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August Archives 2002 VMA's posted on Thursday 8/29/02 at 11:28 pm by Opie

Well well another VMA's has come and as i type im watching the re0run of it since i was at work for a few hours of it,but when i came home i was lucky and got to see Christina Aguilera's sexy ass. My god she really grew up and i love her now. Speaking of sexy ass's anyone see Britney Spears? Well i did and my jaw dropped until some other ugly ass lady appears and scared the shit out of me..Why must Mtv do that to me..bastards.. Um next i thought the "triumph the insult dog" segment was funny as hell and got even funnier when he went to talk to Eminem and Eminem bascily told him to fuck off,which wasn't cool since that dog rules!

Oh but it got better when Eminem won an award that Christina was presenting anyway Eminem read a list of names then said "Sorry that Moby girl messed me up" (or something like that),then Moby started booing and then he said "Go ahead keeping booing i will hit a guy with glasses!!!!!!" (!=WOW) Eminem is an asshole even though i agree with Moby being a fag. The last thing i'll talk about is that Justin dude from n'sync..well not really he just looked like a whiter Micheal others words gay..Oh yeah Jimmy was a good host..funny stuff.

To read all the shit that happened at the VMA's just click here.

Site news:

I havn't been working on nothing but the new Forums lately so thats the reason why i havn't added anything new ,but i do have around 50mbs of movies to add but don't feel like it now...If you don't know i did actually buy vBulletin and im just waiting on the members access stuff and the style is already made and wont take no time to tranfer all the members,threads, and post over...

Note: To the people that said your were sending money and were bullshitin me,well consider yourself banned and deleted from the Forums. I know is asshole-ish but you shouldn't of told me that.

Since it looks like im out 160 bucks im thinking on making a members section. The members section will have full movies and just about anything else,but the only way you get is to pay. I doubt i will do this since most of you are free riders and thats fine,but if you knew what all i have you would pay. If you think you would be willing to pay send me an email.. Again this is just an idea

Alright im done with this dumbass post ,off to play pimpwar

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aol is funny posted on Tuesday 8/27/02 at 3:42 am by Opie

Funny story...Ok i've had aol since i got my gateway pc almost 2 years ago,if anyone knows with gateway they give you a year free of aol,and alot of people start out with dail up. Anyway since i have cable i have no need for aol right? after the year is up i go call up aol and say i want to cancel and every damn time they either have a problem with their computers OR they just give me more aol for free..It really gets annoying but the other night my "free" months are up again so like always i go to call up aol and the lady's name is Pat and ask if its ok to call me Shane? I go, no call me Pete..she goes ok Pete can you tell me why your canceling aol?..

Me-No i have cable though.
Pat-Have you tried the keywords?
Me-Um no i use google.
Pat-What do you normaly do online?
Me-(started to say lesbians and puppy dogs) Um freeware!
Pat-So you havn't use aol keywords?
Me-Um no still..
Pat-Ok Pete heres what i'll do, i'll give you 3 months free and encourage you to try aol keywords!
Me-Um ok bye.

I will have aol free forever.

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vBulletin posted on Saturday 8/24/02 at 6:27 pm by Opie

Not gay in general but gay about their fucking prices,anyone that pays 160 bucks for a damn script is a complete retard, no fucktard,so since my lame cgi Forums are starting to get more people on a time,im thinking on getting vBulletin but im no fucktard im a smarttard im getting a few loyal members or "fans" (i don't think i have fans though) to donate 10-20 bucks and i can and if i can get at least 100 i'll take care of the rest,since i've had to donations awhile ago...If you want to see more info on this join the Forums..I have a few that "say" they are going to send money we'll just have to see..vBulletin are fucking morons..

I got rid of a few links because either there site was down forever or took my link down..o well not my lost..

I need to go wash my dirty ass whore of a truck because its been raining all the damn time..

