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Pitty Thy Fool posted on 05/15/13 by Opie


In loving memory of Angelina Jolie's lost breasts

Oh! Very nice.

Teen with some HUGE tits!

Tan lines are sexy

Hot Latina gets fucked in the shower!

German Girlfriend Likes it Rough!

I love Lilly Love!

Nice Tits GIF (Same chick from today's W.O.W)

She's enjoying and she's hot as fuck! (GIF)


An old man in Miami calls up his son in New York and says, "Listen, your mother and I are getting divorced. Forty-five years of misery is enough."

"Dad, what are you talking about?" the son screams.

"We can't stand the sight of each other any longer," he says. "I'm sick of her face, and I'm sick of talking about this, so call your sister in Chicago and tell her," and he hangs up.

Now, the son is worried. So he calls up his sister. She says, "Like hell they're getting divorced!" and calls her father immediately. "You're not getting divorced! Don't do another thing, the two of us are flying home tomorrow to talk about this. Until then, don't call a lawyer, don't file a paper, DO YOU HEAR ME?" and she hangs up.

The old man turns to his wife and says "Okay, they're coming for Christmas and paying their own airfares."


Bacon Taco!


Who doesn't like some Bill Cosby!?

Her ass has skills (GIF)

Smart Worker

Excellent Name and Shades.

YEAH! No blowing up Cheetahs Mr.


At least he can spell

Yeah that would suck.

That's just silly..

How to scare the shit out of someone..

They're back!

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Hook Up
[NSFW] - Social Sex!
[NSFW] - Epic Boobs!
[NSFW] - Spy Cam (5:24)
[NSFW] - Nice Ass! (7:04)
[ SFW ] - Serial Killer Game
[ SFW ] - Uninformative WTF?
[ SFW ] - Judge Judy Goes Senile
[ SFW ] - 15 Girls in Tekken Cosplay
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a piss test?
[ SFW ] - Badass Styrofoam cup art
[NSFW] - "Show me your tits or else!"
[NSFW] - The worst tits in porn ever!!
[NSFW] - Don't watch this while eating!
[ SFW ] - A Facebook Update In Real Life
[NSFW] - Pimp Delivers A Spanking! (9:55)
[NSFW] - Chat it up with these Naked chicks
[ SFW ] - Mother's Day Stripper Unicorn.. Um.
[NSFW] - Incredible Amateur Russian Sex (8:03)
[NSFW] - Biggest Titties Japan Ever Saw (40:17)
[ SFW ] - The Michael J. Fox Show Official Trailer
[ SFW ] - Guess what part of the world it shows (Game)
[NSFW] - Hot and nasty teen likes to suck cock (10:02)
[NSFW] - Emo girlfriend puts her tight butthole to the test
[NSFW] - Busty Mature Women Fucks Sons Friend (25:28)
[ SFW ] - Father's Advice To His Young Daughter (Wait for it)
[NSFW] - Cheating Aunt fucking with my best friend! (12:03)
[NSFW] - Bootylicious Latin babe toys her wet pussy (36:38)
[NSFW] - Tommy Chong Says Marijuana Helped Him Beat Cancer
[NSFW] - Here are all the gory pictures from the Boston bombings
[NSFW] - Lisa Sparxxx and her big tits get one good fucking (43:21)
[ SFW ] - RAWR Motherfucker: Top 10 Best Dinosaur Games of all Time
[NSFW] - Couple demonstrate how NOT to steal gas from a gas station
[ SFW ] - Woman Breaks Up with Boyfriend After He Pushes Her Off a Canyon Cliff
[NSFW] - Check out this sluts photo gallery... and look out for the surprise in there, haha.

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ROCKY LOVES EMILY posted on 05/13/13 by Opie

Pumpcast News - Leno actually did something Awesome!

Human Chainsaw. Seriously!

Funny Newspaper Headlines (Gallery)

A Sad Cat Diary

Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal.. HAHAHA

Opening a Soda on the Ocean Floor

Hey let's flip this truck back over!

Scared Kitten goes crazy

Cat Defends Little Girl

The perfect ponytail in 5 seconds

One Phrase Leads to Another (Awesome Parakeet)

Man opens fire on a police cruiser with an AK47 after getting pulled over

Hey! Nice rack!

