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» Uhhhhhhhhhhh posted on 09/29/06 by Opie

Probably the best coke commercial ever.

Like a Zack Morris "time-out", right?

Don't hit his woman.

He's not jacking off. (Commercial)

Arm break with lots of screaming.

Crazy cat

Doing a fleshlight and a girl.. Hm.


I was riding home from school today on my bus from an early class, listening to music and not paying attention to anything. As we were stopping at one of the bus stops, a girl in the back started screaming.

I looked back and saw her pointing out the window, and I followed her stare.

Out in an unfenced cul-de-sac were 3 guys. Two of them standing, one of them was on the ground bloody. The taller of the two men had a baseball bat and was about ready to smash it into his head again, when they realized a whole busload of kids were looking at them.

As the bus driver radioed in the 911 call the other man, who hadn't been doing anything, took a pistol out of his jacket and shot the guy in the head. At this point the whole bus was in shock and glued to the morbid scene. The two men got into a car and sped off.

When I came home I was visibly shaken. I told my mom what I had just seen. Then my mom got scared, she said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air." I whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said "Fresh" and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare but I thought "Nah, forget it, Yo homes, to Bel-Air!" I pulled up to the house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabby, "Yo homes, smell ya later!" I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.

- FFL -

- Um... He sucks.
- Rub that pussy!
- Carmen Electra.
- Invisible skating
- Hot babe Cassie.
- Offensive T-shirts.
- Amateur porn rules.
- Rihanna wants sex.
- Another MILF bang.
- At least he isn't gay.
- Naked, wet, and hot.
- Broken arm in a fight.
- Ohhh.. I like her titties.
- A striptease... Ta daaa..
- Zoey: Doing illegal things.
- Hey guys Canada is sorry.
- Two Wii games announced.
- She's hot and getting ready.
- Where can I get this game?
- So it's just a faster version?
- Amphibian Quadbike.. Woah.
- ASIAN with fake titties hooray.
- Another prank call gone wrong.
- Keira Knightley shows oral skills.
- Kevin Federline Resumè on eBay.
- The happiest country in the world.
- White House wouldn't let Borat in.
- Soooo.. We're fucking dolphins now?
- I'd buy this if it rolled over her tittas.
- All you firefox users should read this.
- Be a man and dump her via INTERNET!
- This may be the coolest R/C plane ever.
- Unless your black customer steals your shoes.
- Any game is fun where you get to kill everything.
- In case you wanted to see Steve Irwin on South Park..
- I've never seen turtles humping.. UNTIL NOW!!!!!! HAHAHA..

» late porn.. fucking pc posted on 09/27/06 by Opie


Uh, I wish I had two dicks.

Meg Ryan's big O.


A man, sitting next to a woman on a jet, suddenly sneezes. Unexpectedly, he unzips his pants and wipes the end of his penis off with his handkerchief. He then zips up and continues reading his magazine.

The woman cannot believe what she just saw.

Then he sneezes again, unzips, pulls out his penis and wipes it off with a handkerchief. The woman says, "Excuse me sir, but that is disgusting and rude."

He says, "I am so sorry that I have offended you. I have this very rare, embarrassing physical handicap that causes me to orgasm every time I sneeze."

The woman, disarmed by the man's honesty, and somewhat embarrassed by her own callousness, says, with sympathy, "Oh you poor man, what,are you taking for it?"

"Pepper," he replies.

- FFL -

- Big ass tittas.
- Kelis Orgasms.
- Rub that pussy.
- Jenny McCarthy.
- Jessica Simpson.
- All the Kings Men.
- 5 grand on Charlie.
- Sex? probably not!
- Amateur anal fucking.
- Dollar bills and pussy.
- Cheerleader wrestling.
- Watch out for that car.
- Does he wear make-up?
- Bike messengers are crazy.
- Catch me & you get a BJ!
- 10 ways to not get dumped.
- 3 year old buys a car online.
- Jewelry thief gets locked in.
- T.O tried to kill himself. haha.
- Cool stickman shooting game.
- He made is own Wolverine claws.
- Lindsay Lohan - Sexy or just Ginger?
- This game is pretty damn addicting.
- Diane Sawyer interviewing Clay Aiken.
- The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.
- Bathroom made of gold. Which is baller.
- Was hoping I'd see a tittie after enlarging.
- Who would want to see a Dustin Diamond sex tape?

