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Not guilty posted on 07/15/13 by Opie

Asiana Pilots names from KTVU News - She actually reads it!

I Knew You Were Trouble - Major Payne Version (These got played out but this is Hilarious)

How To Wake Up Like a Gangsta

Firefighter Brings Kitten Back To Life!

Jet Skims People's Head

Cows Mating Get Hit By Car haha

One Minute Puberty.. Haha wow

Shia LaBeouf is a fucking weirdo

Virgina Beach Idiot Lifeguard

Slurpee Dance 7-Eleven Day.. Need drugs.

Frank Taaffe Makes A Very Disrespectful Comment About Trayvon Martin (But it's funny as fuck)

Girl gets naked and fucked all over the city. Nice.

Sexy Malena is on a Quest for an Orgasm

Cam girls don't get much better than her!

Crazy Body, Awesome Sex!

Come onnn Tittie!

Highest rated porn video of all time

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Pic Dump
[ SFW ] - BAD ASS Mafia Game
[NSFW] - DEM TITTIES! (16:36)
[ SFW ] - Need some clean piss?
[ SFW ] - Reading With A Vibrator
[NSFW] - Her ass is HUGE! (32:31)
[NSFW] - If you like Hot Redheads..
[NSFW] - Just some hot Stoner Girls!
[ SFW ] - Some really bad ass tattoos
[ SFW ] - The Pixar theory (All movies linked?)
[ SFW ] - Finger on URANUS blooper (Millionaire)
[ SFW ] - Instant toothache relief home remedy
[ SFW ] - The Migaloo: A Superyacht/Submarine
[NSFW] - OMG it's a double rainbow! Porn Version
[ SFW ] - How to sneak DARK Liquor on a Cruise ship
[NSFW] - Gorgeous girlfriend gets dirty in the shower
[ SFW ] - Lady pulls porcupine quills from a wild Raven
[NSFW] - Lovely Milf with HUGE Tits gets fucked! (32:00)
[NSFW] - Damn hot amateur Lenka fucked for cash (8:06)
[NSFW] - College girl gets a well-earned A+ for riding cock
[NSFW] - Egyptian Protesters Throw Two Teens Off a Rooftop
[NSFW] - Beautiful Young Girl Seduced By Mature Lesbian (34:45)
[NSFW] - Put naked girls in a music video and any guy will watch it.
[NSFW] - Beautiful blonde amateur Natalia Starr fucks her man (11:27)
[NSFW] - While your wife was out with her friends, this happened (7:20)
[ SFW ] - Black dude's take on Trayvon Martin, I guess he's racist too right?
[NSFW] - Busty Brandy Aniston is eaten out passionately by her man (7:59)
[ SFW ] - Daft Punk - Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams (Sesame Street Version)
[ SFW ] - Carly Rae Jepsen Throws One of the Worst Ceremonial First Pitches of All-Time

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Oh Zimmerman posted on 07/12/13 by Opie

Cat wants to Be More Dog

Answering Unknown Phone Numbers By Jay Larson haha

Impala Escapes Hungry Predators By Jumping Into Car Full Of Tourists

Braking hard on the stage floor carpet. What a dick!

Insane guy jumps Ram 2500 into a pond

Just Jumpy the dog.. A very smart dog.

4chan re-enacts Trayvon Martin's Death... HAHAHA

Best Golf Shot Ever.. or Not.

Dirtbikers Fall In The Same Place

Francisco Liriano Between The Legs Catch

A world Without Mobile

One weird, webcam slut

"Let's get naked on cam together"

He's waiting on her sexy ass!

Sexy big tits babe gets fucked and swallows

The Destruction of A Stuttering Asian

Double-D's and a great ass!

I could watch this ass all day! (GIF)

Chael Sonnen's demands for new UFC Contract

Sonnen said he communicated his requests to UFC President White via text message, and they include some rather interesting ideas.

