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It's gonna be a blood bath posted on 04/16/12 by Opie

Probably the best Autotune Remix!

"Quitting Jobs I don't have" haha

Double Dutch Dog!

Awesome Frisbee trick shots!

WTF is he doing?

Guy puts a penny in a bottle with a forklift.

Mind = Blown.

Tossing toddlers looks like fun!

Grandma Drug Lord!

Suicide FAIL!

Damn, she fine!

MILF rides the shit out of his dick!

Hot Latina bitch loves the fuck!

This bitch is sexy as hell!

One of the best fuck sessions with the hottest girl..

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Rawr!
[NSFW] - For 18+
[NSFW] - Fuckbook!
[ SFW ] - Got Nugs?
[ SFW ] - I'm 24! haha
[ SFW ] - Big dog playing.
[ SFW ] - Oh that's nasty.
[NSFW] - Naked cam girls!
[NSFW] - Man Vs Machete!
[ SFW ] - Monday Pic Dump.
[ SFW ] - Need to get a job?
[ SFW ] - That hail will kill yer!
[ SFW ] - I wanna fly underwater.
[ SFW ] - Ballerina with HUGE tits!
[ SFW ] - Use your brain in this game.
[NSFW] - Check out the booty on her!
[ SFW ] - Booty POP tips. MOARRRRRRRR
[ SFW ] - Kids doing a Rammstein cover!!!
[NSFW] - Random hotties. They naked too.
[ SFW ] - Drop Shit & Still Make It Look Good.
[ SFW ] - Funny shirts you don't want to miss!
[ SFW ] - Looper movie looks pretty awesome.
[ SFW ] - Hot Babes Dressed in Star Wars Outfits.
[NSFW] - Dude films his wife enjoying a gang bang.
[ SFW ] - This kid is a Juggalo? Don't let Mommy hear you.
[ SFW ] - Rachel Aldana takes the word "busty" to a whole new level.
[ SFW ] - Emperor penguins counted from space. (By counting piles of shit)
[NSFW] - Get in on this crazy deal going on, this will be the best $1 you have ever spent.

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i is the sick :( posted on 04/13/12 by Opie

The smoke got her haha.

Safe Sex for Seniors.

Purple Panda scares the shit out of kids!

Ghost Ride Wakesurf!

Don't push the button!

Eye drop FAIL!

Teen couple fucking like rabbits!

Amazing blonde babe!

Gianna and her huge natural tits!

Post back to normal Monday, I'm sick as fuck right now :(

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butthole cramp posted on 04/11/12 by Opie


Homemade porn is always great!

Nerdy teen strips down.

Slutty Easter egg hunt!

Smoking hot teen lesbians!

Lucky fuck.

Quick Joke

Two men were walking down the street when they saw a dog licking himself.

One man said "I wish I could do that."

The other man said "You should probably just pet him first."


Yeah she looks guilty..

Poor little Trayvon. (GIF)

Kinda fucked up haha.

It's him!

Would've made it better.

This guy deserves a medal.

I get it.

FUCK DA POLICE! (Literally)

Call AAA.

Me neither.

They were right there dude.

The best use of a penis. (GIF)

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Fuckbook.
[ SFW ] - Splitstastic.
[ SFW ] - Mining game.
[ SFW ] - I love cleavage.
[ SFW ] - Not a Sports Fan.
[NSFW] - Shake that booty!
[ SFW ] - Do you enjoy vagina?
[NSFW] - Vintage Pussy Squirting!
[ SFW ] - The Truth About Stanley.
[NSFW] - Cam girls you'll drool over!
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a drug test?
[NSFW] - Jennifer Lawrence is so hot.
[ SFW ] - Playboy Playmate Ciara Price!
[ SFW ] - Check out this frozen Mummy.
[ SFW ] - Someone really "invented" this?
[ SFW ] - Drawing people in ChatRoulette.
[ SFW ] - The Easter Candy Diet Experiment.
[NSFW] - Unwanted Product Placement. haha!
[ SFW ] - Most awesome stuff I have seen on one site..
[NSFW] - Top 10 porn fails compiled into 1 hilarious video.
[ SFW ] - Billboard Goes Up for Colorado Marijuana Initiative
[ SFW ] - 29 Athletic Looking Girls in Extremely Tight Shorts
[NSFW] - Man sticks his head out the window, Truck hits it.
[ SFW ] - Filipino Girl sings Adele's "Someone Like You" and nails it.
[ SFW ] - The Quietest Place on Earth Will Drive You Insane Within 45 Minutes.
[ SFW ] - Woman Strips Naked at Denver Airport after being Told not to Smoke.

