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hmmm posted on Wednesday 7/31/02 at 3:16 am by Opie

WOW more neagtive comments on this layout than i thought i would get,most were like "doesn't look like much effort it in" or "this sucks"..well let me put it plain..I don't give a flying horseshit what you think the layout is fine and its staying. It loads alot faster ,doesn't look "cluttered" and caprice is extremly hott.. The bad comments i got were from dorks with shit sites and horrible layouts. I know im not a good layout/designer because content is the key to any site,if you notice all layouts with bad ass designs have either a few pages of shit about them or "portfolio", or like most "404 error"..that has to be the most annoying thing at a site is to see that.... Another thing about this layout is that it doesn't look like all the other sites with the same old design,this one is good and DOESN'T look like a fucking blog layout..So anyway i like the layout so get used to it or leave i could care less...

Has anyone tastes the new Pepsi Blue? From what i hear its pretty good,im going to see if its in by my house later today because monday it wasn't..

Um well on site news if you didn't notice i took down the featured download because i don't make any money off this site and would be nice to get a few donations to get me off my lazy ass and upload something like austin powers 3 or another girls gone wild video,but since noone will donate i might just upload smaller stuff until someone donates a few bucks.. But i do have 3 more albums uploaded and i almost have them all in the html,so look for those sometime tonight. Thats all i got for now..

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New Look! posted on Sunday 7/28/02 at 11:51 pm by Opie

Well i didn't think i would finish this this early ,but it turned out looking better than i figured it would. Let me know what you think on the tag-board over there on the left. Im sure some of you won't like this but i don't really care i think it looks better than the last one..right? Anyway i still may change a few things ,like on how the sub sections are,maybe add a border around it or something..Another thing you should know is this is the biggest layout i've ever done since i just switched to 1024 x 728 (res) and i suggest you all do so if you havn't it just took me a few days to get used to it..

Ok now i'll be going threw the site and maybe fix some dead links and maybe add another album tonight,but im not sure since i got some shit i have to do tomorrow afternoon.. Oh yeah i hope none of you really thought i would have a pinkish said it was a joke at the bottom..

Didn't get a Chance to save all these..sorry.

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