"It says, 'Dana, my manager said you guys talked and are getting a contract together for me,'" Sonnen explained. "'I think you should be aware of my demands. First, Jello Biafra replaces Bruce Buffer as ring announcer. Secondly, every fight I'm in must be a No. 1 contender fight or a title match. If I lose, I get an immediate rematch until I win. No media can look me in the eye, or they will be removed from the room.

"'No. 5: Headset legalized through the commission so I can call my own fights. No. 6: No longer will I walk to the ring. I need to be carried. No. 7: Keys to your least favorite Ferrari - I'm not asking too much. No. 8: I can Skype or FaceTime my fights if I feel like flying. No. 9 - and it's non-negotiable: tell 'GSP' to stop being such a dick. I'll return his truck when I'm done with it.'

"See, I'm not all about money, people. There's more to these contracts. They're very sophisticated."

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Funny
[NSFW] - Sexy Legs
[NSFW] - Girls that like Anal
[ SFW ] - Land Of The Cunts
[ SFW ] - Healthy Food Prank
[ SFW ] - Junk Mail Trolling haha
[ SFW ] - Washing hair in SPACE!
[ SFW ] - Again, Fuck the Police.
[NSFW] - Alexis Texas Anal (20:24)
[ SFW ] - Having trouble getting a job?
[NSFW] - Nude BEACH VOYEUR (13:20)
[ SFW ] - Handless Millionaire 2 (GAME!)
[ SFW ] - 25 Insane Tour de France Fans
[ SFW ] - 30 Fashion Model Photoshop Fails
[ SFW ] - Throwable 360 Panoramic Camera
[NSFW] - Wait until she gets naked! (15:20)
[NSFW] - 2 Friends fucking a Drunken MILF (21:49)
[NSFW] - She cuts hair while Topless? Sign me up.
[ SFW ] - Justin Bieber Urinates In Public Restaurant
[ SFW ] - Tiny Diapers for the Tip of Your Penis haha
[NSFW] - Amateur slut gets fucked in front of a crowd
[NSFW] - Lisa Ann gets fucked hard in the Gym (10:05)
[ SFW ] - 19 Most Brutal Boss Thrashings in Video Games
[ SFW ] - Fastest man on all fours - Guinness World Record
[NSFW] - Chat with these naked whores over the weekend!
[NSFW] - Cute teen fucked hard in her mouth and pussy (18:35)
[ SFW ] - We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus (Cover) by Rebecca Black
[NSFW] - Mardi Gras amateur loves to get rough with a cock (Gallery)
[NSFW] - Like watching girls cum? Here's 30 minutes of random girls doing it.
[ SFW ] - 30,000 inmates take part in California's largest hunger strike. Good.
[ SFW ] - Anderson Silva video blog shows fallen champ's post-UFC 162 emotion
[NSFW] - Brazilian Singer Gets Shot Dead on Stage While Performing for a Crowd

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hi hoe posted on 07/10/13 by Opie


Rosario Dawson's shaved pussy (and tits) in "Trance"

Cute little booty!

Slutty Blonde Cam Whore Stuffs a Dildo Up Her Ass

Nice fucking tits.

More of that Hottie Dancing.



Perfect Ass! (GIF)

Holy shit!


So there was this professional assassin who charged $1000 a bullet

A guy comes up to him in the bar one day and says, "Are you the guy who charges $1000 a bullet?"


"What if you miss?"

He looks at the man, deadly serious. "I don't miss..."

"Okay, we'll I've got $2000 here. I just found out my wife is having an affair with my best friend. They're at the motel together right now."

"Let's go," the assassin says.

So they drive to a store across the street from the motel and climb up on the roof. The assassin takes out his rifle and attaches the scope.

"They're in room 21. I want you to shoot her in the head, and I want you to blow his dick off."

The assassin looks through his scope. He keeps staring for several minutes, not taking the shot.

"Well? What are you waiting for!?" the husband asks.

"Hold on two more minutes. I think I can save you $1000."


Yep, that will scare the fuck out of you.

Yeah come on Tyrone(s)

I've never been that sure!

Even the cat notices DAT ASS!

Excellent dent repair.


I Sits Here.

So why are they bitching

Real Doll on a Date

I think that's Lil Wayne's sister

There's a hidden cat

He predicted the Future!