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dubstep sex posted on 04/09/12 by Opie

Titanic SUPER 3D (This is hilarious)

Dog has talent.

Bone Pugz and Harmony.

UNREAL BBC Augusta Masters 2012 Crazy Golf

Funny skeleton man prank!

Dog loves to work out.

"How I play Skyrim"

Monster truck DOUBLE BACK FLIP!

Private security guards shoot Somali Pirates!

Fastest way to peel a potato.

I don't remember Hungry Hungry Hippos being like this...

This redhead is hot as hell!

Tera Patrick is so sexy.

I'd marry her.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Fuckbook!
[NSFW] - Perfect 10
[ SFW ] - Tramp Stamps.
[ SFW ] - Pugs not Drugs!
[ SFW ] - Cell Phone Babes.
[ SFW ] - Monday Pic Dump.
[ SFW ] - King of the Weed.
[ SFW ] - Texts from Dog. haha
[ SFW ] - Kate Upton is perfect.
[ SFW ] - The bester game ever.
[ SFW ] - Cheap shot in baseball.
[ SFW ] - More Facebook hotties!
[NSFW] - Check out this cam slut!
[NSFW] - MILF trainer fucks herself.
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a drug test?
[NSFW] - The Art Of Hating Cum. haha
[ SFW ] - What exactly is going on here?
[ SFW ] - Julian Smith - Eat Randy.. Da Fuq?
[ SFW ] - Little white kid rapping about candy.
[ SFW ] - The man who produces art in his sleep.
[NSFW] - Hottest amateur ever seen on leaked video.
[ SFW ] - Stuck on the Road: Who Would You Help? Nope.
[NSFW] - Girl almost killed standing behind a plane on takeoff.
[ SFW ] - This Japan zombie ass movie looks, well Japan made.
[ SFW ] - "LEAKED Outtakes" Christian Bale & Morgan Freeman on set.
[ SFW ] - Saudi Prince spending a million dollars in one night on some whore.

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Lazy Friday posted on 04/06/12 by Opie

I'll get you Bitch! haha

Spongepulp Fictionpants - Nigger Storage

Half court alley-oop out of a shotgun formation.

Creepy Ice Cream Truck.

Bear getting Jiggy with it.

Dog Dubstep.

These sports fans are awesome!

Kid getting chased by chickens!

Vomit prank ends up being awesome.

Tow truck accident. (Holy shit!)

She is fine as fuck!

I love floppy tits!

Super hot redhead with huge tits!

Never, ever have I seen a better set of tits probably ever.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Girls.
[NSFW] - Got Milk?
[NSFW] - Fuckbook!
[ SFW ] - Screw Obama!
[ SFW ] - Moto X Games.
[ SFW ] - Dub Step Chick.
[ SFW ] - Shirts that rock!
[NSFW] - Natural beauties.
[ SFW ] - Expectation vs Reality.
[ SFW ] - Sober Vs Drunk Celebs.
[NSFW] - Head kicked into submission!
[ SFW ] - Somebody watching you pee?
[ SFW ] - Dog welcomes soldier home :)
[ SFW ] - Anyone else remember Talkboy?
[ SFW ] - Super Model Bar Refaeli (Sexy ass!)
[NSFW] - Erectile Dysfunction... LIKE A BOSS!
[ SFW ] - Car does a hit and run but fails to run.
[NSFW] - Brunette with an awesome set of tits!
[NSFW] - Chat with naked whores this weekend!
[ SFW ] - Dear Google, Go ahead and take my money.
[NSFW] - Teen girl enjoys her first anal sex experience
[ SFW ] - 2.1 million of weed seized during traffic stop.
[ SFW ] - Cell phone goes around the world on One Charge!
[NSFW] - These girls may be chubby, but they have some big ass TITTIES!

