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02/03 archives Holy shit a new post posted on Wednesday 2/26/03 by Opie

Be sure you check the 3 part of that above.. it rules.

Alright I've been slacking on the site and forgot to change the Features but I will do that this week and start on the new downloads section. You'll like it, but it's going to take awhile to do it, so all you idiots that love to copy this site will just have to wait. The updated features will have a gallery of Tara Reid and a funny as clip I found will be the featured Media. Also vote on the poll to help me decide which new feature you want me to add.

If you read the updates page say "I".. if not read them fool. I post there more than anything.

Hmm I was going to say something else but I forgot. Wait I made the font a tad bigger for the news so be sure your browser supports CSS or it will look like crap.

- FFL -
- Find the ball!
- Uhh hmmmm.
- What are you?
- There she goes!
- Hump the ladies!
- Haha cops today..
- New signs for war.
- France likes the gay.
- Don't miss the toilet!
- Hardcore pillow fight!
- What girls really want.
- Look how racist Ebay is.
- Holy hell this would suck!
- Damn this is a lot of text.
- I want a street bike more now.
- Take your pain out on this guy.
- I wouldn't mind playing this game.
- Don't look if you have a weak stomach.
- Dude I bet the driver was so pissed haha.
- The Smurfs Lost Episode. (funny as shit!)
- Can you guess what nude Celebrity this is?
- Damn look what happened to isonews! (click here if it changes)

I had some more but the links aren't working now..


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Mardi Gras is here posted on Friday 2/21/03 by Opie

Mardi Gras starts Saturday here, too bad it's nothing like it is in New Orleans otherwise I would go. Hell I might still go since there will be tons of non flashing girls! and we can forget the little 8 year olds that wrestle over those nice little cups they throw out, I can't wait. (I used to do that hahaha)

Anyway the reason I really brought up Mardi Gras was because I've had the Featured Media clip up awhile and since it's related to Mardi Gras why not add it so you can download that sucka? Well download it here. I will be replacing that and the Featured Gallery this weekend after I get done with the funny shit section.

Tried of typing so enjoy the..

- FFL -
- This is too funny!
- A tree with a dick.
- Play Simon Swears.
- The AOL translator.
- Those crazy Mexicans.
- What's your smurf name?
- This is the best kind of porn!
- Damn another rate my ? site.
- Keep your Sea Monkeys alive!
- I'm going to buy one of these!
- USA girls need to wear these shirts.
- Wonder what site these guys are on?
- I can't believe I used to watch this show.
- If you haven't seen this watch it, it's cool.
- God forbid I come across something like this again.
- Is me me or those the guy on the left have titties?
- Dude look at George Bush's hotmail account! haha..

The forums still rule and what's up with you guys not using the comments anymore.. you bastards.


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hey posted on Monday 2/17/03 by Opie

Join the forums. They rule.

Check the updates page for site related stuff, because I don't feel like posting anything else but:

- FFL -
- Jerk off time!
- Big gay Bubba.
- Despot or Sexpot
- Give Homer a kiss.
- Touch their asses!
- This freaks me out.
- Rate their cameltoes!
- This is one gay dude.
- The word Fuck is bad.
- For all you porn freaks.
- Streakers Hall of Fame.
- Trim this guys nose hairs.
- Hey they updated this site!
- Wow Nigerian fans are weird..
- Goddamn this is one ugly bitch.
- What's your Afghan Terrorist Name?
- I got to level 13 on this.. It's too easy.
- If you get off on this please slap yourself.
- Pretty bad if you get maggots in your brain.
- Here's another bang bang bang link.
- OK now here's the Big Bother USA nude scenes.
- I made this a long time ago and forgot about it.
- This one's for the girls. Guys don't bother looking haha.

12 comments (224 views)

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Happy V-day or not? posted on Friday 2/14/03 by Opie

There's my gift to you guys, aren't I such the sweetheart? This day is great for single people, because it's yet another day to be a cheap ass whore like myself. I will grow out of that one day..

Anyway I updated all the tutorials (I say it again for people that don't know how to read the updates) and will do the "funny shit" section next and then I'm going to re-do the downloads section. I have over 100 pictures, jokes, and other stuff to add to the funny section so stay tuned..

Funny jokes:

A boy comes home from school one day and excitedly tells his father, "Guess what? I had sex with my teacher today!"
The father smiles and says, "Iím proud of you, son. Youíre a bit young, but the day a man loses his virginity is a day to celebrate. Iíll take you out for a fancy dinner, then Iíll buy you a new bicycle!"
"Dinner sounds great, Dad," the son replies, "but can we hold off on the bike? My butt is still a little sore."


"Daddy" a son ask his father, "what's the difference between 'hypothetical' and 'realistic'?" "Well son," the father says, "go ask your sister if she'd have sex with her chemistry partner at school for $1 million and then go ask your mom if she'd screw the mailman for $1 million."