Well fuck.

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Nasty
[NSFW] - Social Sex!
[ SFW ] - Fun Puzzle Game
[NSFW] - Super Hot Cam Slut!
[NSFW] - Show me those boobs!
[ SFW ] - Need some clean piss?
[NSFW] - Sexy Girls Scuba Diving
[NSFW] - VERY Hot Lesbians (14:37)
[ SFW ] - Cloud doing strange things.
[NSFW] - He bangs his Teacher (28:26)
[NSFW] - Look at the tits on her! (11:22)
[NSFW] - Sexy Brazilian gets fucked! (19:11)
[NSFW] - Curvy amateur is one hot fuck in bed
[NSFW] - Girl with big tits getting naked (8:00)
[NSFW] - Mature couple fuck live on webcam (9:59)
[ SFW ] - Zach Braff helps guy propose to girlfriend
[ SFW ] - Toddler buys car on eBay with dad's phone
[ SFW ] - Grand Theft Auto V: Official gameplay video
[NSFW] - Naked hottie shows how flexible her body is
[ SFW ] - 10 Games that allow you to beat the shit out of others
[ SFW ] - Woman caught on camera hiring a hitman to kill husband
[NSFW] - Big perky titty GF blows and fucks her boyfriend in POV (23:07)
[NSFW] - Amazing little blonde teen amateur gets naked and fucks on camera
[NSFW] - Man Gets Executed for Reporting Cartel Activities on Social Media Sites

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Some body was stupid @ UFC162 posted on 07/08/13 by Opie

UFC 162: Silva Vs Weidman (Full Fight)

How To Properly Exit A Freeway

Whale Voice Mail. Hilarious

WD-40 on Bird Feeder Vs Squirrel

Reporter Trolls People trying to get on Camera

Prank At The Dentist's Office haha

Gymnast Throws Out Mind-Bending First Pitch

Cat Spots Something Outside

Grasshopper Rocket takes off and lands

How in DAFUQ does this work?

The way The Lion King should have ended.

It's funny because she's fat

Now this is how you Baptise someone!


Hot as fuck!

Redhead that's Ridiculously hot


Amateur with a great body gets fucked

The Video Surprise!

Best porn video on YouPorn

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Maze Game!
[NSFW] - Hand-Bra Heaven
[NSFW] - Come onnn Tittie!
[ SFW ] - The Chalk Board Car!
[NSFW] - BJ in Art Class (10:52)
[ SFW ] - Tunnel Vision (Explicit)
[NSFW] - Milf and young lover (23:19)
[ SFW ] - Being Drunk. Truth vs Reality
[NSFW] - Her tits are PERFECT! (25:54)
[ SFW ] - Detroit Police sucks assholes.
[NSFW] - OOPS! I Stabbed Your Cervix!
[NSFW] - Lucy Pinder and her HUGE Tits!
[ SFW ] - Worried about failing a piss test?
[NSFW] - Cute and Chubby Blonde (14:41)
[ SFW ] - Yep, never eating at Golden Coral
[ SFW ] - Just a bunch of Strange Airplanes
[NSFW] - Teens make some Homemade porn.
[NSFW] - Chat it up with these naked hotties
[ SFW ] - Ultimate Fails Compilation 2013 (So far)
[NSFW] - The Sexiest Female Athletes to Pose Nude
[NSFW] - Peeping tom caught spying on bathroom sex
[NSFW] - Porn shoot almost turns into an all-out brawl
[ SFW ] - Video of that Boeing 777 in San Francisco crash
[NSFW] - Hot blonde amateur likes dick in her mouth (Gallery)
[ SFW ] - 9 Easy Ways To Get Fit Without Exercise Equipment
[NSFW] - Spanish guy tests which cell phone gets girls off most
[NSFW] - Amateur girlfriend sucks and fucks in her bathroom (12:20)
[NSFW] - Protester Gets Shot Dead in the Streets by Egyptian Central Security Forces

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SILVA SILVA SILVA posted on 07/05/13 by Opie

*GRAPHIC* Police shoot a dog. Story here.