» Lunch post posted on 09/25/06 by Opie

They said "fucking" on last nights Family guy.

I didn't think this still happened.

Ligers are cool.

A mic is the worst thing to choke on.

This kid or whatever is freaky.

I think she's crazy.

Rally Crash Compilation


Lil' Johnny is delivering newspapers. He knocks on a door, a lady answers, and he says, "Collect... thatll be five dollars." She says, "I'm a little short on cash, but if you want, I'll give you sex instead."Johnny says, "All right."

He walks in, she undoes his pants, pulls them down, and there's the biggest wanker she's ever's huge for such a small kid. Johnny reaches into his shirt pocket, pulls out a handful of huge washers, and starts sliding them onto his wanker.

She says, "You don't have to do that...I can take all of it." Johnny says, "Not for five bucks you can't."


Probably the hottest thing you'll see all day.

Not the hottest thing you'll see all day.

Yeah, it is funny.

Hang man.

We make fun of black people to much.

- FFL -

- Pig pussy.
- Finger fun.
- Lucky boss.
- Crazy teen orgy.
- Horny Paris Hilton.
- Amazing brunette.
- Mother of the year.
- These pictures rule.
- How to use women.
- Yelling at cats looks fun.
- Teen rubbing her pussy.
- The Pope eats Muslims.
- Spy vs Spy Halo 2 style.
- Dead or Alive Extreme 2.
- Blues Clues is fucking stupid.
- So people just watched this?
- These are some huge bitches.
- Jessica Biel may be a lesbian.
- Look at all these crazy ASIANS.
- She's masturbating on her bed.
- Every episode of The Simpsons.
- Check out this Helicopter. ($70!)
- Pretty hot/stupid amateur chick.
- She loves the 'special' ingredient.
- Chips delivered to your front door.
- Never ask a babes sexual fantasy.
- This is an awesome looking spider.
- Get fun statistics on your birthday.
- So they're burning US soldiers now?
- Catherine Zeta Jones is a super M.I.L.F
- Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell out of SNL.
- Elvis pinball machine going for just 2 million.
- Check out September in 1752. (11 days missing)

» So I walk into a bar.. posted on 09/22/06 by Opie

Great family guy clip.

This bird does a moonwalk.

At least Chappelle got credit. haha

This is kind of dirty.

That was a cool goal.

Jamie Pressly & Her Pussycat Dolls


An armless man in a long jacket walks into a bathroom and stands by a urinal...

Soon seeing he needs help to use the toilet he asks a close by man, " Can you help me point my penis" ?

The man reluctantly accepted but, decided not to look at the mans penis. After a few seconds of holding it he thinks, " Hey! I'm grabbing it right"? " So I should look, I have a right"!

He looks down at the mans member and sees that is beyond hideous. Startled he jumps back and lets go, asking. " What the hell is wrong with it ?"

The "armless" man pulls his arms out of his jacket and says "I dunno, but, I ain't touchin' it." and walks away.


This isn't funny. I swear.

Do I even need to post a joke about this one?

I can't wait.



Face first.

Look here cracka!


Looks like a game to play while high.

At least he's happy.

This kid is the Devil.

- FFL -

- Lesbians!
- Naked is good.
- Playboy sluts.
- I like this dog.
- This isn't Paris.
- Caution, boobies.
- Another tittie test.
- Private porn viewer.
- This dildo may kill you.
- Book me on this flight.
- Hot Russian girls band.
- Freestyle bike stunts.
- College sorority lingerie.
- Watch the pilot to Heros.
- This old Saw spoof is funny.
- Getting crazy with the police.
- This is the dumbest shit ever.
- Mcgreevey and Lauer catfight.
- This is like some alien type shit.
- Ciara gets ready for Gang Bang.
- Find 50 dark movies, hard but fun.
- I heard about this on Stern today..
- The new Elmo in spanish. I laughed.
- 9 months of gestation in 20 seconds.
- Anne-Marie"interviews" Ben Affleck part 1.
- Anne-Marie"interviews" Ben Affleck part 2.
- You have to be drunk in order to bite a fucking panda.
- This kid is probably going to eat everyone in his school.

» Porn as arrived. posted on 09/20/06 by Opie


The best fight scene ever. It also has boobs.


A die-hard LSU fan, Joe amuses himself by scaring every opponent fan he would see strutting down the side of the road in their obnoxious team colors. He would swerve his car as if to hit them, and then he would swerve back on the road just before hitting them.

