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» I smell porn posted on 08/30/06 by Opie


She's going to use them all.


Two casino dealers are waiting at the crap table.

A very attractive blonde woman from Charleston, South Carolina arrived ....and bet $20,000 on a single roll of the dice.

She said, "I hope you don't mind, but I feel much luckier when I play topless." With that, she stripped to the waist; rolled the dice; and yelled, "Come on, Baby....Southern Girl needs new clothes!"

As the dice came to a stop, she jumped up-and-down....and squealed...


She hugged each of the dealers...then picked up her winnings and her clothes, and departed.

The dealers stared at each other dumbfounded. Finally, one of them asked, "What did she roll?" The other answered, "I don't know... I thought you were watching."


Not all Southerners are stupid.
Not all blondes are dumb.
But all men...are men.

- FFL -

- Lisa.
- Nice gloves.
- Horny aliens.
- Emo cologne.
- Hear me cum!
- Elisa Cuthbert.
- Broken escalator.
- Dick sucking 101.
- Twins Maxim style.
- Naked on a car. YAY!
- Sex slave for 8 years.
- This kid is a dumbass.
- Balloon prank on a nerd.
- He looks like a little baby.
- King snakes are bad ass.
- Ahhh shit a clown died.
- This may entertain you.
- No tech support for you.
- Anacondas don't like cops.
- Do you take it in the ass?
- Hot 18 yr old teen webcam.
- I got to level 9 then got bored.
- Paris Hilton 2 in the pink, 1 stink.
- Maria Sharapova the new Nike ad.
- Dress your dog up as a bee. Yep.
- This 4-wheeler is ridiculously cool.
- You don't get drunk and suck just any dick.
- The main reason to see Snakes on a Plane.
- Haven't posted in bash quotes in awhile..
- Hotties get nasty with friends watching.
- The human involved is quite the dumbass.
- Karl, this is funny because you said "Splendid".
- It will never rain at this hotel.. HAHAHAH.. Failed.
- The funniest news story of the day award goes to...

» Fucking Cox... posted on 08/28/06 by Opie

Humans vs Animals.

I added a cool song to this. haha

"Ridin" part 3.

Probably fake but he's still an idiot.

Great white sharks are cool.

Yes, she farted.

More talking dogs.

Quick Q and A

Q: Why is Snoop Dogg such a good sculptor?
A: Because he knows how to chizzle.


Two families move from Pakistan to America. When they arrive the two fathers make a bet - in a year's time whichever family has become more American will win.

A year later they meet again: The first man says, "My son is playing baseball, I had McDonalds for breakfast and I'm on my way to pick up a case of Bud, how about you?"

The second man replies, "Fuck you, towelhead."

- FFL -

- How much?
- Beer goggles.
- Insane T-shirts.
- Sucking dick 101.
- Weird nose fetish.
- Some hot lesbians.
- Another Bully trailer.
- Listen to his music...
- Holy shit a Mermaid!
- How to fly a Helicopter.
- Hitler's new restaurant.
- Fucking a trailer hitch.
- A bunch of hot ASIANS.
- Miss Howard Stern is hot.
- These kids are not cool.
- Pluto is no larger a planet.
- See if it counts to a million.
- Soapy lesbian bubblebath.
- College chick spread eagle
- Amateur blowjob collection.
- A crazy pastor is always fun.
- Keira Knightley porn audition.
- This is the coolest knife ever.
- Wonder what's going to happen.
- JonBenet Ramsey autopsy photos.
- Damn Pringles and their anal leakage.
- In case you forgot how to fold a shirt..
- Sit your nigger ass in the back.. nigger.
- Snoop Dogg will leave you a voice mail.

» loud porn posted on 08/23/06 by Opie


Some good porn here, yep.


At recess, three second graders meet by the slide. One is Korean, one is white, and one is black. They decide to compare the size of their urinary equipment.

The Korean shows off his first. Then the white guy pulls out his, and the Korean is shamed, but not by much. Then the black unzips his pants and the Korean and white stare in shock at the size...

