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blah blah blah posted on 09/28/07 by Opie

The ending of this car chase is AWESOME.

Wife likes his dancing.

That was close.

That was the wrong clip.

Oh that Snoop.

Dogs need help.

Nice outfit.. now remove it please.

This announcer is an idiot.


A blonde walked into a computer shop one day and asked the shop assistant for a curtain to fit her 15 inch computer monitor. The assistant said, "Why do you want a curtain for your computer screen?"

To which the blonde replies, "I've got Windows".



Earth isn't so big.

- FFL -

- Fat cat.
- Big titties.
- Plastic face.
- Daisy Dukes.
- Perfect tits.
- Keeley Hazel.
- Intense City?
- She loves anal.
- Hottie rap dance.
- She humps good.
- Indy 500 pit babe.
- Beer fetching dog.
- Emo sweet sixteen.
- Halloween Costumes.
- Terminator 4 update.
- Painting over road kill.
- ASIANS with big titties.
- Celebs gone commando.
- Bending over for the root.
- Honesty: Auto Mechanic.
- Masturbating in the shower.
- Amateur sex in the backyard.
- Carmen Elektra at the beach.
- Hot chicks with douchebags.
- OK this is actually fucked up.
- Halo package signed by Bill Gates.
- You know how I know Oscar's gay?
- I hate Mormons, also Jesus was black.
- Posting this game again because it's fun.
- Two of the Internet's hottest webcam babes.
- Would be funny if the retard set his kitchen on fire.

goddamn it posted on 09/26/07 by Opie


She seems to be having top problems.


Two Mexicans are standing on opposite sides of the road, each holding signs. One keeps having cars stop and gets money, the other isn't getting a single person to stop. Finally the one with poor luck says, hey, what are you doing to get all those cars to stop. My sign says how I am homeless and have no food. The other Mexican says, you are doing it all wrong, read my sign:

"I just need $10 more to get back to Mexico"


Yay for more E-boobs!

- FFL - (Sorry for it not being a lot, INTERNET is out)

- Thong.
- Milky tits.
- Booty calls.
- Pussy sale.
- Holy titties.
- Hot honey.
- Dick kisser.
- Hanna Beth.
- I'd catch her.
- Jessica Alba.
- Oh this is neat
- Save the people.
- Insane oral chick.
- High school honey.
- The giant ball ride.
- We got a squirter!
- I like her stretching.
- That's a neck breaker.
- Motorcycle computer.
- Worst quad stunt driver.
- A girl gets a curb stomp.
- Get you're party on Halloween Costumes!
- Robot Toilet Will Stop Homosexual's "Illegal Sex"..?

Late, but good stuff today. posted on 09/24/07 by Opie

Meg White's Sex Tape? (Chick in White Stripes)

Darth Vader sings the blues!

Magic bat.

Watch Friend #2 and laugh your ass off.

Hi, I puke on live TV.

What the fu..

So that's what it looks like.

I love Strippers.

Rock 'n' Roll Romy


A kindergarten class had a homework assignment to find out about something exciting and relate it to the class the next day.

When the time came to present what they'd found, the first little boy walked up to the front of the class made a small white dot on the blackboard and sat back down.

Puzzled, the teacher asked him just what it was.

"It's a period,'' said the little boy.

"Well, I can see that,'' she said, ''but what is so exciting about a period?''

''Damned if I know,'' said the little boy, ''but this morning my sister was missing one, Daddy had a heart attack, Mommy fainted, and the man next door shot himself."



- FFL -

- HC Sex.
- Cracker.
- Cam girls.
- Drunk slut.
- New $5 bill.
- Nice racks.
- Heidi Yumm.
- French Maid.
- Horny Coeds.
- Get laid today.
- Dangerous sex.
- Playboy models.
- Bootleg movies....
- Teenage hotness.
- Big tittied ASIAN.
- Mr. Turner drunk?
- Fuck this for a job.
- A fun fart button.
- Sucking the penis.
- Naughty schoolgirl.
- Revenge of the rim.
- Baby DOLL killing...?
- Cool robot dinosaur.
- Pathology movie trailer.
- Hideki Matsui loves porn.
- Oh that's racist, kill them!
- Black people are so much fun.
- Another "Don't tase me" REMIX.
- Check out these Halloween costumes!
- That Youtube faggot is going to be a TV Star.

I heart you posted on 09/21/07 by Opie

This is pretty.

The Videos

Internet Meeting take 2.

More penis drawings!

Not sure this was funny to me.

Student that was tasered.. REMIX!!

I bet that hurt.

Neat crash.

ASIAN camgirl.


The soldiers are tired and lonely after spending weeks in enemy territory. To entertain them the Major called for this HOT number from the nearby town.

She came, danced and when the first dance was done, the soldiers went mad. They clapped for 5 minutes.