The true meaning of Cumsplosion! (Wait for it!)

Amateur chick with HUGE Ass and Tits!

Busty Chick Oiled Up and Pounded!

Oil it up!

So fucking hot.

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Pic Dump
[NSFW] - Social Sex!
[ SFW ] - This is Water.
[NSFW] - They're naked.
[NSFW] - Hello nice Booty.
[NSFW] - Hot European Girls
[NSFW] - DAT ASS! (28:45)
[ SFW ] - This girl loves beer!
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[NSFW] - I love Cannabis (Video)
[NSFW] - Porn Noob Pwns Himself!
[ SFW ] - London in 1927 (In color)
[NSFW] - Come onnn Tittie.. Finally!
[NSFW] - Sandy Summers is a Hottie!
[NSFW] - Homemade Potato Gun FAIL
[ SFW ] - 9 Best Dating Apps For Guys
[NSFW] - She is sexy as fuck! (11:18)
[NSFW] - Hot Milf Fucked Hard (27:39)
[ SFW ] - How good r ur word making skills?
[NSFW] - MILF fucks her son's friend! (17:43)
[ SFW ] - The Millennium Falcon in Blade Runner
[NSFW] - Young Sexy Julia Fucked Hard (25:14)
[NSFW] - I Wish I Had 1 Night With Maddy (11:06)
[NSFW] - Hot Blonde plays with a Pink Dildo (8:52)
[NSFW] - See, hostage situations can be fun for all
[ SFW ] - Dude made a homemade 12 gauge shotgun!
[NSFW] - Busty teen loses her lesbian virginity on video
[NSFW] - MILF Is Cock Hungry and Ready To Bang! (21:25)
[NSFW] - Brandy Talore - Real Racks Big natural tits (26:55)
[ SFW ] - Westboro Baptist Church Harassed Across America
[ SFW ] - The Great Gatsby (Original) as Today's Great Gatsby!
[NSFW] - Girl with tattoo and glasses fucked on home vid (14:39)
[ SFW ] - Guy kills a Praying Mantis then something crazy happens.
[NSFW] - Husband and Wife Romantic couple Sex on couch (23:43)
[NSFW] - Swallowing amateur chick really loves the taste of her man's cum
[NSFW] - Ukrainian teen makes a homemade sextape with her boyfriend (11:54)
[ SFW ] - "Rare" Michael Jackson showing his talent - Rehearsal (Not raping Kids)
[NSFW] - SHOCK VIDEO! Syrian Rebel cuts out soldier's heart and takes a bite. Yummy.
[ SFW ] - Maxim Names Lennay Kekua, Manti Te'os Fake Dead Girlfriend, to their Hot 100 List haha

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Oh it's Friday posted on 05/10/13 by Opie

Movies that came out at the same time. (Gallery)

"Watch your profanity" haha


Arnold Flips Out (Prepare to pee your pants)

Hilarious Kiss Cam Breakup

Harlem Shake Goes WAY Wrong

How Would Nicolas Cage Act In A Horror Movie? Like this.

How Construction Works In Other Parts Of The World

Dog Dancing To Eminem "Shake That"

Maker vs Marker. Very Cool.

Peregrine Falcon POV - Kills a duck in Mid-Air!

Wacky webcam girl has three-way with two blow up dolls (7:30)

Lesbian Nuns! (14:48)

The perfect cam body! (15:24)

Wild College Girls Get Real Rowdy (41:22)

Two chicks at the same time. (37:40)

The Best Hotel Sex Tape Ever Made (62:20)

Wet and Wild on a Rainy Day (32:15)