Later that evening, the black is at home and his mother asks him if he learned anything at school that day. He says "well, I learned that I have a bigger dick than white and Korean boys. Is that because I'm black, Mom?"

His mother replies, "No, Son, it's because you are 17."

- FFL -

- Dr. Butt!
- The tick.
- Deez Teez.
- UV tattoos.
- I love nice tits.
- Zelda movie trailer.
- Stern tickle torture.
- Tera Patrick sex tape.
- Lesbian teens caught.
- Domino Mother fucker!
- Create your own games.
- Make an awesome movie.
- This commercial is funny.
- You will most likely laugh.
- Fix anything with flowers.
- Sex in space would be fun.
- Girls eating their own kind.
- Black people are monkeys.
- This kid can play the drums.
- College whore sucking cock.
- WWE Divas having a fun race.
- This jail sentence is just silly.
- Pilot training video. It's funny.
- Mariah can't forgot the semen.
- Laptop theft in broad daylight.
- Vincent "Don Vito" Margera likes little boys.
- Why wont this ASIAN bitch show her titties?
- I think this video is fake, you try and let me know.

» I love the Internet posted on 08/21/06 by Opie

The best police chase ever.

Ali G at an abortion rally.

Kids beating up another kid.

Stop smoking.

Prank or no prank, they are still fucked up.


George W. Bush was out jogging one morning along the parkway when he tripped, fell over the bridge railing and landed in the creek below.

Before the Secret Service guys could get to him,3 kids who were fishing pulled him out of the water. He was so grateful he offered the kids whatever they wanted (courtesy of the American Taxpayer, of course).

The first kid says, "I want to go to Disneyland." George W. says, "No problem. I'll take you there on Air Force One."

The second kid says, "I want a new pair of Nike Air Jordan's."

George .W. says, "I'll get them for you and even have Michael sign them!!"

The third kid says, "I want a motorized wheel chair w/a built in tv & stereo/headset!" Bush is a little perplexed (by everything, actually) by this and says, "But you don't look like you're handicapped."

The kid says, "I will be after my everyone finds out I saved you from drowning!!!"

- FFL -

- Pr0no Hoff.
- MILF Videos.
- It's Mona Lisa.
- Orgasm control.
- Bush beat boxing.
- Fun on a pool table.
- What a great father.
- Meet the C.M.O.N.S.
- This is a big ass boy.
- Motherfucking Snakes.
- Holy shit it's a dinosaur!
- Hot girl and a Ferrari 550.
- Somebody is going down.
- The treadmill bike. Stupid.
- Big Brother boob massage.
- Give a little love. GTA Style..
- Boat made out of newspaper.
- Jenna haze fucked in the butt.
- This video will make you laugh.
- Pornalike quiz. (A different one)
- Interrogation of Double Agent Toni.
- This is way ASIAN people crack me up.
- This horse thinks he's a dog. Dumbass.
- Asian slut getting dirty with her doctor.
- K-Fed at the Teen choice awards. Eminem , please make fun of him.

» Why don't English singers have an accent? posted on 08/18/06 by Opie

Funny clip from House M.D

Saved by the Bell... gay

Dog vs Cat.

This is my jam... Not really.

He was shocked.

You get to be the bully.

Joke (Probably posted before)

Three guys stayed at a skiing lodge, but there was only one room with one bed so they shared it.

During the night the guy on the left wakes up saying he had a dream where he got a hand job.

Incredulously the guy on the right says that he also had a dream where he got a hand job.

The guy in the middle says he dreamed he was skiing.




Am I missing something?

Nice cut.

Who's hand is that?

Come onnnnn TITTIE!


- FFL -

- Spank ME.
- X-men 4?.
- Hot blondes.
- Hold the beer.
- Hot air balloons.
- Engrish Ressons.
- Some funny shirts.
- Speedy punchout.
- I like a good orgy.
- I love Adriana Lima.
- Sexy dormroom cowgirl.
- He will pee in your mouth.
- Vanessa is a hot waitress.
- Photo fraud in Lebanon. Ha!
- The Sixth Sense kid is a stoner.
- Chessboxing. Yes, you read right.
- That Hybrid Mutant was just a dog.
- Some rip-off didn't like Talladega Nights.
- There is something wrong with him.
- The kid in the back is on something.
- Amateur teen Hannah fucking hard.
- Have Harry die by smoking a lot of pot.
- Winnie the Pooh meets Apocalypse Now.
- Win a date with a slutty Australian chick.
- So I saw these titties on the INTERNET...
- Goodbye my lover. Horrible song, hot girl.
- Another reason to hate cats.. Make them Ni...

