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3/15/24: Archives will be updated once a server move is complete
post a roo posted on Monday 4/28/03 by Opie

Holy shit a free vibrator!

Funny Images:

- FFL -
- I need this.
- Body scans.
- Shark bites.
- Grrr spooky.
- MeccaDonalds.
- Can you see it?
- White van Man.
- The Real Hussein.
- Type and it talks!
- Erotica Golf. haha
- rules.
- This is getting sad.
- Can we say Idiots?
- The R Kelly sex video!
- Can you find the vagina?
- Hmm the year 2256 huh?
- Carrie almost bust her ass.
- Hmmm, learn something new?
- He did this himself, I can tell.
- Steal it back! Cheap shit here.
- I know where Bruce Lee lives.
- WOW. (use the arrows <^> too)
- Fortune Telling Service. (amazing)
- All the Miss Teen USA 2003 chicks.
- Holy shit Steph from Full House! (I hope this isn't really her)
- Get two years of Maxim Magazine free. (I've gotten 2 already)

All the pages will back online in two days also a new dailybabe season will start this week.


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haha at Madonna posted on Monday 4/21/03 by Opie

I jacked this from my forums, and it's funny as hell:

Recently several bogus mp3 files meant to resemble the file attributes of songs from Madonna's new album "American Life" were flooded onto Peer2Peer networks for music pirates to download. When Madonna's fans went to listen to her new songs instead of enjoying her music they heard the message "What the fuck do you think you are doing?".

This was an attempt by Madonna's managment to slow down the spread of her album online, forcing fans to either buy it, or do without listening to her music, hoping to increase sales on the album.

Unfortunately for Madonna and her managment, thanks to an unknown hacker, Madonna fans could visit her website to download her full album and remixes and no longer needed to worry about downloading bogus mp3 files. While visiting the site fans could see the hackers message to Madonna that stated: "This is what the fuck I think I'm doing..."

Download the Madonna "What the fuck do you think you're doing" MP3. (I trimed it down for you 56kers, the normal one was 5 minutes of that)

Oh yeah I'm going to try and go through the LONG list of link trade request tonight, so yeah...


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here it is posted on Saturday 4/19/03 by Opie

Since easter is coming up why not another part to the Huge bitch series?

Another free CUP HOLDER!

Some Images?

- FFL -
- Final Cut.
- It's Hitler.
- Maggot Art?
- Chickens rule.
- Talk like bush!
- Guardian Angel.
- This guy will host it.
- Lesbians.. that's all.
- That isn't right fools!
- xxxJamelaxxx is a pimp!
- Now this is for the kids?
- Ah yes the rap dictionary.
- On your mark .. get set.. GO!
- I figured Saddam had "the gay"..
- Didn't even know you could do this.
- All the drunk images you need to see.
- Pretty cool 3d models of our weapons.
- I laughed at this for about 10 minutes.
- So now they have a phone that rings in the "right tone"?

That should keep you busy, so stop your bitching. I will post more shit like this since I closed a few of the sections off. Everything will be back to normal next month. I have some big sites kill my bandwidth ( and have used over a 100gbs this month already now. Don't believe/like it then don't come to site, I won't lose any sleep over it.


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ok posted on Friday 4/18/03 by Opie

I have an idea on what I'm going to do, when I get home I'll go ahead and do it.

Will be an actual post or something.

Oh and all you you morons that don't think this site uses a lot of bandwidth, you're a dumb shit... plain and simple.

I was going to go ahead and shut the site down, but out of spite I won't. muhahahaha.... uh that's not funny..

Edit - I'll have a post before I go out tonight I'm working on a new script for something... and If you just called my house, I didn't hang up on you that was my sister hanging up the other line.

"Do you run" hahahahaha


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fuck me posted on Tuesday 4/15/03 by Opie

Some sections are now offline. Why? Because too much bandwidth is being used and you guys are blocking the two pop-ups I have on this site.

Will be back if I can get a donation or two. Or even buy an Ad Slot. Otherwise will be next month.

95gbs of bandwidth used in 15 days is not good.

On another note I'm note having much time to play on the site, I've been busy being 21.