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Judge Minty
[ SFW ] - 63 Un-Words
[ SFW ] - Faces of Meth!
[NSFW] - Come onnn Tittie!
[ SFW ] - Best Husband Ever!
[NSFW] - Heart Shaped Ass (5:38)
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a piss test?
[ SFW ] - Chat with Hottie for FREE!
[ SFW ] - Police Break Up Eagle Party
[NSFW] - Bounce That Thang! (9:21)
[ SFW ] - Longest Takeoff Run ... Ever
[ SFW ] - Zombie games are always fun.
[NSFW] - Webcam show goes all WTFLOLZ
[NSFW] - In my world, EVERYONE gets laid!
[ SFW ] - Top 25 Best Survival Horror Games
[NSFW] - Ex-GirlFriend Fucked On Cam (67:38)
[ SFW ] - Canadian guy opens beer with punch
[NSFW] - His Girlfriend's Got the Best Ass (6:57)
[ SFW ] - This lady has ridiculous balancing skills
[NSFW] - Beautiful Girl With Amazing Tits (28:03)
[NSFW] - Butts That Make You Go Mmmm (20 Pics)
[NSFW] - Homemade Busty GF Masturbating (5:58)
[NSFW] - Omegle Girls Give Something Back (11:58)
[NSFW] - Teenage pussy nailed on the beach (7:27)
[ SFW ] - Check Out This Awesome Treadmill Dancer!
[ SFW ] - 9 Infomercial Products Every Guy Should Own
[ SFW ] - 11 year old kids playing some awesome Metal!
[NSFW] - Yes, there's a actually a girl under all that cum
[NSFW] - Teen guy beats the absolute shit out of a poor girl
[NSFW] - Camgirl doesn't like the taste of her own pussy squirt.
[NSFW] - It is a real pleasure watching Autumn get naked. (7:01)
[ SFW ] - CNN found guilty of news slaughtering - The Daily Show
[NSFW] - Averi Brooks bounces her juicy ass on a thick cock (11:42)
[ SFW ] - Autistic kid 'smarter than Einstein' predicted to win Nobel Prize
[NSFW] - Colombia Hopes Marijuana Will Help Addicts Kick Hard Drug Habit
[NSFW] - Roxy Deville and Alexis Texas give this guy a good fucking (1:09:07)

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burp posted on 05/08/13 by Opie


Finally, a video game for perverts!

Home Improvement porn parody! She fine.

Super Hot Lesbians!

The Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape!!!! (All 42 minutes of it)


Busty babe Anissa Kate tight ass ripped

How To Harass An 18 Y/O Into Doing Anal haha

Why Hello There.

Bikini Girls on the Beach. Your Welcome

4 lesbians playing (GIF)

She has perfect boobs (GIF)


Tim decided to tie the knot with his long time girlfriend. One evening, after the honeymoon, he was assembling some loads for an upcoming hunt.

His wife was standing there at the bench watching him. After a long period of silence she finally speaks.

Honey, I've been thinking, now that we are married I think it's time you quit hunting, shooting, hand loading, and fishing. Maybe you should sell your guns and boat.

Tim gets this horrified look on his face.

She says, "Darling, what's wrong?"

"There for a minute you were sounding like my ex-wife."

"Ex wife!", she screams, "I didn't know you were married before!"

"I wasn't. "


Racist babies!

Well that's not good.

Evil Cat

I see what you did there.

Fuck the beans!

Niggas gonna Nig

So that's how you pour tea.

It only makes White Power.

That's kind of a mean edit, but fuck it.

A question for Atheists.

That's some Wonder Woman shit.

They said she could be anything.

Would burn her alive.

- FFL -

[NSFW] - HookUp
[NSFW] - Social Sex!
[ SFW ] - Fun Thief Game.
[ SFW ] - Love these Guys!
[ SFW ] - 2 Neighbors 1 Cup
[NSFW] - Hot tub sex! (17:03)
[NSFW] - Squeal Happy Whores
[ SFW ] - Perfect Girlfriend, wait.
[NSFW] - Spy on these sexy babes
[ SFW ] - Charles Ramsey is the shit!
[NSFW] - Sexy NHL Ice Girls (Gallery)
[NSFW] - Busty chocolate gets fucked!
[ SFW ] - Somebody watching you pee?
[NSFW] - Both of them have great Asses
[ SFW ] - So this is what DDOS looks like.
[NSFW] - Big Boob Teachers 3 (1 hour 45m)
[ SFW ] - Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man
[NSFW] - Blonde Babe Rocks My World (12:07)
[NSFW] - Big Assed GF Does all the Work (6:51)
[NSFW] - Girls that and dressed, the undressed!
[NSFW] - Amanda Bynes topless Twitter pictures
[ SFW ] - Replacing guns with thumbs ups. (Pics)
[NSFW] - Big Titty GF Sucks Boyfriend off (23:00)
[NSFW] - Anal Compilation Of Horny Sluts! (91:02)
[NSFW] - 38 DD Natural Tits GODDAAAMN!!! (39:07)
[NSFW] - Cannabis-based Medicine approved in Italy
[ SFW ] - Your Weekly WTF Shots Are Here (11 Pics)
[NSFW] - Blonde Teen gets bigdicked by her massage guy
[NSFW] - Alexis Texas and a big booty friend in 3way (69:07)
[NSFW] - First there was Xbox, now a dude jerks it with Legos
[NSFW] - Rachel Starr Fucks At Bachelor Party Blowjob (23:20)
[NSFW] - Big tit Jessica Moore gets anal and a creampie (54:00)
[NSFW] - Britney Stevens and Rachel Solari come by to fuck (54:33)
[ SFW ] - Only True Gamers Will Understand These Pictures (11 Pics)
[NSFW] - The next time you lower your boat into water, don't do it like these idiots

