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oh crap posted on 09/14/07 by Opie

Q and A

Q: What do you get when you mix puppies and rabbits?
A: Puppets.

Awesome mascot fight.

Kid with rabies.. haha PUT HIM DOWN!

Hellooo idiot.

950 yard shot.

Instant Fame! (Good stuff)

Firefighters lifting a car with water.

ASIAN baseball players fight weird.

That hurt.

Hi, naked girl on the beach.

"Kinder" Jackass.

Cool trick.


Jesse Jackson wakes up and goes into the bathroom only to see in the mirror that he is white from the neck up. Afraid he was turning white, he immediately freaks out and heads to the doctor's office.

"I don't know what it is! I just woke up like this," said Jesse as he tried to explain the whole situation.

After an examination and some calculating, the doctor leaves and comes back with a cup of brown liquid. "Drink this and you will be back to normal." Jesse quickly grabbed the cup and chugged it down thankful that the doctor had found a cure. After slamming it, he made a blood-curdling face and yelled "That tasted like bullshit!"

"It was," said the doctor, "You were a half a quart low."

- FFL -

- Porn.
- Retards.
- $10 tees.
- Weird porn.
- Pro Models.
- Eat the rice!
- Whee Horsey.
- Hot girlfriend.
- Porn out takes.
- Hurricane Dean!
- Amateur Teens.
- One night stand.
- Come onnn tittie!
- Naughty naughty.
- World without us.
- FREE live sex shows.
- No more porn for her.
- Hannah loves football.
- What the fuck is this?
- Hooray for drunk chicks.
- Guess a car and win it!
- Very Hot webcam chick.
- Easy way to earn money.
- Pole dancing is dangerous.
- Google founders are ballers.
- Draw your own stunt ramps.
- He makes some good points.
- Questions about Highschool.
- 19Yr Whores Getting Fucked.
- Cheating on the Price is Right.
- Do not rob a blind judo master.
- Real men slap around little kids. (Joking)
- I know how to stop time.. ZACK MORRIS TIME-OUT!
- Adriana, Alessandra, Rocio and Petra together at last.

I got ta boner posted on 09/12/07 by Opie

I'm on vacation this week. (Hence post being later)


Show me them titties!


One cold winter day a Catholic man was on his way to mass. As he approached the door he saw 2 altar boys naked outside with their penises buried in the snow.

The man knew how cold it was outside and was puzzled by this. He asked the boys why they had their dicks in the snow.

The boys replied, " Well the priest always enjoys a couple cold ones after mass."

- FFL -

- Oh shit.
- Very nice.
- Leah Dizon.
- Hi sick porn.
- Fuck buddy.
- Body blading.
- Sexy panties.
- Talented girls.
- Izabel Goulart.
- Great T-shirts.
- Hayden is sexy.
- Jump off a bridge.
- Nearly castrated?
- I love college girls.
- She shouldn't smile.
- Bang a local hottie.
- Funny Ass T-shirts.
- Madness Combat 7.
- Star in a skate video.
- It's ghetto fight time.
- Dog breaks up the sex.
- Snake eating a rabbit.
- Bad plastic surgery game.
- Yeah leave Britney alone!
- Amateur blonde loves anal.
- I want a handjob.. or pussy.
- Fox News and Spring Break.
- Putting a taser to a hot girl.
- First picture on the Internet.
- Head via Vampire.. Fuck dat!
- Destroy the computers castle
- Escort sluts getting ass banged.

FUPA - Fat Upper Pussy Area posted on 09/10/07 by Opie

Q and A

Q: How do you kill 1000 Mexicans?
A: Blow up their van.

Internet People! (Should bring back memories)

What do to about homeless people.

How to skip work.

Make a tomato look radioactive. (Try it in your penis too)

Horror Wedding.

Holy shit Britney sucks (2007 VMAs)

Driving on water!


A Louisiana couple have been trying to have a baby with no luck. So they decide to go see the witch doctor that lived deep in the swamp. They get in their boat and hit the swamp when they find the witch doctor they say " We have tried and tried to have a baby but we have had no luck please help us."

The witch doctor agrees and makes a potion in a gallon jug and tells the couple to each take a teaspoon each night before you have sex and when its gone you will be pregnant."

They thank the witch doctor and leave. On the way back the husband stops the boat and tells his wife that he can't wait so lets do it now but I'll drink half and you drink the other half...

Well nine months later out popped a baby but it was only a head...

The father was so proud of it that he took it to ball games and on its 21st birthday he takes him out to have a drink. His father asked him on do you want a shot of whiskey and the son says yes poppa I do he drinks it and BOOM he sprouts a body.

The bartender was amazed so he gave him a shot on the house but he drinks it an falls over dead. The bartender looks and says damn he should have quit while he was a head.

- FFL -

- Pin UP.
- Hot MILF.
- Sex bust.
- Free porn.
- Juicy Jenn.
- Jailbait.. :(
- Girls 4 sex.
- Paris Hilton.
- Film Lovers.
- This is weird.
- Funny pictures.
- Lots of hotties.
- Kinky Webcam.
- Weird sex facts.
- This is kinda gay.
- Sex at tha house.
- Pussycat Kung Fu.
- Lord of the Babes.
- Super bad T-shirts.
- The girls next door.
- Horny college babe.
- Local fuck buddies!
- High School Honey.
- Upside down house.
- Squirrel eating a nut.
- Celebrity Photo Hunt.
- Stripped naked on TV.
- A new Rambo 4 teaser.
- Read under the picture.
- Hot chick getting fucked.
- Don't get caught stealing.
- Is he suppose to be funny?
- Boy does this look like fun!
- Another invisible rope stunt.
- Why is Midget porn so funny?
- Over 1,000 terms for male masturbation.
- I think Mr. Rogers had kids in his basement.

la la la posted on 09/07/07 by Opie

Ghost caught on camera!

