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3/15/24: Archives will be updated once a server move is complete
01/03 archives Ohh my tittie posted on Tuesday 1/28/03 by Opie

Ok ok I'm sure you noticed by now I took a few pages offline and that's only because bandwidth on this server is getting close to going over and it's only a few days left in the month so you can just deal with it. Like stated on the page I will probably end up buying more anyway. Either way they will be back up in two days. I also added a pop-up to the dailybabe so I can go ahead and get my 50 buck check since I almost have enough. I hate pop-ups too, but I want to see if this company actually pays.

There is going to be some President speech tonight and that means the shows I like to watch won't be on including Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hey don't lie she's hot, maybe that's why I have Seasons 1-3 on DVD? Hmm maybe you will watch the show after this nice pic.

Since I took down those pages I will post some goodies:

- Sorta fun game.
- Goddamn look at Sydney Moon's..
- Karma sex.
- HAHA this is so gay but fun..kinda..
- Black people love me too.
- Zoo keeper.
- Check out these new bumper stickers.
- I like this slideshow.
- Topless Soccer rules!
- HAHA this is funny.
- Bond Jamez Bond.
- Someone shoot me. Look another dumb brat that can't sing.
- This guy is such a rebel.
- HAHA Elftor rules!
- Hey look at Anna's new bikini!
- This is a hard illusion, tell me if you can see it.


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I've done it again! posted on Saturday 1/25/03 by Opie

Shit I always getting too busy or too lazy to post, but I've been posting on the updates page though, Anyway if you read them I was saying that the site was going way slow and now it seems to be going back to normal. If you don't know what happened read this little article at cnn. Isn't it weird that the world's most famous hacker was just released too and that happened? Hmmm..

All I have to say is the internet just got..


I'm sure all you have heard the RIAA recent since with kazaa and others like it, well here's something the president of RIAA wrote, You can so tell this is one of those cock hating bitches.

- Link

They are such fucktards, it's not even funny..

Lots of FFL

- This is the most funniest shit ever!
- Same site above, just another page haha.
- This is a hard game.
- Fun Snowboarding game.
- The rest of that site's games.
- Whoa check out this Limo!
- Hey look another picture rate site.
- I like this one better.
- Make a Virtual Model!
- Don't click this.
- Goddamn Windows...
- You don't know Jack Shit.
- Someone explain to me what the fuck this is?
- If you buy this I will slap you.
- I knew that blue screen shit would be worth something..
- I got to level 4 and the door bell rang.. fuckers.
- A different type of Pong..
- These hackers are retarded..
- R Kelly must be a pimp with the young pussy.
- Hot chick with a nice pussy.
- Holy shit!
- Why can't our money be like this?
- MMMM nice car and hot ass!
- Cory from the forums made this hahaha

This post took awhile so enjoy it bitches. Just check your eye on the updates page under the features..

Oh on another note is another slot open for the advertising and any type of site is allowed now.


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T & A makes my day. posted on Sunday 1/19/03 by Opie

Damn our new Strip Club "Deja Vu" fucking sucks (ladies wise), I mean I didn't see any silicone AT ALL. They are suppose to get the CA chicks next week so I might have to go back and check it out.. Anyway I've had a few idiots take down my link when they fucking asked me to trade and that's all fine and dandy, it's just another way of showing how much of an idiot you are. I won't go out and name the sites, but they probably took it down because they thought this is a warez site , which it isn't. If you go through the applications section you won't find any warez.. so whatever I won't give your asses anymore hits.

Since I've been updating the site more than usual and getting more people here I figured I would try to post more with some good shit. So here we go..

Britney Spears goes bra-less a lot and I love her more for it and I've found a few worth posting, just note the filenames.

A post is not a post with some goddamn FFL
- A wood PC?
- Oh god help this boy out.
- I slapped this dude too many times, funny as hell.
- P0rn Snake.
- Did I post this? Who cares it's funny!
- Oh my eyes...
- This is a long movie but pretty funny.
- Holy shit this is wrong! Stupid bitch..
- Icon wars!
- Wheelchair football!
- Wheelchair Hockey!
- Wheelchair Speartoss!
- Wonder when they will catch this?
- This is pretty cool if you're html dumb.
- Uh who the fuck is this?

Oh yeah if you requested a link trade, I will be going through those tomorrow and then work on the archives. (dailybabes, news, and other shit)


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stuff posted on Wednesday 1/15/03 by Opie

Well hell I didn't get hardly any bad comments about this new look and it surprised the hell out of me, so I'm glad you like it. If you don't like the header image why don't you try your luck in the contest. If you haven't noticed I have been working on the site, (look at the updates under the features) just not posting as much as I should. I would post more but I'd rather give you guys something to look forward to than some little one liner post. I'll try to post at least 3 times a week, but with me that's hard since it's faster to post in the little updates thingy. While I'm on updates I'm basically going to just work my way across the nav working/adding on each section, so that should give yet more shit to do. Then I may change up the features expect for the media since it's too hot right now to take down.