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Iron Man was awesome posted on 05/06/13 by Opie

These videos should now be viewable on all mobile devices. For Android users, you might have to click the video a few times to get it to play.

Also big change coming in the FFL very soon.

Post it notes from a stay at home Dad

A Bad Lip Reading Of The Walking Dead!

Pitbull Really Wants That Stick

Kid wants to go into the Cockpit, but there are Terrorist! (Hilarious)

Guy riding his Dog on a Motorcycle

Someone in the Audience is farting during a Pool Game.

Someone changed Wolverine's Claws sound effects

Weird Speaker Effect

Bagram Airfield Crash!

And another Plane Crash In Cuatrovientos, Madrid

Live cam girl fucks with delivery guy

Look at the tits on her!

Sex With Her Will Blow Your Mind!

Marry me.

Amateur sextape of a dude banging a young teen and cums on her tits

Dude bangs his hot Step Mom!

Childbirth For Dummies.. DAFUQ!?


- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Pic Dump
[NSFW] - Party Girls
[NSFW] - Social Sex!
[ SFW ] - Coffee fans?
[NSFW] - Pot for Pets?
[NSFW] - Check her out.
[ SFW ] - Need to get a job?
[ SFW ] - Female body builders
[NSFW] - I want a sex slave too
[NSFW] - Too frunk to duck (10:17)
[ SFW ] - Mystery IQ Test. I'm dumb.
[ SFW ] - Pogo - SquareBob SpongeMix
[ SFW ] - Google Street View Hyperlapse!
[ SFW ] - Pictures catch everything haha
[ SFW ] - Russians can be nice people too
[ SFW ] - How to Eat an Apple Like a Boss
[ SFW ] - Some bad ass Microscope Images
[NSFW] - Naked Lunatic Tears a Store Apart!
[NSFW] - Damn are Those Tits or Parachutes?
[NSFW] - FUCK ME LIKE YOU'RE MAD!!!! (27:42)
[NSFW] - MILF with some nice floppy tits! (10:29)
[NSFW] - Webcam Hottie Has A Nice Butt! (10:32)
[NSFW] - Princess Nicoline trains Her Slave (27:08)
[NSFW] - Latin Teen Blowing And Ass Fucked (19:50)
[NSFW] - Fucked in Every Room of the House (12:45)
[NSFW] - MILF not aware of my Hidden Camera (13:54)
[NSFW] - Hidden hotel room cam films girl taking a shower
[NSFW] - HouseWife Guzzles Hard Meat. Nice Tits. (11:54)
[ SFW ] - Might be the dumbest Pizza Hut commercial ever.
[ SFW ] - In case you missed Zach Galifianakis' SNL Monologue
[ SFW ] - Dad Catches Foul Ball With Hat While Holding Baby (GIF)
[NSFW] - This guy got his penis stuck in three iron rings for over a week
[NSFW] - Amateur chick with a huge ass and huge tits gets fucked! (11:38)
[NSFW] - Wow, this slut really needs to make a porno ASAP, that ass is epic, haha
[ SFW ] - 20 High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets that Might Actually Make You Want to Cook
[ SFW ] - 12 year old asking a cop for his badge #. YOU'RE FUCKING 12, Go dig a hole or something.

