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20 inch rims on the Impala posted on 05/31/13 by Opie

Russian Bear does Unbelievable Tricks

People Looking For A New Place Get Pranked (Hilarious)

Arm wrestling Screamer Girl haha

Bear gets hit by a car!

Tim Duncan Realizing He Has Arms

Don't Pee In This Alley! haha

Original Bike Tricks. Good Stuff!

Kenyan High School High Jump. Black people can jump.

Dude has Wheelie Skills

Funny Cat!

Apparently this cat likes fish!

Greek TV newscast accidentally shows porn live on the air

Fine as fuck!

She gets fuck for over 45 minutes.

Amateur Couple Fucking on Webcam, Nice tits!

Come onnn Tittie!

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Beer!
[NSFW] - Social Sex
[ SFW ] - Get a Loan
[ SFW ] - Let's Race!
[NSFW] - DAT ASS! (24:52)
[NSFW] - Chatroulette of Sex
[NSFW] - This chick is perfect.
[ SFW ] - Female Entrepreneurs
[ SFW ] - It's Not About the Nail
[ SFW ] - This is your Dream Girl
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a piss test?
[NSFW] - The Tennessee Pot Cave
[NSFW] - I love me some Suicide Girls
[ SFW ] - Old man does Skateboard Tricks
[NSFW] - Cops Break up the Big Titty Fight
[ SFW ] - Kevin Smith Protests Dogma haha
[NSFW] - Threesome Ebony Phat Ass Riding!
[ SFW ] - How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended
[NSFW] - Amateur Housewife Bondage (10:41)
[ SFW ] - 33 Teachers Who Got The Last Laugh
[ SFW ] - Dude Slaps Beyonce's Butt at Concert
[NSFW] - Brunette Gets Fucked Pool Side (23:48)
[ SFW ] - After Earth Just The Two Of Us Mashup
[ SFW ] - Chatroulette: Batman vs. Random Couple
[NSFW] - Friend's Little Sis Just Can't Resist (14:43)
[NSFW] - Dreaming of banging a mom and daughter?
[NSFW] - Chat with these whores over the weekend.
[NSFW] - My Sisters Hot Friend Audrey Bitoni (19:13)
[ SFW ] - 40 Mind Blowing Pokemon Secrets and Facts
[NSFW] - Amateur Girl Masturbates Via Webcam (8:36)
[ SFW ] - Guy wins Spelling Bee and doesn't give a fuck.
[NSFW] - This may be the NEW Hottest Music Video Ever!
[ SFW ] - World's 10 Most Mysterious Pictures Ever Taken
[NSFW] - She Deserves To Get Screwed In Every Hole (32:05)
[ SFW ] - The Adastra Superyacht Can Be Controlled By An iPad
[NSFW] - Skinny amateur nearly breaks in half during rough sex (6:00)
[NSFW] - Who Wants to See a Fitness Model Crush a Beer Can Between Her Glutes?

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Stu you have boobs! posted on 05/29/13 by Opie


What the fuc..

Nerdy Chick's Tits Are Beyond Perfect

Blonde teen getting her pussy licked by girlfriend


College Students Rather Spy Than Fuck haha

Bend over please

Her tits jump right out.


Super Hottie


I was walking into Best Buy when I saw a midget walking out carrying a flat screen TV.

I asked him, "Are you going to be able to carry that TV by yourself?" He screams back, "Fuck you! It's an iPad!"


From fat to Smokin' Hot!



It begins.

That's the best comeback ever

It all makes sense now

Yeah, he would pretty much chop your head off

OCD Sucks.


This is why black people can't swim

Thanks Obama!

- FFL -

[NSFW] - XXXBook
[NSFW] - Social Sex!
[ SFW ] - Love & Loss
[NSFW] - Hey! Nice ass!
[NSFW] - Chatroulette of Sex
[NSFW] - Really HOT Cam Girls!
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[ SFW ] - Very cool Tornado video.
[ SFW ] - Women Empower Women
[ SFW ] - Bo Jackson was the shit!
[NSFW] - I wish this video was longer!
[ SFW ] - Want to see a car get eaten?
[NSFW] - Lesbians Scissor-Fuck (29:08)
[NSFW] - Caught Eatin' Pussy on the Train
[ SFW ] - Looks like she has an excellent ass.
[NSFW] - The singing vaginas, Seriously. haha!
[ SFW ] - Animals that you didn't know existed.
[ SFW ] - This is my favorite type of flash game
[NSFW] - Don't smoke weed if you're in the UFC
[NSFW] - Join and get a FREE Fling membership!
[NSFW] - This Girl Needs More Sex Tapes (22:31)
[NSFW] - Colombia Breeds Incredible Tits.. Holy shit!
[NSFW] - Hot girl with super tits loves black cock! (31:50)
[NSFW] - She plays with her 19yo vagina on the front porch
[ SFW ] - FBI shared child porn to nab pedophiles. Nasty asses
[ SFW ] - Gruesome Images: Hulk Hogan Almost Loses His Hand
[NSFW] - Sporty Blonde With Fake Boobs Has Fun in Public (Naked!)
[NSFW] - Cute Young Euro Girl Sports The Nicest Pussy I've Ever Seen (11:27)
[NSFW] - Busty tanned GF Vera Vaughn takes her BF's big-dick on cam (12:07)
[ SFW ] - Mammoth find: Preserved Ice Age giant found with flowing blood in Siberia

