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11/02 Archives Almost turkey time posted on Wednesday 11/27/02 by Opie

Since I'll be going out of town and won't have time to add anything to the site I figured I would give you something to keep you entertained, this is a e/n site ya know. Before I do that I want to say that I already have part of "season 6" of the dailybabes (we're on "season 4" now) So you can always expect those everyday ,now I 've only got a few emails regarding the MP3 OTD so I'm guessing most of you don't really care and sorry to say only a few isn't enough to make me put them back up. If you want them back up send me an email saying you want those suckas back.

Ok now for some great flash I've came across in the past weeks, I've been saving them for one nice post.

-Get flashed twice.
-Squirt that root juice in a Condom.
-Play a very fun ski jumping game.
-Shoot this nigga!
-Catch Michael Jackson's kid
-Do you know your abc's?
-Play fucking battleship!
-Match the nipples! (not flash but fun haha)

Ok that should keep you busy for awhile oh yeah whoever you are that found this site through this search query you are a fucking idiot.


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Kelly Osbourne can't sing posted on Monday 11/25/02 by Opie

Damn I've been busy lately..well not really just waiting to get these 3 working days over with then I'm off work for a 4 day fun filled weekend with lots of beer involved, oh and some turkey. Anyway I noticed I got quite a bit of hits yesterday (like 1400 people) and was going to post last night but didn't have time since I did a little work on the forum that have over 700 members now. Another thing I saw last night was this.. weird.. Anyone notice all these damn e/n sites closing? If you didn't notice I removed alot of links from my main page and added a few new ones. If you have a good site with content and want to be on the main page send me an email.On another note I'm going to be adding to the apps section as I still find some good ones and I'll be going through and cleaning up some of the old pages, but since I'll be going out of town thursday and friday I still may be able to do something before then..

Make me a new button and get at least ONE extra hit to your site!!

Be cool and make one close to good as that and you will be almost as cool a me. All it has to say is "Entensity" on it and animated is better. Reason why I'm asking is because that one is a little old and new is always better. (attach the button and send it to this email addy.)

Nothing else to say but go make me a sandwich bitch. Oh wait here's a pretty cool movie mistake site I came across.


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what can I put here posted on Thursday 11/21/02 by Opie

Let's see I've mainly been finding more USEFUL programs to add to the new apps section and have mainly been getting the rare ones that you most likely didn't know existed and haven't added them yet since I like to add them all at once, but most of them are MP3 and movie related. I've been playing with IRC a little too much lately and if I wanted to waste my bandwidth I would upload some full movies ,but that's just retarded since I only give access to shit to the nice people that donate and support this site all they can.


I haven't set up a page or anything,but this is a way to help me pay for the site a little, meaning me adding more shit but if you're interested in hosting from me send me an email saying you want hosting and what you need. As of now I'm going to ONLY accept payments by paypal until I see how many of you email me, then I may set up a PO Box. Now the server has very few rules and they are:

-No warez content.
-No child Porn.
-No spamming.

Everything else would be allowed. Break those I kick your ass.

That's all I feel like typing since I have to head to work, but this entertained me for awhile also the Forums are always fun haha.


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New apps section posted on Monday 11/18/02 by Opie

Yeah it took me long enough but I finally got around to re-doing the apps section, you guys voted for it so I changed it and I don't think it's harder to find stuff, just use common sense. I figured I would go ahead and post if you didn't catch it on the updates page. Later tonight I'm going to add alot more great programs I've found that will help some of you out alot. I'm also thinking about changing up the site, maybe a new layout or something but I doubt that since nothing has came to me, but you never know I might surprise you with something.. Just like the ggw video that only lasted 5 hours after using almost 50gbs of bandwidth.. I've been noticing some of you don't come everyday and that's fine if you don't have the time, but if you do I suggest you come here at least once a day because you never know what I'll add..

Everyone keeps asking me to add the 8 mile movie so here it is..haha bitch I cursed you! No really I actually have 8 mile (proper) but the next day (I swear they do this to piss me off) a new release comes out that is more of a wide screen version and I guess it's just better to wait on a screener because the bots on irc are starting to suck lately. But if you want to listen to the freestyles on 8 mile you can download this little zip here and check them out. Oh the pass is "".. Also if you want to check out some of the latest and older music videos go check out this site.

You a wrestling fan? Go check out this site with great bios and images, it's one of the funniest sites I've ever seen. Well this is pretty funny too.


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Here you go posted on Thursday 11/14/02 by Opie

Well first let me say that I haven't finished the new apps section yet I'm only half done, but I have something for you to download and no it's not 8 mile, you can get that off irc easy anyway but you can download GGW Dormroom Fantasies 2 DVD Rip right there. Now I ziped it up and the pass is: "" (no quotes dumbass) Also I've .htaccessed that sucka so don't even try linking it.

Here's a few things that were posted in the forums I won't post everything ,here's just a little bit for you bastards that aren't members:

- Strip this girl
- Japan Tetris Finals (Fast as rabbits fucking)
That's all I'll give, join the forums if you want more shit like that or even around 400 threads of porn..