A bunch of Knock Outs In Slow Motion!

Best Dog Biting Graphic EVER!

Hilarious Supermarket Prank

Paper Towel Magic Trick!

Priest obviously jerking off in public

Streaker On American Ninja Warrior that is a BEAST!

Bubble Soccer!

Office prank gone wrong!

French Bulldog Scared Of Own Farts

Pull-Up Bar Showoff Fail

America FUCK YEAH!

Nerdy Chick With Amazing Boobs!

Mindy Main loves getting fucked hard


DAT Lip Bite!

- FFL -

[NSFW] - Hotties
[NSFW] - Very Sexy
[NSFW] - Social Sex
[ SFW ] - Rock Gods
[NSFW] - Big ass titties.
[NSFW] - Check them out
[NSFW] - DAT ASS! (21:00)
[NSFW] - Chatroulette of Sex
[ SFW ] - Need some clean pee?
[NSFW] - Polina Dementova's Hot
[ SFW ] - I must own this Toaster.
[NSFW] - Weird girls, but very hot.
[NSFW] - Jenna Haze DPed (36:48)
[ SFW ] - Ghost invade a Nightclub!
[ SFW ] - Signs it's too hot outside.
[ SFW ] - Cop Pepper Sprays Squirrel
[ SFW ] - Simi Valley fireworks accident
[ SFW ] - Movie sound effects is a lot of work.
[NSFW] - Young amateur likes her dildos HUGE
[NSFW] - Wild group sex with pornstars (55:19)
[NSFW] - Sexy Teen Double Dildo Fucking (7:41)
[NSFW] - Sexy Wife Swallows and Loves It (9:33)
[ SFW ] - Free online stopwatch & countdown timer
[ SFW ] - Awesome 3D Multiplayer Sci-fi Gunship GAME!
[NSFW] - Russian Doctor Viciously Beats a Defenseless Heart Patient
[ SFW ] - Chad Johnson runs 24 mph on a treadmill, but at 2.5% incline
[ SFW ] - Teacher wore same outfit in yearbook for 40 years (As a joke)
[NSFW] - Amateur Lesbians lick and suck each other P.S. Nice fucking tits.
[NSFW] - Blonde soccer player with sexy legs and a fat ass gets slammed! (10:41)

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Kate Upton tits below posted on 07/03/13 by Opie


Nerdy Amateur Chick with perfect tits!

Dem Titties!

MILF and Teen Threesome!

ASIAN with Big Tits. Yes!

Nothing better than homemade porn!

Hey! Nice boobies

Here are two UNCERSORED Kate Upton Topless GIFS! And here's a Pic!

Ride that dick! (GIF)

Shake dem titties loose! (GIF)


One afternoon a lawyer was riding in his limousine when he saw two men along the road-side eating grass.

Disturbed, he ordered his driver to stop and got out to investigate.

He asked one man, "Why are you eating grass?"

"We don't have any money for food," the poor man replied. "We have to eat grass."

"Well, then, you can come with me to my house and I'll feed you," the lawyer said. "But sir, I have a wife and two children with me. They are over there, under that tree."

"Bring them along," the lawyer replied.

Turning to the other poor man he stated, "You may come with us, also."

The second man, in a pitiful voice, then said, "But sir, I also have a wife and six children with me!"

"Bring them all as well," the lawyer answered.

They all entered the car, which was no easy task, even for a car as large as the limousine.

Once under way, one of the poor fellows turned to the lawyer and said, "Sir, you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you."

The lawyer replied, "Glad to do it. You'll really love my place. The grass is almost a foot high."


Can't wait to buy this jersey


Something you don't see everyday

I'd pick him.

New Gangster

Why are girls so stupid?

Good boy.

Just Jesus playing with kids

Pretty cool bro.

Dumbest name ever

Oh shit.

Probably a Gay

Poor Paula.

He's dumb.

The Rock never cooks except for grilling hands.