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Holiday Day posted on 05/27/13 by Opie

One sec, got a sound issue on some of the videos *fixed*

UFC 160: Cain Velasquez Vs Antonio Silva

UFC 160: Junior dos Santos Vs Mark Hunt

Jerome Is A Gangsta From The Suburbs (Hilarious!)

Will Smith on Graham Norton Show Again (Carlton returns!)

Animals Are Awesome Too

Guy speeds, runs into a traffic jam. Literally.

Next Generation Technology Huh? LIES!

Baby tries to say Flamingo

Honey Badger still don't give a shit (GIF)


Snake eats itself. (GIF)

Happy Memorial Day!

Blondes Tasha Reign and Rikki Six Have Fun With a Double Headed Dildo

Her Blowjobs Have a Great View

Killer Body!

Nothing better than Natural Titties!


- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Cool Magic Trick
[NSFW] - Down To Fuck List!
[NSFW] - Smokin' hot Cam Girls!
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[ SFW ] - Another fun racing game!
[NSFW] - The Beauty of The Booty.
[NSFW] - Hot Girl No Hands Car Wash
[NSFW] - Double Nipple Slips on Live TV
[NSFW] - Busty amateur wife sex (13:00)
[ SFW ] - 10 Surprising Facts About Google
[ SFW ] - New "Anchorman 2" Teaser Drops
[ SFW ] - FAIL Shelby GT500 destroys Dyno
[ SFW ] - So you can buy 3D Printed Memes
[ SFW ] - Carlton Banks was also a Pro Dancer.
[NSFW] - Nerdy Dude Gets Jungle fever (25:03)
[NSFW] - The Girls Of Barely 18 - Scene 1 (20:29)
[NSFW] - These Columbians really know how to fuck
[NSFW] - She Cant Believe Her BFF Joined In! (17:30)
[ SFW ] - Inventor of GIF says it's really JIF (Pronounced)
[NSFW] - I want ever girl to show me their ass on command.
[NSFW] - Girlfriend films herself while she rubs her shaved slit
[NSFW] - Camgirl with huge breasts squirts while masturbating
[NSFW] - Medical marijuana users can drive drugged, rule Michigan courts
[ SFW ] - There Was a Photo Finish at the Indy Lights Race in Indianapolis
[NSFW] - Man Sitting On Top of a Statue Sets Himself On Fire and Jumps to His Death

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Full House is on tonight TGIF posted on 05/24/13 by Opie

She wants some D!

Reporter Terrified of Rooster

Epic Video Bombing!

Idiot Fencing haha

Who's Your Favorite? Mum Mum Mum!

KMART Being Funny Again.

Man hit but a truck and stays on.

Russian Dash Captures Vehicle Lifting Off

Water Bowl Prank Backfires

Witchcraft via leg. (GIF)

Macgyver was such an awesome show. (GIF)


What REAL lesbians think about lesbian porn

Look at dem titties!