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I pissed my pee pants posted on 05/03/13 by Opie

Currently working on making videos from now on viewable in iPhone, Macs, etc.. Should have it working by Monday's post, probably sooner. So stop bitching.

Note 2:
Fixed the sound issue

Husband animates joke about tortilla chips told by his drunk wife

One more Harlem Shake video.. Only because a guy catches on fire haha

Chinese Hurdler destroys everything in his path!

Dog doesn't like kisses.

Postman owns little Kid!

How to play chess properly

When the car chase ends, the cops get their revenge

Rodeo Slip 'N Slide.. Dumbass.

Scout the Fennec Fox.. I think he's mad.

90 year old does double back flip.. HAR!

Dude has sex... With his XBOX, DAFUQ?

Baseball fan dies after falling out of the stands during a game.

Fucking his hot GF from behind!

Super HOT!

Hot Couple Fuck on Webcam!

The Innocent ones are the Tightest

Sweet Little Whore!

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Erotic
[ SFW ] - Sexy Pool Party
[ SFW ] - Walking Dead Fans?
[NSFW] - Jabba The Slut haha
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[NSFW] - Cannabis Beer anyone?
[ SFW ] - Another fun racing game!
[ SFW ] - Getting the Right Supplier
[NSFW] - I wish she'd show her tits.
[NSFW] - This is beyond fucked up haha
[ SFW ] - Are these guys fucking retarded?
[ SFW ] - Hot Girls In The Kitchen (25 Pics)
[ SFW ] - Catch up for Iron Man 3 in 3 minutes
[NSFW] - The 24 Year Old FEMALE Virgin.. HAHA
[ SFW ] - All Out Chimp Brawl At Animal Kingdom!
[ SFW ] - School canceled due to 'good weather'
[NSFW] - Chat with these ladies over the weekend!
[NSFW] - Teen Smokes A Bong And Has Sex (18:32)
[NSFW] - Big Tits & Tight Pussy = Great Sex! (24:25)
[ SFW ] - Report Bad Drivers & Look Up License Plates
[NSFW] - 28 minutes of this nerd chick getting fucked!
[NSFW] - She Let Me Fuck Her With No Condom! (9:56)
[ SFW ] - Getting Locked up for drinking Arizona Ice Tea?
[NSFW] - Amateur Blowjob Gagging In The Shower (6:31)
[NSFW] - AMAZING BIG TITS MILF Big tits Blowjob (25:01)
[NSFW] - Amateur chick lets her BF film them fucking (8:50)
[NSFW] - Busty Babe Double Penetrates with her Dildo (9:01)
[NSFW] - Petite slut takes on a cock way, WAY too big for her
[ SFW ] - 50 Incredible Photos that Look Photoshopped But Aren't
[NSFW] - Bored young wife aims cumshot at husband's face. Bitch.
[NSFW] - Anal Sex is His Girl's Favorite Thing.. Fine as fuck! (58:04)
[NSFW] - Christine Alexis Bounces Up And Down On A Hard Cock! (27:55)
[ SFW ] - We Had No Idea What Alexander Graham Bell Sounded Like. Until Now
[ SFW ] - The 2014 World Cup in Brazil Will Feature the 'Caxirola' Instrument, Which Is Almost As Annoying As the Vuvuzela

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Lot's of goodies posted on 05/01/13 by Opie

- DAILY W.O.W has new clips in the archives and I fixed the Firefox issue.
- M.C.O.T.W has been updated!
- Archives are all updated
- Be sure to check out the Daily Media!
- Don't forget about the Daily Joke section!
- DailyBabe season is is coming up on the half way mark. Also check out the DB Archives for over 2,000 sexy pics!


Dude gives sunbathing girl some unwanted lotion

Amateur chick deep throats her man's cock on tape, and takes his load

Horny Girl Massaged then Fucked!

Sluty Venezuelan Girl gets a hard fuck

Holy shit.

You Can't Get Wetter than Wet

Carmen Electra in a Wet T-shirt! (GIF)

She's slapping her titties around. (GIF)



I went through the McDonald's driveway window and I gave the cashier a $5 note.
Our total was $4.25, so I also handed her 25c.
She said, 'you gave me too much money.'
I said, 'Yes I know, but this way you can just give me a dollar coin back.'
She sighed and went to get the manager who asked me to repeat my request.
I did so, and he handed me back the 25c, and said 'We're sorry but we don't do that kind of thing.'
The cashier then proceeded to give me back 75 cents in change.