This is going to be a short post because I have to go to the store and have some other shit I have to do then I'm going to work on the site. Just keep checking that update link,because I will update there before I have time to post here.

Oh if you want to see another really good host go check out Right Choice Hosting ..the pages aren't up yet so just email them.


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Updates posted on Monday 11/11/02 by Opie

Well I didn't have as much time as I thought I would this weekend due to all the fun I had this weekend, I'm not a "blogger" so I'll sum it up in a few words or something like that... Strippers... Beer... Drunk hoes... New club.... More beer..... Meeting some strippers I saw at the strip club in new club.... Keeping friend out of jail for acting a fool in IHOP... That about sums up my weekend, but somehow I managed to work on the site so as promised I have added the past two months of news posts to the news archives section also the long boner awaiting season 3 of the dailybabes. The next thing I'm going to work on is the new apps section and I have ALOT more apps to add too so this will probably take me awhile to do, but hopefully I can do a little at a time a day. I'm going to try and get alot done this week and don't worry it will be even easier to find the programs you want.

Is it me or am I seeing alot of the same warez on alot of sites and too many people have been telling me all these sites that are copying off me, it's really quite sad how you faggots can't come up with your own shit and have to steal the work I do on this site even though it's a hobby not my life, sure I could take your site down so quick it's not even funny, but I wont do that because since most of the sites are ran by little 12-15 year old kiddies they can't keep their sites up no longer than a month at a time so why bother.. If you people would learn how to use IRC you wouldn't need to download all those 13435353 rar files. Alot of people like the albums (btw my album server has seemed to disappeared, I will get another)like the newest talk is the Jay Z one well if you want the Jay Z blueprint album go download mirc and click here and type:

/msg JAYZ-01 xdccc send #1

and boom there you have it and the bot looks like you'll get at LEAST 100kbs. If it doesn't work you can always go here and try another bot. If you want to learn more go read the fucking tutorial a guy submitted, it may take you awhile to learn but you'll get it unless you're a complete retard.

Hmm well if you submitted your site for me to trade links with don't worry I haven't forgotten about ya, I'll will go through them tonight and like I said above will work on the apps section too, I'll also reply to some of the other emails you guys sent me unless you're a complete retard like this dumbass:

From: (how sweet)
Received: from ([] helo=nicholasg8unl0)
Subject: WANKER!


K if you're going to send me shit like that at least spoof your ISP right..dumbass..

Ok I'm tired of typing so all of you go over to whit's site .. Why?...because I said to... bitch


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New News Script posted on Saturday 11/9/02 by Opie

Ok after lots and lots of testing I've found a script I think I will stay with, I've tried them all from fusion news to some german shit. This one seems to be the only one that is worth a shit that has the comments feature and I used to hate on sites but since this site actually gets quite a few hits I figured I'd try it out. There's still a little more I need to edit but it looks fine for now, let me know if you like or not. Notice the other months news is gone? Well I'm in the "process" of moving them all to the archives and should have that and ALOT more shit done Sunday night, would be earlier but tomorrow I'm going to check out 8-mile and then I need to wash my truck,then off to the clubs.. Sunday I have to go a few places first then will do some work on the site. So expect updates around Sunday..

Don't forget to vote on the new apps section and if you want to have some fun join the Forums.


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Something new posted on Monday 11/4/02 by Opie

Alright I know nothing has been going on around here but I've been enoying the Forums alot lately there are some funny fools in there, I've got over 500 members there so join if you haven't. Since I have a new server for the Forums and looks like I might have some extra bandwidth to spare I might host a few of you, but hold on don't even think it will be for free and I would only accept payments through paypal, even though i'm going to go see about getting a PO Box so you guys without CC's can mail me donations (this was requested). I'll keep you posted on that and more about hosting will happen in another week or so. Well I actually started to re-do the apps section like I said I would but not sure if some of you will like it so I set up a poll with a preview of what it will look like so please Vote on that "quickly" so I can go ahead and make the changes if the Vote goes the new way.

So go Vote for the new apps section here. I'll give you guys/girls a few days so you better fucking Vote.

If you didn't notice I took down the albums and moved them on my other server due to my host getting in trouble by the datacenter ,probably for the 8 mile soundtrack but I always have a backup up plan so all the albums can be found in the Forums. It also has the new link to the 8 mile soundtrack, I've had to change it, because faggots link them on their site when all I asked was to link to the page. Also I took down the MP3 OTD, I could of kept that up but i'm not sure if any of you like that feature anyway(if you want it back email me) since most of you are horny fucks. Speaking of horny while I'm waiting for you guys to Vote on this I will go ahead and put season 3 of the dailybabes up and also archive some old post and sort out all the older shit so you can have something to look at just in case you missed something. Oh I'm also thinking of adding a comment system to the news but don't hold you're breath, I will have to do alot of script testing.

Thats all for now except this page is the DEVIL!


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