Beautiful blonde wife wakes her husband up for sex

I Bet This Chick is Amazing in Bed

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Social Sex!
[NSFW] - Funny Pics!
[NSFW] - Fine as Fuck!
[NSFW] - Girls With Guns
[ SFW ] - Kill some Aliens
[NSFW] - Sexy Tan Lines
[NSFW] - Sexy Nug Stache
[NSFW] - Barely 18 (20:29)
[ SFW ] - Who's Your Buddy?
[NSFW] - Chatroulette of Sex
[NSFW] - She has Perfect Tits!
[ SFW ] - How is this even legal?
[ SFW ] - Zombie dad of the year
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a piss test?
[NSFW] - Ke$ha Drinks Her Own Piss
[ SFW ] - Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing!
[NSFW] - Hardcore Raw Fucking (30:22)
[NSFW] - Horny Slut Takes 2 Dicks (24:53)
[ SFW ] - Just a fat ASIAN enjoying his food.
[NSFW] - Chat with them over the weekend!
[ SFW ] - Woolwich Attack: Police shooting video!
[NSFW] - Busty Little Asian Gets the Cock (45:07)
[NSFW] - "Please don't fuck me in the ass tonight"
[NSFW] - Hot Full Length Threesome Sex Scene (47:37)
[NSFW] - Guy drinking breast milk from a lady on Talk Show.
[NSFW] - Home-alone girl exposes her large breasts on Skype!
[NSFW] - Busty Brunettes Make Friday's More Appealing (20 Pics)
[NSFW] - This chick can wear lingerie like this ANY DAY SHE LIKES
[ SFW ] - 15 Awesome BBQ Gadgets to Get You Ready for Summer
[ SFW ] - GOODWILL GOLD: Forest Lake man finds poster worth thousands
[ SFW ] - Royals Fan Runs onto Field and Steals Rosin Bag from Pitching Mound haha
[ SFW ] - Family comes out of storm cellar after May 20th Tornado. Stupid Christians.
[NSFW] - Teen amateur looks like Mariah Carey but fucks like a porn star (Awesome tits)

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Porn and Funny posted on 05/22/13 by Opie


Every nude scene and sex scene ever from Game of Thrones!

Perfect College chick shows us her amazing body!

Sex Tape TOO Hot for Words

Biker girl with perfect set of tits is fucked doggystyle


"Stop Spying On Me From The Pool!"

Cum Face or Axe Master 2

She Has the Best Tits on EARTH!

I could watch this ass all day!

And I could watch these tits all day!


A guy marries this woman. Unfortunately, his dick is too small, so every time they have sex he uses a pickle instead.

For seven years he does this. One night his wife suspects that something is wrong so while they are having sex she quickly throws the cover back & turns on the lights.

So the wife says, "What the hell is that, are you using a pickle on me. I am shocked & for seven years you've been doing this, you piece of shit!"

So the man says, "Shut up! It's been seven whole years & I never ONCE asked where the hell those kids came from!"


Humans vs Aliens

Nice Tattoo.


Hulk Hogan?



I know you laughed.

Oh you shouldn't have!

Change your pad!

Nice Photobomb

Good Guy Raper


That's nuts.


I hate him so much.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Perfect Body.
[ SFW ] - The Horsemen
[ SFW ] - Drug Bust Doody
[ SFW ] - Trouble getting a job?
[ SFW ] - New Wolverine Trailer
[NSFW] - Female Surfing is HOT!
[ SFW ] - New Man of Steel Trailer
[ SFW ] - Good Guy Zach Galifianakis
[ SFW ] - These are made out of Tires.
[NSFW] - Hot Babes Crave Cock (21:07)
[NSFW] - Adorable teen swallows (19:44)
[NSFW] - Nice home-made sex tape (8:42)
[NSFW] - 2 Minutes in And He Blows a Load
[NSFW] - She's Got Some Power in that Ass
[ SFW ] - Bus Driver pranks all the kids haha
[NSFW] - She Shows Off Her Talents (8:11)
[ SFW ] - Shoot shoot kill shoot shoot shoot!
[NSFW] - Random Facebook Hotties (25 Pics)
[NSFW] - Could Cannabis Cure Crohn's Disease?
[NSFW] - Colombian Nympho Gets Busy (32:53)
[NSFW] - This is How Drunk Lesbians Play Skyrim
[NSFW] - Girl jerks off with some nunchucks. Yep.
[NSFW] - She Doesn't Need a Guy to Cum (33:35)
[NSFW] - Meet Paige Phillips, She is Female Perfection
[NSFW] - The huge tits on this camwhore will drive you crazy
[ SFW ] - Spiderman took a break to play basketball with local kids
[ SFW ] - Okla. tornado survivor finds dog buried alive under rubble
[ SFW ] - Big rig carrying fruit crashes on 210 Freeway, creates jam.. Wait a minute..
[NSFW] - This brunette doesn't look that hot but damn she reveals one beauty pussy

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I'M BRAIN FELLOWS posted on 05/20/13 by Opie

Sorry a little late on posting, fucking allergies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving - By Will Sasso (Freaking Hilarious!)

Girl Poops In Her Hand Outside A Nightclub.. WHAT IN THE SHIT!?

Miguel Delivers Diving Leg Drop On Two Fans At Billboard Award

YouTube Girl Forgets Something! haha

STOP HOLDING THE DOOR BITCH! (Girl Gets Kicked Off Subway Train)

Man Pulls Gun In Back Seat Of Police Car, How did the cops miss this?

Guy Offering Free Kisses Gets More Than He Bargained For haha

Accidental Reserve Parachute Deployment

Gallon Smashing Gone Very Wrong

Hilarious Hypnotized Cat In A Shirt

Girl makes herself crying trying anal with a dildo LOL

So fucking HOT!

