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Karate chop posted on 05/29/09 by Opie

She is scared of shrimp.

What's going to happen!?

Dog Squats.

Take me out to the Ballgame sung by MR. T!

Don't fall asleep on a gun.

Quick Joke

A guy walks into a bar with a Salmon under his arm and says, "Do you sell fish cakes here?"

Bartender: No we don't.

Guy: That's a shame, it's his birthday.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Nice rack.
[ SFW ] - Fun game.
[NSFW] - Porn flicks.
[ SFW ] - Um. What?
[ SFW ] - Bubble boy!
[NSFW] - Threesome.
[NSFW] - Sonya is hot.
[NSFW] - Sex in a train.
[NSFW] - Myspace whores.
[NSFW] - Very hot amateur.
[ SFW ] - I'd be jealous too.
[ SFW ] - Don't hog the Ovaltine.
[ SFW ] - 40% off Funny T-shirts!
[NSFW] - Let's go fuck at the park.
[NSFW] - Young couple having sex.
[ SFW ] - He bite his kid's eyes out.
[ SFW ] - Banned Tiny Toons episode.
[ SFW ] - Is this kid fucking retarded?
[ SFW ] - Some classic Mitch Hedberg.
[ SFW ] - Blame It on the eeee-economy.
[ SFW ] - First look at A Christmas Carol.
[ SFW ] - 7 year old autistic girl can sing.
[ SFW ] - Um, guess she can be a stripper.
[ SFW ] - Are these Christians being serious?
[ SFW ] - Several odd vending machines in Japan.
[ SFW ] - Pick which square you think the bull will eat.
[ SFW ] - Fix that POS Xbox of yours. (Non towel way)

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Gloria Estefan posted on 05/27/09 by Opie


Jose Canseco MMA debut. haha

Don't call me a ho!


The beautiful secretary of the president of a bank goes on a sight seeing tour with a very rich African king who was a very important client. Out of the blue the king asks her to marry him. Naturally, the secretary is quite taken back. However, she remembers what her boss told her... don't reject the guy outright.

So, she tries to think of a way to dissuade the king from wanting to marry her. After a few minutes, the woman says to the man, "I will only marry you under three conditions. First, I want my engagement ring to be a 75-carat diamond ring with a matching 200-carat diamond tiara."

The African king pauses for a while. Then, he nods his head and says, "No problem! I have. I have."

Realizing her first condition was too easy the woman says to the man, "I want you to build me a 100-room mansion in New York. As a vacation home, I want a chateau built in the middle of the best wine country in France."

The African king pauses for a while. He whips out his cellular phone and calls some brokers in New York and in France. He looks at the woman, nods his head and says, "Okay, okay. I build. I build."

Realizing that she only has one last condition, the secretary knows that she'd better make this a good one. She takes her time to think and finally she gets an idea, a sure-to-work condition. She squints her eyes, looks at the man and says, rather coldly, "Since I like sex, I want the man I marry to have a 14-inch penis."

The man seems a bit disturbed. He cups his face with his hands and rests his elbows on the table, all the while muttering in African dialect. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the king shakes his head, looking really sad, and says to the woman, "Okay, okay. I cut. I cut."


Holy shit.


Best tattoo ever.

Beware of angry black man.

Just read it.


Whatever works...

Mind fuck.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Nice booty.
[NSFW] - Good blow j.
[NSFW] - Cam whores.
[NSFW] - Facebook sluts.
[ SFW ] - Funny T-Shirts.
[NSFW] - Get them naked!
[ SFW ] - Hologram battle!
[NSFW] - College sex party.
[ SFW ] - Smokin' hot babes.
[ SFW ] - This is pure genius.
[NSFW] - Oh a tied up ASIAN.
[NSFW] - The best teen sites.
[ SFW ] - Looks like AIDS to me.
[ SFW ] - Modern Warfare 2 trailer.
[ SFW ] - They have a good talent.
[ SFW ] - Master P in Da Last Don.
[ SFW ] - Neat Lego movie posters.
[NSFW] - Left 4 Head 2. (Silly porn)
[ SFW ] - A bunch of fatal car crashes.
[ SFW ] - Playing hacky sack with a TV.
[ SFW ] - Nice way to hold a bottle. Mr. Cop.
[ SFW ] - Looks like a half chicken, half mouse.
[ SFW ] - Don't guess Seacrest is gay after all.
[NSFW] - Getting pounded in the laundry room.
[ SFW ] - Street Fighter and boxing mix up. haha
[ SFW ] - Toddler Buys $12K Construction Digger Online.
[ SFW ] - Germany says Red Bull has cocaine in it. Helleva drug.