This is really good.

Poor ducky.

Amazing shot.

The only Tourettes Guy video that made me laugh.

Listen to the announcer.. haha

How to untangle ear phones.

Nasty ATV crash.

Football chick.

Blacklight fun.

She's hot.

Dancing off the stage.

Quick Joke

A black man takes a white girl home from a nightclub. He takes her up to his bedroom and they start to undress.

The girl then tells him "Show me that it is true what they say about black men."

So he stabbed her and stole her purse.

- FFL -

- Ali Larter.
- Hippo sex.
- Amateurs.
- Beach babe.
- No web cam.
- Funny shirts.
- Hot schoolgirl.
- Air show crash.
- Get Laid Today!
- Beatboxing bird.
- Dirty Film Lovers.
- Weird pussy anal.
- Deeper the better.
- I like ASIAN chicks.
- A slob in the making.
- World's hairiest baby.
- Cup full of man juice.
- Webcam Naughtiness.
- Gaming out of control.
- She's touching herself.
- What the hell is this...?
- Michael Vick's Dog Fight.
- Well excuse me Princess!
- Amateur porn is the best.
- Whale breaches kiddie pool.
- I wouldn't eat on a subway.
- This may make you throw up.
- You will find nice racks here.
- I love titties that flop around.
- Hot Cheerleaders going down.
- I make fun of retarded people.
- Lottery spending spree... haha
- Nurse getting attacked via bedpan.
- If this is a woman I'll suck your dick.

crap posted on 09/05/07 by Opie


Holy titties.


A plane crashes deep in the Amazon. The only survivors are a British Guy, A Mexican, and an American from the Bronx. The three are ambushed by a local tribe. They are told that unfortunately they have trespassed and are going to be put to death in front of the whole tribe. The only benefit the Chief tells the three is that their skin will be used to makes canoes and they will eat them.

The British guy says he wants to die with honor and takes cyanide.

The Mexican says that he wishes to be shot, so he is shot in the head.

Lastly the American says he wants a fork...

Then proceeds to start stabbing himself yelling Fuck your Canoes!!!!!!!!!



- FFL -

- Escorts.
- Nice rack.
- Good boy.
- Girl on Girl.
- Mini skirts.
- Lesbo city.
- She's cute.
- Heist game.
- Joanna Krupa.
- Looks like fun.
- This shit is silly.
- Eva's Ass Crack.
- She's going solo.
- Offensive T-shirts.
- Make some money!
- I counted six titties.
- Great college shirts.
- 20 ugliest celebrities.
- Carmen loves football.
- Nice hair... and titties.
- Creepy dating service.
- 13.4 Gigapixel Camera
- 10 more bucks for anal.
- Queen Of Loose Vagina.
- Sexy babes compilation.
- Tae-kwon-do knockouts.
- Fat girls shouldn't dance.
- A new Maze scare prank.
- Bikini slut getting banged.
- I so signed up for this site.
- I'd still hit it. (Just kidding)
- Web 2.0 Movie Community.
- Webcam chicks get religious.
- Men want hot women? No shit.
- Someone should kill this person.
- Couple banging on a shitty cam.
- This makes no sense, so I love it.
- Apparently Cheetos are a deadly weapon.
- Another Sex Scene or Murder Scene game.
- Cop getting interviewed then a drive-by goes down.

touch my knee posted on 09/03/07 by Opie

Just a joke and some fun links. Figured I'd do some other site shit since it's labor day. (Before I go kill some doves)


Three men are traveling in the Amazon, a German, an American, and a Mexican, and they get captured by some Amazons. The head of the tribe says to the German, "What do you want on your back for your whipping?"

The German responds, "I will take oil!" So they put oil on his back, and a large Amazon whips him ten times. When he is finished the German has these huge welts on his back, and he can hardly move.

The Amazons haul the German away, and say to the Mexican, "What do you want on your back?"

"I will take nothing!" says the Mexican, and he stands there straight and takes his ten lashings without a single flinch.

"What will you take on your back?" the Amazons ask the American.

He responds, "I'll take the Mexican."

- FFL -

- Evelyn.
- Suckers.
- Massage.
- Sexy ass.
- Cool shirts.
- This a ride?
- Dirty chicks.
- 18YO chick.
- Read what?
- Sexy videos.
- Strip for me.
- Handjob fetish?
- Pole dance fight.
- Hot German slut.
- He's odd looking.
- Stunt bike game.
- Air balloon crash.
- Suck that weiner!
- Finger breakdance.
- Hot lesbians hump.
- Eva Longoria naked.
- Firecracker in teeth.
- Banging his girlfriend.
- Top 10 biggest boobs.
- Hello hardcore Mandy!
- Heather Graham strips.
- Porn Star or Pop Star?
- Kelly Preston is still hot.
- Masturbate with a bible.
- Purple Ninja Head Stomp.
- HPV doesn't stop her.. Ugh
- 360-degree holographic display.
- Fat kids from around the world.
- Miss Universe 2007 Photo Shoot.
- This may entertain you for 3 seconds.
- Not only is he crippled, he's a tard as well.
- Why would you need a bulletproof stroller?
- So this could be a massive foam party for college girls?


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