Cartoons were back back in the 90's


- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Hottt
[NSFW] - Fuckbook
[ SFW ] - Corpse Pile
[ SFW ] - Twelve Tones
[ SFW ] - Guitar Legends
[NSFW] - Come onnn Tittie!
[ SFW ] - Paula Deen Speaks
[ SFW ] - Hello Google Flights
[NSFW] - Chatroulette of Sex
[ SFW ] - Cosplay Done Right!
[NSFW] - EPIC BOOBS! (Video)
[ SFW ] - Monster Truck Game!
[NSFW] - Smokin' Hot Cam girls!!!
[ SFW ] - Whoa! The Whizzinator.
[NSFW] - One killer fucking amateur orgy
[NSFW] - "Hurry up and fuck me" (11:16)
[NSFW] - Sexy Girls Doing the Splits.. Whoa.
[NSFW] - Blonde Bombshell with Perfect Tits!
[NSFW] - Stretch your neck by looking at titties
[NSFW] - Step sister amateurs lezzing up (8:00)
[NSFW] - Fucking Nancy and her big tits (23:54)
[NSFW] - Massage quickly turns into sex! (10:05)
[NSFW] - Hollywood Porn Hookers - Scene 2 (14:03)
[NSFW] - Big titty Reina gets fucked in the shower (14:31)
[NSFW] - Tiny Teen Courtney Star Fucks Her BFFs Dad (10:14)
[NSFW] - Busty German Babe Puts on a Sexy Webcam Show (9:21)
[ SFW ] - The Changing Shape of Cinema: The History of Aspect Ratio
[ SFW ] - 6'11", 340 lbs. lineman hits 5"10, 204 lbs. defensive back CFL
[NSFW] - If you like huge asses as much as I do, this one goes out to you

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Fucking Internet... posted on 07/01/13 by Opie

What the fuck did I just watch?

Dubstep Played On Children's Toy

10 new bets that you will always win

Jimmy Kimmel Lie Witness News - Justin Bieber Concert. Idiots. Idiots EVERYWHERE!

Exploding Actresses - Disney Princesses haha

Riding dirty on his 4 wheeler or just falling asleep

Top 10 Sleepy Animals.. Say awww

Who said white people can't dunk? He's 6'2.

Cat open five doors to go outside

Cameraman Finds Suspect Before Cops And Gets Shot At

I love the smell of dead insects in the morning

Amazing ginger amateur!

Anal Loving Lesbians Have Fun With a Strapon

Perfect Body

Hot little Aussie Teen

Her ass is perfect!

Pool sex!

This amateur has the highest rated porn video. Well deserved.

- FFL -

[ SFW ] - Pic Dump
[NSFW] - Social Sex!
[NSFW] - Sexy Gym Girls
[NSFW] - Oopsie anal haha!
[NSFW] - Smokin' Hot Stoners!
[NSFW] - Hottest cam girl ever.
[ SFW ] - That's a lot of sweat.
[NSFW] - Best tits ever! (12:36)
[ SFW ] - 13 Great Drinking Apps
[NSFW] - Hawt Hayden Panettiere
[ SFW ] - Need to pass a piss test?
[NSFW] - Spy cam in a tanning bed!
[NSFW] - Halloween Fuck Fest! (12:09)
[ SFW ] - How to Make London Guard Laugh
[ SFW ] - Let's see how smart you are. (Game)
[NSFW] - Bullfighter Gets Gored by an Angry Bull
[NSFW] - Blonde Amateur Webcam Show (20:59)
[ SFW ] - It would such to be Jay Z's Accountant
[ SFW ] - Matrix and Man of Steel mixed together.
[NSFW] - Busty babe seducing and fucking (12:23)
[NSFW] - This is the last time she'll fuck a landscaper
[ SFW ] - Top 10 Things That Make Gamers Really Mad
[ SFW ] - Look at these babies swimming. That's Crazy.
[NSFW] - Gorgeous 19yo gets doggy styled on home video
[NSFW] - Big Boobs Eva Angelina Fucked Hardcore (19:07)
[ SFW ] - This confirms Michael Jackson was a Pedo. No shit.

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