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M day posted on 05/25/09 by Opie

UFC 98: Evans Vs Machida

One of the coolest illusions ever.

Bad ass kangaroo!

Wait what did she say?


A man decided that he was going to ride a 10 speed bike from Phoenix to Flagstaff. He got as far as Black Canyon City before the mountains just became too much and he could go no farther.

He stuck his thumb out but after 3 hours, hadn't gotten a single person to stop. Finally a guy in a Corvette pulled over and offered him a ride. Of course, the bike wouldn't fit in the car.

The owner of the Corvette found a piece of rope lying by the highway and tied it to his bumper. He tied the other end to the bike and told the man that if he got to going to fast, to honk the horn on his bike and that he would slow down.

Everything went fine for the first 30 miles. Suddenly, another Corvette blew past them.

Not to be outdone, the Corvette pulling the bike took off after the other.

A short distance down the road, the Corvettes, both going well over 120 mph, blew through a speed trap.

The police officer noted the speeds from his radar gun and radioed to the other officer that he had 2 Corvettes headed his way at over 120 mph.

He then relayed, "and your not going to believe this, but there's guy on a 10 speed bike honking to pass".

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Perky tits.
[ SFW ] - Epic boobs!
[ SFW ] - Nice tongue.
[NSFW] - Naked teens.
[ SFW ] - I love to read!
[ SFW ] - Holy belly flop.
[NSFW] - Very nice body.
[NSFW] - Big nice titties.
[NSFW] - Hit it from behind.
[NSFW] - Yay for bath time.
[ SFW ] - Banjo Vs Hand Fart.
[ SFW ] - Funny soundboards.
[ SFW ] - Piano Choir is crazy.
[NSFW] - Message them for fun.
[NSFW] - These girls want to fuck.
[ SFW ] - I need to see her naked.
[ SFW ] - Brick break over the head.
[ SFW ] - Dumbest video game ever.
[ SFW ] - Ink blot test. End is dumb.
[NSFW] - Busty babe and some dork.
[ SFW ] - Crazy Guinness World Records.
[ SFW ] - He makes the same face.. haha
[NSFW] - Humpin' Forrest. Funny porn FTW.
[ SFW ] - Passer-by pushes suicide jumper. HAHA
[ SFW ] - 17 Controversial Teenage TV Situations. Ha.
[ SFW ] - I like how the guy in the back is jumping around.
[ SFW ] - This part in T4 made me jizz in my pants. (SPOILERS!)
[ SFW ] - Don't Stop Your Screaming. (Don't stop believing spoof)

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GO VAGINAS posted on 05/22/09 by Opie

African hunting!!!!!!! (Graphic animal killing)

This man made Anderson Silva tap out.

Bobby Lashley is in MMA now, and is bad ass.

He got mad and drove through City Hall.


Let's hit the Umpire with the ball.

Watch out for that kid.

Lucky cop.

Chicken gave birth to a kitten.

Quick Joke!

The lesbians next door gave me a Rolex for my birthday.

Very nice, but I think they may have misunderstood when I said, "I wanna watch."

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Teens.
[NSFW] - Nice booty
[NSFW] - Holy titties.
[NSFW] - Myspace sluts.
[ SFW ] - Beer pong hero.
[NSFW] - Honeymoon sex.
[NSFW] - Shower sex, nice.
[NSFW] - Banging at a party.
[NSFW] - That bird is fucked.
[ SFW ] - Shaq loves donuts.
[NSFW] - No, don't tease me.
[ SFW ] - Funny People trailer.
[ SFW ] - Cool tornado videos.
[ SFW ] - Banned sex-ed video.
[ SFW ] - Another zombie game.
[ SFW ] - One of the best asses.
[NSFW] - They made a sex tape.
[NSFW] - Two very hot blondes.
[NSFW] - Free private cam chats.
[ SFW ] - A collection of nice asses.
[ SFW ] - ASIAN with a perfect rack.
[NSFW] - Apparently she loves her dildo.
[ SFW ] - I like this Black eyed peas song.
[ SFW ] - Keyboard Cat on The Daily Show.
[NSFW] - The girl who cant stop orgasming.
[ SFW ] - Did you know George Brett shit his pants?
[ SFW ] - Proof The Geek Squad sucks donkey penis.
[ SFW ] - Top 50 text acronyms parents should know.
[ SFW ] - Ex-Marine Kills Bear With Log. (Back in 07, WAT!)
[ SFW ] - We all know the true reason for them stealing grease.
[ SFW ] - If you liked the baby T-Pain video. (Auto-Tune news)
[ SFW ] - At first I didn't get it, then I was like OHHHHH. Good stuff.
[ SFW ] - That Aladdin singing guy sings the Glee Don't stop believin'.

