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6/20/24: Archives will be updated shortly
august 03 uhhh posted on Sunday 8/31/03 by Shane

Problems all day today...

Something is up with the forums, don't know what.

Site was down today because I thought I could make it on the current bandwidth, I used 170gbs of bandwidth this month.

Stay tuned..

Edit on the forum status

I believe this IS a misunderstanding yet very unacceptable for a host to suspend a site without contacting the owner. They were saying I was on another server using to much ram and causing the site to be down (which it fucking hasn't). My actual host said the server I'm on is fine and it was a misunderstanding, yet they still suspend my forums server. This host has no idea who it's pissing off (bmf alert).

If they still pull the whole "I'm using to much shit etc.." They should at least give me access to get the latest back-up of my database so I can get a new fucking host.

Edit after 1 minute of posting above

They just put it back up, lets see what they say... fuckers

Yay for Britney posted on Friday 8/29/03 by Shane

I had to post this for those that missed it.

Apparently this guy enjoyed that as much as I did. Except he's one of those guys with "the gay" from that queer eye show.

Another update with the goods soon.

Edited at 1:20 p.m

new stuff posted on Wednesday 8/27/03 by Shane

Go check out the newest section here. Entensity Funny Audio (in the funny shit section)

Hell I'll go ahead and give you yet more shit to do...

Neil Armstrong landed on the fucking moon.


Not enough time to add FFL in this post, there will be a lot in the next. Oh and new Huge Bitch. (funny as hell)

I saw boobs once. posted on Sunday 8/24/03 by Shane

Uh oh Media time:

The Images:

- FFL -

- Sexbot.
- Argh matty.
- The parlor.
- Poor Germans.
- Desert Battle!
- Are you a Jedi?
- Cat go boom.
- Beer is good.
- Pick up chicks.
- Bowling, fun fun.
- Crazy mexicans.
- Governor or not?
- Did he say nigga?
- Yeap a tad gay.
- Hot lesbian sex!!!
- Like Southpark?
- Work for suckers?
- Would you hit this?
- Another flash clock.
- Remember this game?
- A pick up line contest.
- Loads of fun racial slurs.
- Funniest cop story ever.
- Make your own captions.
- They're already legal here.
- Rob a store or something.
- Oh yeah, Streaker history.
- Britney, metal style baby!
- Dress up a cool white fella.
- Don't fuck with biker boyZ.
- What the hell is this about.
- New and old space invaders.
- I hope he found his stapler.
- Note the shirt she's wearing.
- Huge/Old bitches GONE WILD!
- Beach babes, for your pleasure.
- Houston we're ready for take off.
- Too lazy to look through all of this.
- This guy cleans animals and tapes it.
- Does your phone number spell anything?
- Yeah I think I'm going to get my ass pierced.
- I love you like a fat kid loves cake. (and liquor)
- Want a 100 inch TV? Someone let me know if it works.
- How To Draw The Nipples Back On Victoria's Secret Models.

Spam me please.

yay posted on Friday 8/22/03 by Shane

This is what I've been working on and I have a ton of funny shit like that. I'll have some media and usual FFL in my next post, but I'm going to try and get that new section up first. If I don't I'll go ahead and post some goodies for you guys this weekend.

Oh yeah entensity reached over a million hits. Next goal: 100 BILLION.

damn it Jim posted on Monday 8/18/03 by Shane

Crap I was going to ditch the current huge bitch 9 and use something else, but I lost it, so whenever I find it again I'll post it. Also I'm going to try and stop this once a week post shit. Anyway thanks for those who are using the Submit link to send this site crap to post.

All except for this person:

So this teacher is teaching her first grade class about farm animals and she goes,
"What sound does a cow make", a boy raises his hand and says "Mooooo"
Then she ask, "What sound does a horse make?" and a different boy raises his hand and says "Naayyy"
And then she says, "Good, now what sound does a pig make?" and this black kid raises his hand and shouts, "FREEZE NIGGER! FREEZE!"

Warning Labels: (sad thing is they HAVE to put this)

On Sears hairdryer: "Do not use while sleeping."

On a bag of Fritos: "You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside."

On a bar of Dial soap: "Directions: Use like regular soap."

Some Swanson frozen dinners: "Serving suggestions: Defrost."

On a hotel-provided shower cap in a box: "Fits one head."

On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert: "Do not turn upside down" (printed on bottom of the box).

On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding: "Product will be hot after heating."

On packaging for a Rowenta iron: "Do not iron clothes on body."

On Boot's Children's Cough Medicine: "Do not drive car or operate machinery."

On Nytol (a sleep aid): "Warning: May cause drowsiness."

On a Korean kitchen knife: "Warning: Keep out of children."

On a string of Chinese-made Christmas lights: "For indoor or outdoor use only."

On a Japanese food processor: "Not to be used for the other use."

On Salnsbury's Peanuts: "Warning: Contains nuts."

On an American Airlines packet of nuts: "Instructions: Open packet, eat nuts."

On a Swedish chain saw: "Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands."

On children's shampoo: "Keep out of reach of children."

On a child's Superman costume: "Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly."

