelle as a horse.
- Bush vs Kerry.. Boxing style.
- Run over cats... Daddy like.
- Scissors left in her stomach.
- Awww Victor is such a sweetheart.
- I think I'd take a cold shower in Cuba.
- I'm going squirrel fishing tomorrow.
- Badger Badger Badger... Real-life version.
- Are these dildos? Read the comments too.
- I would of laughed my ass off it he would have gotten hit.

Yes, short today because I had to put some stuff on a 2nd server for the main junk, you'll get over it. Oh yeah and a huge Chappelle Show page update this weekend. (Sunday)

Easy bake ovens work wonders posted on 04/20/04 by Opie

What's the opposite of Christopher Reeves?

Christopher Walken

What the hell is that?

Don't think I'd go anywhere called cockburn.

Who doesn't belong?

They make a great team!

More jokes

There are two muffins in an oven. One says "Oh wow is it ever hot in here" and the other says:


A guy walked into a bar with his pet monkey. He ordered a drink and while he was drinking, the monkey jumped all around the place. The monkey grabbed some olives off the bar and ate them, then grabbed some sliced limes and ate them, then jumped onto the pool table,
grabbed one of the billiard balls, stuck it in his mouth, and to everyone's
amazement, somehow swallowed it whole!!!

The bartender screamed at the guy, "Did you see what your monkey just did?"

The guy said "No, what?" He just swallowed the cue ball off my pool table-whole! "Yeah, that doesn't surprise me," replied the guy, "he eats everything in sight, the little bastard. Sorry. I'll pay for the cue ball and stuff."

He finished his drink, paid his bill, paid for the stuff the monkey ate and left.

Two weeks later he was in the bar again, and had his monkey with him. He ordered a drink and the monkey started running around the bar again. While the man was finishing his drink, the monkey found a maraschino cherry on the bar. He grabbed it, stuck it up his butt, pulled it out, and ate it! Then the monkey found a peanut, and stuck it up his butt, pulled it out, and ate it as well! The bartender was disgusted.

"Did you see what your damn monkey did now? He asked. "No, what?" replied the guy.

"Well, he stuck a maraschino cherry and a peanut up his butt, pulled them out, and ate them!" said the bartender.

"Yeah, that doesn't surprise me," replied the guy. "He still eats everything in sight, but ever since he had to pass that cue ball, he measures everything first!

- FFL -

- Slap dat ass biatch!
- Foreign jackass videos.
- I'm offended by this gorilla.
- Blob Lander. (Spaceship game)
- Confusing but useful news-map.
- Holy shit I almost threw up hahaha.
- What the hell.. Crazy Internet people.
- Hey someone stole her shoes! (Graphic)
- David Hasselhoff is CRAZY, so is this video.
- Holy shit these girls have downs or something.
- Ford has my 100% support. Death to all kitty cats.
- Apparently she loves a guy named "Dave". She however, got ran over by a lawnmower or something?

Punta Power! posted on 04/19/04 by Opie

What is that sound she's making? Piggy?

With my help, You're on your way girlfriend!

Naughty jokes 101

How did the hillbilly find his sister in the woods?

Pretty Hot

How? do you starve a nigger?

Hide his food stamps under his work boots.

What are three things you cant give a nigger?

A black eye, a fat lip, and a job.

What do you call a black guy with 8 arms?

One hell of a cotton picker..

What's the last thin that goes through a car crash victims mind?

The dash board.

What's in common between Micheal Jackson and a Big mac?

They both like to stick their meat between 12 year old buns.

What do you call 300 crackas chasing a black man?

The PGA tour.

What did the white guy do before his blood test?

He studied.

What's the flattest surface to iron your jeans on?

A white girl's ass.

What was hitler's first toy as a child?

Easy Bake Oven.

What do you call a city full of black people?

A black out.

What's the difference between a black man and a trailer?

The trailer doesn't scream when you drag it behind your truck.

If in Alabama, if you divorce your she still your sister?

Why do jews hate orange juice?

Because it has concentrate in it.

These are real term papers, The teacher's comments rule.

This is supposedly that USA bikini flasher.

This fox is stupid.

Who they remind you of? Yep.


Read it a few times and you'll get it.

From Sarah, Again

First she sent an e-mail about me posting her first one, I deleted it but then she sent this one right after:

"I kinda agree with everyone but then I don't. I think the shit on your site is fuckin hilarious!! But your still a fucktard. Your layout sucks!! You should think about putting a page up of all your old shit cause some of the old stuff is better then the new stuff. I also think you are a total dick and if I could, I would cut off your hands and feet, cut your throat, strip you, hang you from a tree, set you on fire, then keep your bones for display! But you got a great sense of humor! Work on the fuckin lay out dude, and change the colors. The ones you are using are so gay, fuckin 80's style!! Snoogins!!"

So I reply with this:

"Do you have ADD?"

Her reply:

"Honostly....yes....lmao!! but its just the weed talkin man, dont pay no attention."

I can spot retards a mile away...

- FFL -

- Bling Bling.
- Kill Bill game.
- A 96kb game.
- See, it was fake.
- Kill gang members.
- She Bangs - Video.
- "Nice boobs huh?" No.
- Kick some field goals.
- Jesus action Figure!!!
- Lil' Kim's twat. Hooray?
- Rice cops to the rescue!
- Hockey makes you tough!
- Whoa.. This is pretty cool.
- TONS of dead baby jokes!
- Here's that Asian guy again. (right click, save target as)
- Condoms that fit... hahahaha
- Haha Tigger caressed her boob.
- Didn't see this cause of death coming
- His penis blew up, I bet it hurt.
- Mirror for the Wayne Brady clip.
- Canadian Domestic Abuse ads.
- Great name for this P2P program.
- Yes, these are stupid penis tricks.
- Classic game of burning people up.
- I bet he gets bored in class a lot.
- I love these types of flash games.
- The Hand Eye Coordination Test LG.
- Move the blocks to the yellow spots.
- Exotic cars.. Oh yeah, wrecked ones.
- Holy shit this dude is bad ass on a bike.
- Halloween costumes for little retarded kids.
- Don't touch the walls and find your marbles.
- Asian guy again, I didn't know that was him. (right click, save target as)
- Scroll down and look at that pussy on your left.
- No way this girl knows how to use the INTERNET.
- This is why retards shouldn't be allowed in airports.
- Masturbation side effects?.. What about "raw penis"?
- I'm so gay for posting this.. AHH! For the girls I guess.
- Free Special Forces video, I don't want it, maybe you do though?

Thanks to for the extra traffic.



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