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Blahhhhh.. posted on Wednesday 8/21/02 at 3:39 am by Opie

Hmm well i havn't finished the file update yet but im working on it,i've been doing some other shit besides site stuff. I wasn't even going to post today but i have a few things for yall to check out.. One of them is that a Mod in my Forums posted a link to see how fast you can "spank the monkey",so im wondering how fast can you?.. I got only around 600 and something,but another forum member got like 1428 mph..Yes you may think im a dork now (which i am) but you'll sit there and play it forever haha.. The other thing is something Blade showed me. This is a flash where a guy got reviews from newgrounds on a flash movie he made and then made a flash anout it.. FUNNY AS HELL!...

Anyone go see that Adventures of Pluto Nash? Well it looks like the stupidest movie made, and it only made like 2mil in the opening weekend but heres the really funny part..It took over 100mil to make! Isn't that some shit..i know they were pissed.. Well i have to get up earlier than usual today so i need sleep..

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im posting again posted on Monday 8/19/02 at 12:29 am by Opie

Anyone notice since i took the tag off the main,there hasn't as many tags? Well im glad because it got retarded looking seeing a bunch of spammers spamming their dumb sites every 10 minutes...This weekend i actually had a little free time and did some work on the site,the reason i had time was i got alot of shit done friday and i may have some time this week to add some shit ,only if i don't get lazy.. But i don't see that happening. Oh let me thank finchuck for donating 10 bucks to me,it will going towards the bandwidth cost etc. since i just keep the balance in paypal so when im billed it just takes it, If you want to be l33t like finchuck, fucking donate already. If you didn't read the updates i did add the featured d/l back ,but won't be any movies until more of you free riders Support the site,i say if i can one donater every other week that should be more than enough to Help be get more bandwidth which means more downloads, Hotties,and content in general.

Tincup was in TV the other day and i don't know if you have seen it anyway heres a riddle from the movie,even though im to retarded to get riddles myself heres one for you:

A man and his son got in a wreck,both were taking to different hospital's. When the Doctor goes in to treat the son the doctor says "I can't treat this boy ,he's my son?

How is that possible? Answer (click)..

I might of fucked that up but its late ,but makes sense right?

If you have any suggestions for the site feel free to email me,like the change i made on the apps section was requested so if you have something you think would make the site better send me an email or AIM me(xwhoopassx). Thats about it far as posting today i got check the updates later to see if i add anything..

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hey... posted on Saturday 8/17/02 at 1:36 am by Opie

Anyone notice the 3-4 day posting pauses? Well i did actually update last night,if you would check the fucking updates on Caprice's sexy belly you would of seen i added like 85 fonts,which i've been working on a little when i had time the past few days..So maybe im lacking a little but hey i added something and i have alot of files to add too but i might add some new pages first,like i have a few pages i need to add to the resources page,add 3 submitted tutorials i got (submit more bitch),add files(i said that already), and change the damn Forums already. While im on the Forums subject i guess some of you think im playing about double registering or not filling out the fills and yeah i decline people left and right. I have like 540 something members and don't need alot of people posting meaning-less shit ,so thats why i approve each member now...Oh i need to start reading my mail more often,i got a trade trade request from some dork with a homestead like premade template...people today.. Oh yeah i may add the featured download back ,but it won't be any more full movies until more people donate..and if you do donate i will give you some plugs too..

Well this right here is for the guys (sorry girls that come here) Wait how many girls come here? I doubt many..ANYWAY i was searching google and came across a flash that had the word boobs in it,so im like "wow get my lotion!"... (joke) So i check it and my future wife Sydney Moon was flashng me! Now some of you are like "damn what a prev" well yeah i am ,what guy my age isn't?

Don't forget to look at the updates on Caprice,because im to busy to post here every time i update

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woah i one l33t dude posted on Monday 8/12/02 at 3:13 pm by Opie

Damn i've been way busy and not having any time for the site,i was going to work on it some this weekend but ended up going to the lake with like 5 other friends..too bad it was to damn windy but it was still fun..Well sunday i had a little free time and got bored and added the php scripts section with alot of new scripts (like 26) so enjoy that, some are the ones i use.. Next thing i'll probably work on is the fonts, because i have a shit load of fonts that i need to add.. Oh and im still working on making my Forums look better and im thinking of a new poll its just a matter of stay tuned..