For her second number she stripped and danced in sheer bra and G strings. This time the applause went for 10 minutes.

The next number she danced topless, and this time the applause went on and on. The Major had to come on stage and ask them to quiet down for the grand finale.

For her last number, she was to strip completely and dance naked. The Major expected the soldiers to make enough noise to bring the roof down. But ten minutes later, there is no clapping and the dancer comes backstage. The Major asks her, "What happened? How come there was no clapping this time?"

She replied, "Major, how do you expect those poor boys to clap with one hand?!!?"

- FFL -

- Babes.
- Hot Heidi.
- Wet bitch.
- Giant Tits.
- Sexy tattoos.
- Battery hack.
- ASIAN titties.
- Cherry popped.
- Prank call city.
- Neat light show.
- Naughty nurse.
- For sex addicts.
- Big ass mini skirt.
- Get your fuck on.
- Insecurity guard.
- Make some cash!
- Hey There Delilah.
- F'ing piano lessons.
- I like Spanish boobs.
- White Vs Black in porn.
- Cool cigarette routine.
- Eat the mothers pussy!
- Resident Evil Extinction.
- Lesbians on a pool table.
- Tony is gonna be back on 24!
- Amateur teen playing with herself.
- You'll want these Halloween Costumes!
- Heather Graham & Scarlett Chorvat go Lesbo.

Addicted to porn posted on 09/19/07 by Opie


Wet T-shirt + Metal music = Boner.


A sexually active woman tells her plastic surgeon that she wants her vaginal lips reduced in size because they were too loose and floppy. Out of embarrassment she insisted that the surgery be kept a secret and the surgeon agreed.

Awakening from the anesthesia after the surgery she found 3 roses carefully placed beside her on the bed.

Outraged, she immediately calls in the doctor. "I thought I asked you not to tell anyone about my operation!"

The surgeon told her he had carried out her wish for confidentiality and that the first rose was from him: "I felt sad because you went through this all by yourself."

"The second rose is from my nurse. She assisted me in the surgery and empathized because she had the same procedure done some time ago."

"And what about the third rose?" she asked.

"That's from a man upstairs in the burn unit. He wanted to thank you for his new ears."

- FFL -

- Got sex.
- Hot ass.
- Got Milk?
- Nice rack.
- Oh Kimberly.
- Married sex.
- Supermodel.
- Pink panties.
- Lesbian orgy.
- Who's Boobs?
- SLUT trolleys!
- Tittie car wash.
- Sexy black chick.
- Big ass mini skirt.
- Volleyball babes.
- Swat team prank.
- Amateur teen slut.
- Dead or Alive cast.
- Stay on the path.
- So this was illegal?
- Self chilling Sprite?
- Home made fireworks.
- Geeked out and sexy.
- I should hire this whore.
- I guess she didn't listen?
- Arabian dance via webcam.
- Spy video stolen from NFL.
- Odd guy on People's Court.
- Snake massage... Fuck dat!
- 1 chick 50 dicks.. She's dirty.
- Hot girls in Halloween costumes!
- Student tasered at Kerry forum.
- Group X video. (Bang bang bang guys)

quack posted on 09/17/07 by Opie

Perfect dating.

Only idiots are hit by trains.

Magnum condom test.

Naked basketball.

Wonder if he got fired?

Quick Joke

So, the man asks the bartender to recommend a good drink.

The bartender says "how 'bout a grasshopper?" So, the guy orders a grasshopper.

Then he's walking home and along the way, he notices a grasshopper.

He says to the grasshopper "You know there's a drink named after you?"

The grasshopper then says, "There's a drink named Irving?"



Oh dang.

Great shirt for a couple pic.

Time to wake up.

Lending a hand.

Shark coming.


Invisible stairs!

Because Walmart is high class.

Looks like tasty milk.

- FFL -

- Wild girls.
- Paris' Tits.
- Sorry Bitch!
- Underwear.
- Body shots.
- Sexy Coeds.
- Girls Fucking.
- Shower Strip.
- I am McLovin.
- Hip-hop Violin.
- God she's fat.
- Charlize Theron.
- Girls making out.
- What about BJ's.
- Who'd You Rather?
- God I love lesbians.
- Invisible cursor game.
- Plane crash in Phuket.
- O.J. going down sucka.
- 19Yr Latina deepthroats.
- Bush talking about maps.
- Halo 3 Costume on eBay.
- He was caught cheating!
- Lemon party... commercial?
- Solo action with big tittas.
- Whore fucking two guys for $150.
- Midgets Muay Thai Boxing.. WOW.
- Someone should tighten that collar.
- Electric motorcycle inventor crashes it.
- Cartoon banned by the Mormon church.
- I don't understand these fake-fake boobs.
- Seth Green makes fun of that Youtube faggot.


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