So the son goes off to talk to his mother and sister, and then comes back to his father. "Sis said, 'Hell yeah.' and Mom said, 'Of course,'" the boy reports.

"There you have it," the father explains. "Hypothetically, we're millionaires, but realistically, we're just living with a couple of whores."

Sorry no FFL today... nah I'm playing..

- FFL -

- This is priceless.
- Move the blocks!
- Timmmmmmmmmy.
- Disco Squirrels rule.
- The Ozzy Translator.
- Neat a Psychic flash.
- Look at all the titties.
- This kid is funny haha.
- The Matrix lego reloaded.
- Here's a Valentine for you.
- Gateway is the stoner pc.
- Help Bush stop the bombs!
- Finger twister is fun naked.
- What the hell is this about?
- The Incredible Dancing Glen.
- HAHA it's a Vagina Institute.
- I hope they catch this girl.. uh guy?
- Change the end with a word you want.
- Hallmark should think about this for a card.
- Hmm wonder if girls eat these after using them?
- I would watch Big bother if it was like Brazil's version.

6 comments (135 views)

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new stuff? posted on Tuesday 2/11/03 by Opie

Thanks to Frankie's (forum member) cousin for this haha.

That should encourage some of you..

Well I've started working on the pages and right now as said in the updates I'm on the tutorials part. I'm really just cleaning up the grammar and trying to think of a different way to put these up. I'm also adding new ones too, now I won't keep posting after every page is updated so I'll just post in the updates page after a few sections are done at a time. Right now the AIM and CGI have been updated and I'm adding some new CSS ones next and so on. So just check the updates or the tutorials page for the latest.

I have so many new files I need to add just don't have the time and they are really good ones and I'm already not liking the way I have the downloads set up, so I think I'll do something like does expect my downloads are more useful than some of the shit they have. I'm really just talking about setting them up section wise. That will be done after I finish updating the tutorials section.

Ok FFL time, often imitated but never duplicated.

- Slap that ho!
- ASCII Porn!...
- Reef Girl Comp.
- The Sims Porn style.
- Naked workout!(18+)
- Play with my boobies!
- Play some Snow Bowling.
- This kid sucks at drawing.
- Super Greg rules! Just rules!
- Weirdest site I've ever seen.
- Christina loves the man juice.
- This is the kind of spam I get.
- Elijah Wood is Very, Very Gay.
- I wish school was like this in my day.
- One of my Mods made this haha (18+)
- All I hear is about Camp David so I made this.
- What's your Porn name?, Mine's Brock Longfella.
- Goddamn nasty Jap fucks! They should be shot!
- I really hope the bidder knows the seller for this.
- HAHA listen to the background sound. Nasty pics though.(18+)

Oh you fucks stop linking my images and shit on forums and your site or I'll replace them with , well something "better".

Oh yeah Lucy is a hottie. Whit is also a hottie but too young.


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oh my I got some stuff posted on Friday 2/7/03 by Opie

After my long retarded post the other day I figured I would give you guys/girls some good stuff, but NOT YET.. First I want to let you know that I really took the week off of the site ( adding stuff wise) and will most likely be Sunday before I get some time to do anything, since I don't plan anything a head of time.

I have so many link request it's not even funny and I'm backed up on going through them so I will try to do those this weekend too, but you mustn't forgot the laziness and me not being home. Lately I haven't felt like going out so I may even do something tomorrow.

Ok time for the funny...

A guy and his cousin:

One time, my cousin Walter got this cat stuck in his ass, True story. He bought it at our local mall so the whole fiasco wound up on the news, it was embarrassing for my relatives and all, but the next week he did it again, different cat, same results complete with another trip to the emergency room! So i run into him a week later in the mall and hes buying another cat and i says to em "Jesus Walt, what are you doing? You know your just gonna get this cat stuck up your ass too, why dont you knock it off?" And he says to me "Brodie, How the hell else am i supposed to get the gerbil out?" My cousin was a weird guy....

- FFL -

- Play God.
- This is weird.
- Starship Seven.
- Shoot the kittys!
- Catch the frisbee.
- You have the gay.
- Want to be sperm?
- Boxing flash game.
- HAHA what the hell..
- Ghost exist? get out..
- Urban Legends part 1.
- Urban Legends part 2.
- Hmmmm odd one here.
- Pretty cool tank game.
- This was emailed to me.
- Whoa look a cam girl ass.
- Aww now isn't this sweet.
- Mikey flash 1. (funny shit)
- Mikey flash 2. (funnier shit)
- What's wrong with this image?
- Would you like to buy a vowel?
- This is a pretty cool game. KILL SHIT!
- Are these gays guy? Wait switch that.
- I posted about this last post, now it's an AD.
- Michael Jackson's life. From ugly to ugly and gay.

That should keep you busy.