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Bunch of shit posted on 05/20/09 by Opie


The Jessica Biel nude scenes from Power Blue.


Old Yeller in 10 seconds. (By yours truly)

Father records his baby crying with the T-pain effect (auto tune)

How dumb is this dude?

Little pigs are funny!

Tampon prank goes wrong. And that guy is a douche.

How is he doing this?

Neat ball trick.

And the award for Most Retarded Porn Star goes to..


A couple, age 67, went to the doctor's office. The doctor asked, "What can I do for you?"

The man said, "Will you watch us have sexual intercourse?"

The doctor looked puzzled, but agreed. When the couple finished, the doctor said, "There is nothing wrong with the way you have intercourse." And he then charged them $32.00.

This happened several weeks in a row. The couple would make an appointment, have intercourse, pay the doctor and leave.

Finally the doctor asked, "Just what exactly are you trying to find out?"

The old man said, "We're not trying to find out anything. She is married and we can't go to her house. I am married and we can't go to my house.

The Holiday Inn charges $60.00 and the Hilton charges $75.00. We do it here for $32.00, and I get back $28.00 from Medicare for a visit to the doctor's office."

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Arabian sex!
[ SFW ] - You'll laugh.
[ SFW ] - Cool tattoos.
[NSFW] - Naked teens.
[ SFW ] - Paper towels!
[NSFW] - Hot FREE porn.
[NSFW] - Big nice titties.
[NSFW] - Facebook sluts.
[ SFW ] - Mighty Putty!!!!11
[NSFW] - Hottest cam girls.
[ SFW ] - Truck driving game.
[NSFW] - She can ride a dick.
[NSFW] - Two chicks, one dude.
[NSFW] - Young, dumb, and hot.
[ SFW ] - World's first DJ battle.
[ SFW ] - Make fun of me please.
[ SFW ] - He's 468 years old folks.
[ SFW ] - Trailer for Sherlock Holmes.
[ SFW ] - Gilbert Gottfried's real voice.
[ SFW ] - I wonder if he ever got a job?
[ SFW ] - She has a plunger on her ass.
[NSFW] - Crackheads and water don't mix.
[ SFW ] - Damn, the sun is huge. Like my dick.
[NSFW] - Asshole Loses His MOM in Poker Game.
[ SFW ] - These T-shirts are worth every penny.
[ SFW ] - Always wear panties on Picture Day!!! hahahaha
[NSFW] - He caught his wife cheating! Fake and big ol' titties.
[ SFW ] - "Oh my God he gots a knife!" Is he fucking retarded?
[ SFW ] - I want to eat bricks and other miscellaneous items.
[ SFW ] - He bitched slapped a fan around the 55 second mark.
[NSFW] - "I'm going to shoot sperm and babies in your mouth" And ew.
[ SFW ] - One of the funniest SNL Celebrity Jeopardy's ever. More here.

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007 is a faggot (Grey's) posted on 05/15/09 by Opie


This would have made the movie better.

Back to the Future Alternate Ending


Fuck that.

I would have kicked that bitch too.

I have a bad case of diarrhea

What a dumbass.

There's a person coming your way.

Quick Joke

A guy walks into a bar with a Salmon under his arm and says, "Do you sell fish cakes here?"

Bartender: No we don't.

Guy: That's a shame, it's his birthday.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Nice ass.
[NSFW] - Naked sluts.
[NSFW] - Outdoor sex.
[NSFW] - Titty flopping.
[ SFW ] - I love to read!
[ SFW ] - Surgeon game.
[NSFW] - Don't cum on her!
[ SFW ] - Hello white trash.
[NSFW] - Talk dirty to them.
[ SFW ] - He's a good rapper.
[NSFW] - Naked cam whores.
[ SFW ] - Tetri Towers. (Game)
[ SFW ] - She could kick my ass.
[ SFW ] - Awkward family photos.
[ SFW ] - Atlantis Launches in HD.
[NSFW] - A boat orgy looks like fun.
[NSFW] - Whores of the INTERNETS!
[ SFW ] - A forum for all you fat fucks.
[ SFW ] - Vanessa Hudgens is a hottie.
[ SFW ] - Hulk Hogan loves Macho Man.
[ SFW ] - Black Sabbath fan freaks outs.
[NSFW] - Holy shit at this beatboxing chick.
[ SFW ] - Let's ask girls which girl they would date.
[ SFW ] - If you grew up in the 80's check this out.
[ SFW ] - Andy Samberg is hosting the MTV awards.
[ SFW ] - Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus trailer!!!!!!!11

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