Ok i was looking threw some movie sites and they mentioned some shit about Superman vs. Batman and i've heard about the batamn vs superman but then i saw something about Freddy vs. Jason?? I wish they would stop making shit like this, like let them die for once.. Hmm one last thing is i came across a very true story about the wars and stuff..check it out

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real quick posted on Thursday 8/8/02 at 1:07 am by Opie

I know there has been some downtime lately and heres why:

We've found out what the issue is. The master Cogent Cisco Switch, and has failed, and is being replaced tomorrow sometime as they are rushing out and currently configuring a new one to minimize downtime.

There will be obviously a small amount of downtime tomorrow, semi-scheduled as they swap the old switch out and put the new one in. There aren't many connections or configurations on it so it shouldn't take less then 30 minutes we hope

About an hour ago the server went down so maybe that was it.. hopefully just thought id let yall know what the deal was...

Random shit:

blah, blah, blah, and, blah...

Oh don't forget to check the updates section on Caprice (chic on left) because its quicker for me to update there.. Lots of stuff coming on the site soon..

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pump it whore posted on Monday 8/5/02 at 3:38 pm by Opie

Damn it i need to update more shit and with a recent donation from Gian i might just do so expect some updates this week. Oh i signed up from that T-shirt hell and they got some funny ass shirts and another way to Support the site is sign up with this link and it gives me a whole dollar! but just think if 50 of you sign up i get 50 bucks so it adds up..oh yeah you can make money yourself after you sign up...

Im probably going to re-do alot of sections this week because some are way out of order and need to clean them up,i would of done some shit this weekend but i was way busy doing other shit like going to see Signs and other shit.....

One last thing some faggots warned me out while i wasn't home and i guess they got off on it or are just plain retarded..Anyway if you need to im me my s/n is Whoopass Opie its an old name a made a while back so i may just stay with that one..

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hey an update posted on Friday 8/2/02 at 2:59 am by Opie

Well i finally got off my lazy ass an added 3 albums to the albums section, so enjoy that i guess... I've been working on the Forums a little lately and thinking of converting one day to vb or something,i've tried phpbb but one some Forums the topics are all fucked up,so maybe i'll try another,but im in need of a ubb 6.0 to vBulletin 2.whatever version convertor,so if you have it or think you can find it please email me and attach it and i'll hook you up with some plugs or something..I just need it in case i decide to switch one day.. Oh quick thing to the people emailing me to trade links,well i have a few im going to add probably later today or night since i don't go anywhere on fridays since i have work..

Well next i want to talk about this shit.. Ok so at first im think just a coincidence until i get an im from this guy:

K a y o s e d : opie u know that layout that that guy ripped off of you boon made it a day ago for him
Shane aka Opie : a day ago?
Shane aka Opie: are you shitin me?
K a y o s e d: no
K a y o s e d: dude,i swear
K a y o s e d: it was like 1-2 days ago
Shane aka Opie: how you know this?
Shane aka Opie: cause i know i sure as hell didn't rip shit
K a y o s e d: ok posifaction told me he was getting a layout from boon
K a y o s e d : i asked boon if he could make me one 2 if i pay
K a y o s e d: he told me after he makes posifactions layout
K a y o s e d: he said his will be done in a couple of mins
K a y o s e d: he showed me ip before he put iy up
K a y o s e d: im like wtf thats opies
K a y o s e d: he riped everything but that one babe
Shane aka Opie : and what he say?
K a y o s e d : hes like "This is how he wanted it"

Now on that last comment I imed boon and thats what he told me and so basicly they both are rippers,now one why would you rip something from me? haha..two would you make something that looks like someone else's layout?

Oh I want to thank all the people that emailed and imed me saying how they liked the new layout and the me that warm fuzzy feeling inside...not really but i do appreciate it.If you really want to thank me you could go just go sign up with paypal and leave the refer code (box at the bottom after you click sign up now) and boom i get 5 bucks, now you need a credit card but don't have to donate any money if you don't have any.

Alright I need sleep and i might touch up the layout a little..

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