» I jack off when I'm bored. posted on 08/16/06 by Opie


And a funny.....

Thiswillshockyou has some great DVDS.


A HUGE black guy walks in to a bar.

He goes to a little white guy and took his drink.

Then the black guy looks at the white guy and says "Got a problem with that?"

So the white guy says "You know what? I've been having the worst fucking day you can think of.

In the morning my wife told me that she is leaving me, than I got fired at my job, then I discover that my car got stolen, and now when I try to kill myself you drink my god-damned poison!"

- FFL -

- Nintendo Wii.
- Guard your grill.
- Lucky kangaroo.
- Naked girlfriends.
- A shitload of pics.
- Bully. (New game)
- Borat soundboard.
- That's a huge baby!
- Pillow fight with girls.
- Make 27 billion on eBay.
- Tylene Buck is a hottie.
- Teen baby-oil rubdown.
- This is a fantastic laugh.
- Mr. Bean in the Hospital.
- Magic and naked. Hooray.
- Miss Universe photo shoot.
- Jenna Jameson's first video.
- 60 puppies were killed guys.
- Oh man, this cracka can rap.
- College chick fucked up the ass.
- Grand Theft Auto Liberty Stories.
- Time to get naked at the airport.
- Jessica Simpson as stupid blonde.
- WWE diva Mickey James... naked.
- It's funny to me because it says 69.
- Don't see how she could gag on this.
- Princess Cameron in a dirty strip tease.
- Anything that weird must be stepped on.
- I learned how to kiss from Cruel Intentions.
- Some cool vintage pictures. (Old towns, etc..)
- Why would an Israeli woman even have a tit job?
- To bad you can't bring your toys on the airplane anymore..
- "Hot Dogs May Cause Genetic Mutations". A Ninja turtle son would be nice.

» Oh joy, Monday posted on 08/14/06 by Opie

The camera guy is an idiot.

Don't watch while eating.

I'm sure you've heard this scream before.

Scooter vs Trans AM.

I want a jetpack.


A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question.

The driver screamed, lost control of the car, nearly hit a bus, went up on the footpath, and stopped centimeters from a shop window.

For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, "Look mate, don't ever do that again.

You scared the daylights out of me!" The passenger apologized and said, "I didn't realize that a little tap would scare you so much.

"The driver replied, "Sorry, it's not really your fault. Today is my first day as a cab driver. I've been driving a funeral van for the last 25 years."

- FFL -

- Pr0n Flakes.
- Cool urinals.
- Halo 3 trailer.
- Adriana Lima.
- Flower advice.
- Beach fingering.
- Temple of Jewels.
- This blonde is hot.
- Extreme squirting.
- Snakes on a Babe!
- Wild teen threesome.
- The Breast Massage.
- What the fuck is this.
- Hot chick masturbates.
- Naked window washer.
- Double Agent Toni. (Hot)
- I wish my lawn was emo…
- Why would people do this?
- These titties are beautiful.
- Those crazy ASIANS are funny.
- Milf gets ready to be Gang Banged.
- He goes faster than the game does.
- If you don't laugh at this, you're gay.
- A lot of time put into this office prank.
- Korean teen drugged then fucked hard.
- Karate Kid Nintendo review. (Funny stuff)
- A bridge that would never have traffic delay.
- She's going to kill herself on the 19th. HAHA.
- People are just as bad as me for submitting this.
- Snakes on a train! (Sad that this is a real movie)
- I want one of these guns. (Smallest revolver in the world)
- Messing with a guy for no reason and them they get owned.
- One of my forum members trying out for American Idol. (The banana)


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