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AOL CAN GO TO HELL AND DIE! posted on Tuesday 2/4/03 by Opie

Ok get read here comes a very rare rant you'll get from me. On you mark get set go....

If you've been around this site you would know how I've had AOL free for awhile (look in the archives) well the past few months which were suppose to be free I get billed. So I'm like no biggy I'll get my money back and so I did get a credit of $38.85. So tonight I go check my bank statement and see an unknown bill of $23.90 and I'm like what the gay is this horseshit then see it's AOL so I call them up and this is where the shit begins.

I call the Cancellation Department and says the holding time is 8 minutes and two beers later I'm still on hold and starting to get pissed. I then call the Billing Department and get right through and tell them the deal about how I wasn't suppose to get billed and they say there's nothing they can do and transfer to the Cancellation Department and of course I'm hold for awhile. After this goes back and forth three or four times I FINALLY get through and the MOTHER FUCKER HANGS UP ON ME. So when I go pick up the phone after throwing it across the room I call back.

Finally get back through and I'm cussing at them like the dumb fucks they are and get ahold of some fool named "Albi" (go figure) and I'm telling the deal to him for like the 5th goddamn time and he says he can't give me my money back but will give me two months plus this month free. Ok after he said that I lost it and said why can't you give me my $23.90 back and cancel the shit. He's like "are you sure?" I'm like "you goddamn right I'm sure". So he says he can't give me my money back and I'm just tried of being on the phone for over a hour and say "fuck it cancel it now, I don't want this shit anymore".

Why do I need AOL with cable? Someone explain this to me and the AOL idiots, I would of canceled it a long time ago if they were going to bill me, but they just don't seem to get it...

Here's some shit about AOL.

- AOL fag have these nice little screen names but are also misleading
- Ol' Albi wanted to send me some fucking AOL 8.0 CD after I kept telling him I didn't want the shit.
- AOL tech support are such retards or something around that.
- AOL loves the COCK.. oh wait.. well I'm sure they do anyway.

Adding to this retarded post I'd figure I would give my two cents to the Columbia Shuttle shit.. Before you read anymore keep in mind I will seem like more of an asshole .. badly..

- First the Shuttle was over 20 years old. NASA's fault.
- Second it's been in space like 100 times. NASA's fault.
- Third families are morning. NASA's fault.
- Forth shit scattered every goddamn where. NASA's fault.
- Solution: Sue NASA.

I don't see what the fuss is really it's NASA's fault and they are the only ones to blame and they are trying to hide it but I can see through their ass, trying to hide the fact that they fucked up, but it could be because of these:

(box told me this)

Why did the Space Shuttle blow up?

Because God didn't want jews in space!

Yes I know that is a evil joke but if I was a jew I would laugh, don't take it personal. I'm not a racist, just trying to make a sad moment funny.

Whoever the idiots that are biding on this please stop. If I was the seller I would put that shit right in my pocket. No idiot would donate all that to charity, who you bullshitting?

Oh yeah a vertebra(part of a back for you dumbass people) landed in a bestbuy parking lot in my city haha.. SELL SELL SELL...

On a for real note it is sad about what happened and I feel for the families and hope they sue they ever-loving piss out of NASA. Fuck NASA , those cheap ass bastards.

Ok ok enough! It's time for a little FFL

- This bitch is wrong.
- Girls you need to buy this!
- HAHA what does this look like?
- R Kelly likes em young.
- Someone fucked up bad at this news station.
- I need a big black guy named Ben too!
- Ok I admit this scared the shit then laughed thinking it was a mask until I realized what the page was about.
- Someone emailed me this, fun for a little while.
- Watch this through til the end.
- Sick but True.. very true..
- This is like that copter game.


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Here's something.. posted on Saturday 2/1/03 by Opie

Well first I'm typing this first part again because somehow it disappeared or something.. Goddamn beer... Anyway first or well second the forums should be up anytime today as soon as my host resets my account, I noticed the bandwidth did reset but the bandwidth exceeded page hasn't for some reason. Oh and as for the idiots that kept telling me the forums were down let just slap yourself please, you say it like I never know anything. You should read the updates page under the features instead of making yourselves look like complete idiots.

It seems the features are getting a little old except the media, because that ass is still too fine. As for the download it will be changed this weekend and the gallery might I still haven't deciced between a few ladies. After I update those I will continues my way down the line fixing up/adding to the other sections. Since that takes awhile I will make some extra time to post a few times a week with more of this:

- This is a fun game!
- You have to be smart to beat this game.
- Bowling and Breaking out in one game.
- Look a two-headed toad.
- You have got to be shitting me.
- Check out these illusions
- What the hell is this..
- Bitch give me my sucker!!!
- Crab vs Pipe.
- 450 images of some hot chicks.(some are anyway)
- Fatmouse is really fat.
- Don't even bother looking at this, it's hard.
- Whoa if you remember old school Atari you'll lovee this!
- Drag the image to the circle


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