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yes sir posted on 04/04/12 by Opie


Teen with a perfect body.

What a lucky dude.

Looks like fun?

College girls and more college girls getting fucked!

Elephant vs Smartphone.


I was in Costco, pushing my shopping cart around, when I collided with a young guy also pushing a cart.

I said to the young guy, "Sorry about that. I'm looking for my wife and I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."

The young guy said, "That's OK. It's just a coincidence. I'm looking for my wife, too. I can't find her and I'm getting a little desperate. Then I said, "Well, maybe we can help each other. What does your wife look like?"

The young guy said "Well, she is 24 years old, tall, with long blond hair, green eyes, long legs, big boobs and she's wearing tight white shorts, a halter top and no bra. What does your wife look like?"

I said, "Doesn't matter. Let's look for yours."


This guy is awesome.

I'm thirsty.

Mind Fuck.

Pretty sure this is shopped, still funny though.

He's good.



It's a match!


IKEA did a funny.


Best tattoo ever.

Bounce bounce bounce. (GIF)

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Sex Sells.
[NSFW] - Fuckbook!
[NSFW] - Busty Babes.
[NSFW] - Cam girl city!
[NSFW] - No Lube FTW!
[ SFW ] - Orgasm Donor
[ SFW ] - Black Ops Nerds.
[ SFW ] - Basketball game!
[NSFW] - Celebs Sex Tapes.
[ SFW ] - Female Streakers!
[ SFW ] - Need to get a job?
[ SFW ] - Give them some love.
[ SFW ] - Ted: Redband trailer.
[ SFW ] - Candice Boucher's Hot.
[NSFW] - Latin bitch with a huge ass!
[ SFW ] - Video of the tornados in Dallas!
[ SFW ] - Just girls dancing on the beach.
[NSFW] - Organ Donation The Third World Way.
[ SFW ] - This is what drugs will do to you kids!
[NSFW] - This babysitter isn't doing her job... FAIL!
[ SFW ] - Dumb and Dumber 2 is going to happen!!!!!!
[ SFW ] - Seatbelt between the boobs. Should be a site.
[ SFW ] - Rachel Aldana takes the word "busty"to a whole new level.

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April that Fool posted on 04/02/12 by Opie

Trolling with Craiglist.

55 Awesome Draw Something pics!

Famous movie scenes.. With Cats added!

Kyle's Mom's a Bitch. (Dude does the voice perfect)

Kimbo Slice Vs David Blaine

Assassin's Creed for Kinect! haha

Scared Straight: "You orange flavored Mother Fucker!"

Jedi cat!

Santorum calls Obama a nigga. (Well almost)

Awesome Hot Wheels track!

Parrots talk to each other.

Homemade porn is the best!

I'd marry her.

Holy tits!

- FFL - (Note: Some are April Fools)

[NSFW] - Wow.
[NSFW] - Fuckbook.
[ SFW ] - Trolling early
[ SFW ] - Girls with guns.
[ SFW ] - Monday Pic Dump.
[ SFW ] - I love camel toes!
[ SFW ] - Tortoise Sex Song.
[ SFW ] - Love these T-shirts
[ SFW ] - Do not wear in public!
[ SFW ] - Gmail Tap is awesome!
[ SFW ] - Hottest women of Radio!
[ SFW ] - Fun target tossing game.
[NSFW] - This blonde is hot as hell!
[ SFW ] - Hottie with a lot of weed.
[NSFW] - Check out these cam girls!
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a drug test?
[NSFW] - I wish she would get naked.
[ SFW ] - Nintendo Dubstep Experience 3D!
[ SFW ] - Google Maps is much better in 8-bit.
[ SFW ] - 13 Practical Jokes Gone Horribly Wrong.
[ SFW ] - Kermit The Frog's Taken (Seth MacFarlane)
[NSFW] - Girl gets taught a lesson crossing the road.
[NSFW] - Naked hottie shows how flexible her body is.
[ SFW ] - James Cameron does deepest ever solo sub dive.
[ SFW ] - Twins sequel Triplets adds Eddie Murphy to cast.
[ SFW ] - I Won The Windows Phone Challenge, But Lost "Just Because"
[NSFW] - WARNING: You are about to lose your whole day on one of the most entertaining sites ever..

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