Enough with the bullshit on to the FFL.. (lots of flash)

- Here's something I made.
- Mr. Gums.
- Note the keywords.
- Nasty and fun all in one.
- I wouldn't mind pissing in this.
- This is one cool G dawg!
- This scared the shit out of me.
- HAHA this shit is great.
- Breed the bunnys!
- I played this for too long.
- Very cool.
- Who let the DOGS out!
- Play some chess.
- Another scary flash!
- Flash your Rack!
- Hmm makes me wonder about the windows people..


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New layout and stuff posted on Friday 1/10/03 by Opie

Well I finally decided to get this damn thing up and I think it's pretty good considering it has more room for all the new shit added and to come. If you don't like it that's fine, but this isn't a graphical site, it's a e/n site and instead of some slow loading big images why not a fast loading site with content? Well some didn't like the last layout ,but it was ripped at least 6 times and I wouldn't doubt it for a second if in a few days I get you guys emailing me saying so and so copied this and that. Go ahead be a lame faggot, be unoriginal. It will be ok boo boo kitty fuck.

Ok enough of that here's what is not finished/and new:

Header image: I may have a contest in the forums and only the forums for some of you to make me a new header image, but not any big retarded crap.
Pages: I still have some pages I want added and need to work on the sub sections, just bare with me I will make them better as soon as I think of something.
New pages: As said above I have more to add.
Buttons on the main page: If you didn't notice I took them off, Why?, well it didn't look right and as many people click the links as the text. (just look at the stats)
Some stuff not where it was: Just look around the site you lazy fuck.
New whole right side: Just look at them you will like!
Archives: Have to do tons of this. (3-4 months of news, news images, oh season four of the dailybabes is almost done)
Work on old pages: I need to work on neglected pages that haven't been worked on in a while.

Just give me time and you will have some more "surprises" (how gay) coming.

Oh yeah FFL!
- This is the best racing game!
- Hitler lives?
- Oh look yet another "owner" of this site..
- For some reason this game is fun..don't ask.
- Bounce the Kitty Nazi!
- Don't let the rabbit catch your cursor!
- Holy shit remember this game?
- I love you. (change the end with something else)
- This is the gayest CD ever, if you haven't seen the tv ad well you won't really get it.
- Want to marry a celebrity? Well now you can.
- Hey here's some nice tits!
- Uh...retarded.
- Oh look now you can rent movies ONLINE..
- Give a chick some nice boobies.
- Can you guess the right ones?

Well more to come..

Note: I just put the site up at 3:10am(CST) so the counter is wrong. (it's really higher in other words)


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the new layout posted on Monday 1/6/03 by Opie

Just thought I would post really quick to tell you guys that I was going to have the layout put up yesterday but ended up having some other shit to do (including the forum drama) so I will have it up this week (sooner than you think)so stop asking. It will not be a good layout so I dunno what you guys are so excited over, this is me we're talking about, but you may like it who knows.. I will promise lots of new features. That's why it's talking so long but this is what I will tell you:

- The main layout is done, I will most likely make changes to it later on..
- All the new features are added and got them the way I want.
- All I have left is to change up the sub sections and make a few more pages.
- When I do get everything done I will close the site to make sure everything is working right. This can take 30 minutes to an hour.. won't be any longer than 2 hours.

Again is nota graphical site since those are retarded and only slow down site loading and we don't need that with all the pages and crap I have. Another thing is I've bought some more bandwidth for the site too and the forums DNS has updated for me..

Stay tuned... I have a good post for the next one and it will come when the new layout is up.


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hmm what's next? posted on Wednesday 1/1/03 by Opie

Just thought I'd post since it's the first day of the new year and hope you guys didn't get as drunk as I did, but in all I had some fun haha... No need to share the rest, who cares about what I do?.. Anyway since I was gone all day new years eve I didn't get to work on the new layout as much as I wanted to but today I got a lot done, so it could be any time when it comes. You can expect quite a few NEW features added to the site, but with a new simple but "neat" layout. You should like it with the new shit I'm adding especially this one.. I won't say so don't ask.

Another new thing I'm adding will involve a comment system on certain pages and if any of you know of some decent ones send me an email. I won't give away what I'm doing since so many already copy to much off this site already. I even get link trade request when they have ripped shit off this site.. shame shame...

Oh what's a post without some FFL?
- The Shy Girl's guide to becoming a Whore.
- Ouchy the Clown loves you.
- Are you color blind?
- Hmmm you tell me..
- Which is Worse?
- I need one of these cameras.
- Meet Peter the Cat.
- PowerGOTH Girls.
- Avoid the giant pussy wall!
- Fucking in Austria?
- Find the G Spot!
- Confess those sins my brotha!
- So you decided to be evil..

Some of those aren't too funny, but all I could fid on the great google.. Now on the the new layout..


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