Some Images:

- FFL -

- Yeap.
- Aim flash.
- Got head?
- Poor kitty.
- Religion info.
- Nice robot.
- Meatshake?
- Who to kill?
- Ummm yeah?
- Is this Corky?
- Anal Sex 101.
- Whack a Mole.
- Retarded game.
- Dickman icecream.
- Wanta buy a kid?
- Head bang baby!
- You like sausage?
- Museum of Hoaxs.
- When will you die?
- 25k for this? hmm
- Now your kids can learn!
- Ironing to the EXTREME!!!
- Want to be a camwhore?
- A nice day at the beach.
- Tons of bitches and hoes!
- Animal sex fun. (Illegal.. shh)
- Japanese Speaking Machine.
- Rap in cool white boy words.
- Bill Gates had plastic surgery.
- Lots of goodies for your penis.
- I bet his name isn't even Billy.
- Don't want him cooking for me.
- Haha change this to whatever.
- What's wrong with this picture?
- I think the music is a little much..
- Who wants to be a dumbassaire?!
- Look the SWAT Team hand signals!
- Why the fuck would you want this?
- Mouseover for the truth about girls!!!!!
- This dude has blood in his juice.
- His art boyfriend must not be giving him any.
- Were you affected by the blackout? Get this.
- Disturbing Search Requests. (I've seen some crazy ones)

Oh yeah it looks like entensity will reach over 1 mil hits in a few days, neat.

Masturbation 101 posted on Monday 8/11/03 by Shane

First the hotties are back up and are a little different and "Season 7" of the Dailybabes has started. I'll put up Season 6 before I leave for work. I would of posted sooner, but I've been doing a lot of other site maintenance and didn't get a chance, anyway enjoy.

She's getting closer guys!


Funny Images:

- FFL -

- Presco.
- He will fail.
- Pornolizer.
- Peep Hole.
- Bubbleball.
- ASCII Rock.
- Well all right.
- Like tongues?
- You're all gay.
- Naked runner.
- That aint right!
- Ebonics Lesson.
- Fingerpark USA!
- Killer or Coder?
- Like kitty porn?
- Not really sure..
- This guy is cool.
- Me in 800 years.
- Before and After.
- Documented Life.
- Death by scissors.
- A baby in a bottle.
- How dumb are you?
- This really works.
- This chick is sexy.
- Watch him dance.
- This is great haha.
- Great for biker kids.
- Nice google search.
- Buy a real air guitar.
- Beach Tennis, 16+!!!
- Dumb memory game.
- That's a lot of words.
- Finally a list of tit sizes.
- And it's only 300 bucks!
- Change the screensaver!
- Read the note at the bottom.
- This bear was a hungry fella.
- World Domination is "in" kids!
- Turn the damn light on fucker!
- Well they're married now, yay?
- Keep your parents off the net.
- Long range shooting, pretty hard.
- I'll be sure to check this idiot out.
- I may buy some for that special lady.
- He can't be serious, I call mine "Palmeta".
- Read this then be sure you check the video.
- I slapped myself after going to this gay site.
- How can this drive you crazy? It's a cartoon..

I like cherries. posted on Monday 8/4/03 by Shane

A woman walks into a drugstore and ask the pharmacist if the store carries extra-large condoms.
"Yes we do,"he says. "Would you like to buy some?"
"No, she replies. "But do you mid if I wait around until someone does?"

A man walks into a bar and yells, "All right, who thinks he's the strongest man in this place?"
A big musclebound guy stands up and says proudly "I am. What's it to you?"
"Listen," says the man, "can you help me push my car to the gas station?"

Oh yeah MORE Priceless

Funny Pictures

- FFL -

- Proof!
- Ouch.
- Nerds?
- X-ray.
- Hackers.
- NOS idiots.
- LSD freaks.
- Low flyer.
- Slackman.
- Idiotic site.
- That's crazy.
- This is cool.
- Plastic balls.
- Ego booster.
- Bert IS evil.
- Tig ol' bitties.
- Bowling game.
- Slowww down.
- Cool flash game!
- Kobe reenactment
- Great little game.
- Kill the white man.
- Yeap this be gay.
- All time Playmates.
- The Manson family.
- Look at the crotch.
- Like free stuff? I do.
- Mr. T to the rescue!
- Watch some movies.
- Mona Lisa in this time.
- Scary Movie 3 preview.
- One bowed up dude here.
- He got knocked the fuck out!
- Haha a Bunny rabbit and boobs.
- Doesn't eBay usually caught these.
- White news must be CNN and ABC.
- Terry Tate commercials. Funny shit.
- GI JOE!, ones you haven't seen. haha
- Crazy faced girl + big boobs = headlines.
- Couldn't think of a shorter domain I guess..
- The KKK are a bunch of dumbshits. Kids too.
- That guy's on fire, what the hell is that about.
- Dumb little color game, some was right for me though.
- If your hand sweats on your mouse stop using it.. please.
- You put "an" before a word that starts with a vowel retard.
- OK now you can stop your bitching, like white people Band-Aids match.
- File complaints on cops, neat. I would use that new thing called "the phone" though.

Last months post will be up tonight, click the archives link dickheads.



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