Big Tit Latina loves the D

AWESOME is How I Describe This

She has nice tits too.

She loves penis.

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Pic Dump
[NSFW] - Social sex
[ SFW ] - My Vagina
[NSFW] - Albanian Girls
[NSFW] - Hey, Nice Ass!
[NSFW] - Dirty ass cam girls!
[ SFW ] - Smile Game.. Gets hard!
[NSFW] - A whore's story (24:09)
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a piss test?
[NSFW] - Blowjob will give her a stiff neck
[NSFW] - Big Black Snake Inside Her (21:12)
[NSFW] - 2 year old medical marijuana patient!
[NSFW] - Girlfriend Gets Triple Penetrated (11:19)
[NSFW] - Busty Latina Exploited For Cash! (44:23)
[ SFW ] - The 30 Most Viewed Videos On YouTube
[NSFW] - Japan Shouldn't Have Tits This Big (36:50)
[NSFW] - Can't Get Enough BIG TIT BLONDES! (33:22)
[ SFW ] - Speed Kills - This is Why You Can't Outrun a Cheetah
[NSFW] - Dude films his stepsister having sex with her boyfriend
[ SFW ] - 100 Films | 100 Behind the Scenes Photos (1931-2012)
[NSFW] - Dynamite; Girls Home Alone 10 - Scene 1.. HOT! (19:20)
[ SFW ] - Star-Spangled Banner Gets Butchered During Memorial Cup
[ SFW ] - Kid Rock SLAMS Lip-Syncing Artists at Billboard Music Awards
[NSFW] - The Best Booty Pics We've Come Across This Month (25 Pics)
[NSFW] - I love how this girls tits just flop out everywhere, they're perfect!
[ SFW ] - This clip of someone explaining math jokes is funnier than it sounds
[NSFW] - Girlfriend Puts On One Hell of a Sexy Show for Her Man. P.S. Awesome Tits!
[ SFW ] - These 10 Awesome Minecraft Mods Show Us Why it is the BEST GAME OF ALL TIME

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It's Friday right? posted on 05/17/13 by Opie

Robbery Gone Wrong (Robber gets shot)

Police Pursuit has to stop for ducks crossing the road.

Man Catches A Flying Bird Bare Handed

Physics Student Owns Cop In Math


Bald-headed Eagle takes fish right off fishing line

Mr. Jingles in Rat form.

Deer gets hit by a Bus, but she's OK.

I'm just going to take this..

Father of the year goes to...

He makes excellent music.

Doggy Style


A set of twins go lesbionic, slurp cum through a straw

You gotta see her naked!

They're gonna do it!

I want a massage from her!

Real amateur outdoor fucking

Holy shit...!

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Pic Dump
[NSFW] - Social Sex!
[NSFW] - Don't touch.
[NSFW] - Girls Night In
[ SFW ] - Pranking a P.I
[ SFW ] - "Touch my Boobs"
[NSFW] - Hottie on the beach
[ SFW ] - Do you even Grill Bro?
[ SFW ] - Riddick - Debut Trailer
[NSFW] - Borat, the porn musical!
[ SFW ] - 10 Banned Music Videos
[NSFW] - Insane Gang Bang Party!
[ SFW ] - Ultimate Super NES Quiz!
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee pee?
[NSFW] - Tell her to drop dem panties.
[NSFW] - How to eat Pussy Take Notes!
[NSFW] - Can Men Withstand Labor Pains?
[ SFW ] - Melt Down Motorist.. Crazy Bitch
[NSFW] - Gravity boobs! (Boobs GIF City!)
[NSFW] - This Asian slut loves cock (15:36)
[ SFW ] - Best of costumes & make-up 2012
[ SFW ] - Mind Blowing Graphics in 4K Resolution
[NSFW] - Violating Girl With Amazing Tits (32:48)
[NSFW] - Super Huge Tits - Webcam Chick (8:03)
[NSFW] - Big Titty Girlfriend Likes it Rough (12:34)
[NSFW] - Sammi sucks and fucks, Nice Tits! (17:04)
[NSFW] - 28 Hand Bras Might Brighten Up Your Day!
[NSFW] - Nympho Milf Gets Fucked Outdoors (26:06)
[NSFW] - Inside Job XXX Kagney Lynn Karter (17:51)
[ SFW ] - Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) Trailer looks good
[NSFW] - Daring couple shoot a sex video on a public train (12:56)
[NSFW] - Smoking hot Indian chick gets fucked during her porn casting session (9:52)
[ SFW ] - Disturbing Image: Mark Fraser's CT Scan After Taking Slap Shot to the Face

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