Do not confuse the people at MacD's in Maryborough Qld


We had to have the garage door repaired.
The repairman told us that one of our problems was that we did not have a 'large' enough motor on the opener.
I thought for a minute, and said that we had the largest one made at that time, a 1/2 horsepower.
He shook his head and said, 'You need a 1/4 horsepower.'
I responded that 1/2 was larger than 1/4 and he said, 'NOOO, it's not. Four is larger than two.'

We haven't used that repairman since. Happened in Ipswich, Qld.


I live in a semi rural area.
We recently had a new neighbour call the local council to request the removal of the WOMBAT CROSSING sign on our road.
The reason: 'Too many wombats are being hit by cars out here! I don't think this is a good place for them to be crossing anymore.'
Story from Bauple Qld


My daughter went to a Mexican takeaway and ordered a taco.
She asked the person behind the counter for 'minimal lettuce.'
He said he was sorry, but they only had iceberg lettuce.
From Bankstown, Sydney ....


I was at the airport, checking in at the gate when an airport employee asked,
'Has anyone put anything in your baggage without your knowledge?'
To which I replied, 'If it was without my knowledge, how would I know?'
He smiled knowingly and nodded, 'That's why we ask.'

This happened at Brisbane Airport


The pedestrian light on the corner beeps when it's safe to cross the street.
I was crossing with an 'intellectually challenged' co-worker of mine.
She asked if I knew what the beeper was for.
I explained that it signals blind people when the light is red.
Appalled, she responded, 'What on earth are blind people doing driving?!'

She is a government employee in the Gladstone P.O. Qld


When my husband and I arrived at a car dealership to pick up our car after a service, we were told the keys had been locked in it.
We went to the service department and found a mechanic working feverishly to unlock the driver's side door.
As I watched from the passenger side, I instinctively tried the door handle and discovered that it was unlocked.
'Hey,' I announced to the technician, 'its open!'
His reply, 'I know. I already did that side.'
Holden Dealership Townsville Qld


Not a strap on.

Playing Ping Pong and getting a BJ on a Roller Coaster!

You're going to Hell with me for laughing.

It's like a beard mullet.

Yeah, they're going to lose.

Going to make this my CC background



Knee Boobs.

Oh that Parkinson's!

Not today Bitch!

Girls are dumb.

How does that even happen?

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Social sex
[ SFW ] - COD Trolling
[NSFW] - How to Roll a Blunt
[NSFW] - Her body is Perfect!
[ SFW ] - Korean's all look alike.
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[ SFW ] - Dog looks like Predator!
[ SFW ] - That's A LOT of worms.
[ SFW ] - Read the Reviews. haha
[ SFW ] - Teddy Has An Operation
[ SFW ] - Getting the Right Supplier
[ SFW ] - Grand Theft Auto V Trailer
[NSFW] - Amateur Cam Couple (9:52)
[NSFW] - Chat with these naked sluts!
[NSFW] - Hot MILF Fucked Hard (27:39)
[NSFW] - She laughs at his little Dick. haha
[NSFW] - Slamming That Tight Gash! (28:23)
[NSFW] - Hot Latina Shower BJ and Sex! (9:59)
[NSFW] - Arab chick with huge tits gets banged!
[NSFW] - Hot ASIAN Teen Fucked Rough! (11:46)
[ SFW ] - Chemistry and Bacon what's not to love!
[ SFW ] - Fun 3D Penguin Snowboarding Racing Game
[ SFW ] - Want to visit Mars? Applications being taken
[NSFW] - Hot amateur babes fisting their assholes (8:48)
[ SFW ] - From the E-mail bag. (A great Entensity Classic)
[NSFW] - Wife sucks a Dick with hand in her ass (Huge Tits!)
[NSFW] - Spy Cam: MILF and her 20 year old fuck buddy! (10:42)
[ SFW ] - Self Shot Hotties Will Heat Up Your Wednesday (25 Pics)
[NSFW] - Chunky Chick Candy Takes Dick Any Way She Can Get It (15:54)
[NSFW] - Dude asks his buddy to shoot him while wearing a bullet proof vest

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