Sorry for this, If the bandwidth gets closed to going over I'll close the site for the month, but of course will have something fun for you to do.


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quickly posted on Friday 4/11/03 by Opie

If you aren't aware I have all the archives up to March 2003, just click the link under each post.

I had more to post, but I'm in a hurry so enjoy what I have for now.

Funny Clips

Good fishing here. What's on this guys mind?? Not one of a kind now hahaha.

- FFL -
- Got ribs?
- Girls fart?
- Big balls.
- Holy Virginity!
- Nice banner.
- Jiggle that ass!
- The Iraq navy.
- What the fuck..
- How fast are you?
- OWNED BITCH!!!!!!!
- Learn how to juggle.
- Want fries with that?
- Oh look Christina's ass.
- Nice background music.
- Focus on the center circle.
- News you wont see on TV.
- These christians are weird..
- The Manshow Periodic Table.
- Reports say a cop did this.
- How much you worth nigga!?
- Nipple guards.. I need some.
- How good are your reactions?
- Give this bitch a razor.. please.
- Look how this guy sees the world.
- Look at the asses, yeah another link.
- And you through your brothers were mean.
- Pixel Apartment! I bet this took a year to make.

Short and sweet ta da.


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old stuff posted on Sunday 4/6/03 by Opie

After working on this shit for awhile ALL archives (the post) have now been updated. So go to the Post Archives and check out some older post. Now on some of the post I had on another server (images/files etc.) that don't work anymore, but I uploaded everything on this server. So everything works expect you may find a dead FFL link or two. The archives link is under each post for all you blind users.

If you requested to trade links don't think I forgot you I get a lot of these request so just keep your panties on.

That's a Huge Bitch - Part 7 Guess who they are before you view

Number Trick

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have dinner out. (try for more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold).

3. Add 5

4. Multiply it by 50

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1753.... If you haven't, add 1752.

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born. You Should have a three digit number.

The first digit of this was your original number (i.e., how many times you want to eat out each week.)

The next two numbers are...

Your Age!

- FFL -
- This is odd.
- Got a stain?
- Paris dance?
- The Iraq O Meter.
- Dog Island? hmm..
- Move your mouse.
- Yeah he sums it up.
- What the fuck haha.
- Pimpin' those hats G.
- Top 10 gay websites.
- I'm cleaning my room!!!!!!!
- Britney and dirty sanchez?
- What's your Gangsta Name?
- Here's some games for you.
- When the hell is thong day?
- Oh look Entensity in a mirror.
- How well do you know a map?
- Ouch. (it's really a wax person)
- 95 galleries of nothing but ass!
- So is your daughter still a virgin?
- Saddam mixing his favorite song.
- Girls get an Internet Mammogram.
- I should big on this, I really need it.
- Damn she must of gotten wasted bad.


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uh oh.. I be slacking posted on Tuesday 4/1/03 by Opie

Yeah haven't posted in a while here, but I've bene posting on the updates page to let you know what's been going on. Anyway new downloads should be up tonight or tomorrow afternoon. I have so many so you should understand the time it takes and I haven't have much time lately. Anyway....


Funny Clips

Britney Spears tells off some dork. Gamer gets pissed. hahahahahaha

Can you do this?

Follow the rules and see if you can do it.

- FFL -
- Bush in T4!
- Warnography.
- WWUJD. haha
- Oh really now?
- Haha Holy dildos.
- What a dumbfuck!
- Ouch.. a nut punt.
- Epilepsy must suck.
- The backwards car!
- For the guys. (asses!)
- World's smallest website.
- Bush/Saddam? (hit ctrl+a)
- This image explains itself..
- Bush tells it like it is.. hmm
- Like it when girls kiss? I do.
- Can you see it? (hit ctrl+a)
- Hilter and Bush are bothers.
- He's just Saddam from Iraq.
- I wonder what my dog will say.
- Guys don't lift heavy shit again.
- If you own this ass please call me.
- Girls now you can be a small town slut!
- Canada fight! (no offense canada fans)
- Here's Carmen Electra has a camera chick.
- Listen to these french names say out loud.


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