One day, as he was driving along headed to Tiger Stadium, he saw a priest walking on the side of the road. He thought he would do a good thing and pull over to offer him a ride. He asked the priest "Where are you going, Father?"

"I'm going to give Mass at St. Joseph's Church" replied the priest. "No problem, Father! I'll give you a lift. Climb in!"

The priest climbed into the back seat, and Joe continued down the road. Suddenly, Joe saw an opposing team fan strutting down the side of the road, and instinctively, he swerved as if to hit him. But as usual, just in time, he swerved back to the road, barely missing the guy. Even though he was certain he missed the guy, he still heard a loud "THUD."

Not understanding where the noise came from, he glanced in his mirrors, but he didn't see anything.

He then remembered the priest in the back seat, and turned to him and said "I'm sorry, Father, I almost hit that Auburn fan." "That's OK" replied the priest. "I got him with the door."

- FFL -

- Horny teens.
- The Shocker.
- The Upskirter.
- A mental boost.
- Some live girls.
- Better than sex.
- Sexy hotdog ad.
- Sexy school girl.
- Haha, stupid cat.
- The male restroom.
- Hot pussy parade.
- Blonde and a mirror.
- This nigga is crazy.
- 3 hot female appliances.
- Flipbook animation is cool.
- Hot blondes have more fun.
- A-Team movie is in the works.
- I think she likes the man juice,
- An energy drink called Cocaine.
- Fighter pilots spot and track UFO.
- The hottest girl on myspace is...
- Weird Al's version of Ridin' dirty.
- Don't cheat on your crazy girlfriend.
- Anybody do drugs like these guys?
- Webcam vid of Kate stripping naked.
- The Ebay Bargain Bin - Great stuff for $1!
- You can always kill time with these games.
- Brad Pitt may so the next Mission: Impossible.
- The 5 Most Ineffective Anti-Drug PSAs of all time
- Matt Damon leaves the Kimmel set. (I think it's fake)

» Hangover from hell. posted on 09/18/06 by Opie

You probably seen this, but now it has some Dane Cook mixed in.

Cussing on live TV is always funny.

This kid has a cool gash in his leg.

I bet that hurt.

Part 2 of the crazy crash from last week.


Two couples were playing cards. Jeff accidentally dropped some cards on the floor.

When he bent down under the table to pick them up, he noticed that Dave's wife, Sandy, was not wearing any underwear! Shocked by this, Jeff hit his head on the table and emerged red-faced.

Later when Jeff went to the kitchen to get some refreshments Sandy followed him and asked, "Did you see anything under the table that you liked?" Jeff admitted, "Well, yes I did."

She said "you can have it, but it will cost you $100." After a minute or two, Jeff indicates that he is interested. She tells him that since Dave works Friday afternoons and Jeff doesn't, that Jeff should come to their house around 2:00 PM on Friday.

Friday came and Jeff went to her house at 2:00 PM. After paying her the $100, they went to the bedroom, had sex for a few hours and then Jeff left.

Dave came home about 6:00 PM and asked his wife, "Did Jeff come by this afternoon?" Totally shocked, Sandy replied, "Yes, he did stop by for a few minutes."

Next Dave asked, "Did Jeff give you $100?" Sandy thought, 'Oh hell, he knows!' reluctantly she said, "Yes, he did give me $100."

"Good," Dave says. "Jeff came by the office this morning and borrowed the $100 from me and said that he'd stop by our house on his way home and pay me back.

It's so good to have a friend you can trust."

- FFL -

- Gangster.
- Naked MILF.
- Train bombing.
- Stars are blind.
- Defend your keg.
- Prime Aussie ass.
- What a fun nurse.
- Cool dirty car art.
- Sex is off the menu.
- The plane, The plane.
- A bunch of cool cuts.
- How did this happen?
- Create your own seal.
- Nick Lachey gets CLIX.
- Extreme wheelchairing.
- Holly Valance is horny.
- Iceberg straight ahead!
- Lesbians doing their thang.
- Brooke Sky sexy striptease.
- Come here Elisha Cuthbert.
- Watch TV on your PC for free.
- Black people love fried chicken.
- These must be INTERNET girls.
- Coolest cell phone gadget around.
- The best episode of Step by Step.
- "September 11, 2001: What We Saw"
- The doctor was scared to slap this baby.
- How to make your GF let you watch sports.


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