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October Archives Happy Halloween posted on Thursday 10/31/02 at 4:11 am by Opie


That's all haha.

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Holy Shinnnn posted on Wednesday 10/30/02 at 2:28 am by Opie

Ok I have alot of shit to say here so read it if you want or just go jack off in the Forums. I've been trying to get a new server for the forums and have ran into more back luck with this goddamn host.. First of all it won't let me run SSH commands, gives me access denied (this is a reseller server too) so after days on getting that fixed I go and have the forums moved over and everything, then go to run some test and guess what happens? The fucking email isn't working right in my forums, so now it's been to days and still not fixed. Now im looking for another host and think I found one, and if this host emails me back with the info I want to here I'll go ahead and pay that sucka and get my forums moved. To all you guys/girls that don't know shit about control panels don't ever get a fucking Ensim always go with cPanel, it may cost more but only get a host with that, it's the best made. I have to get the best for my forums since they are probably the best ever since it has so much shit to keep you busy, not to mention porn, but it has games, an arcade, a store, shit even quizzes. Did I mention porn? I'm still accepting sign ups so you can join if you want to join the fun.

Let's see next I came across a link about windows XP.. first go ahead and view this video.. Ok if you're to lazy to watch it or download it, it shows you an exploit XP has, where you can delete someone's windows folder or any folder for that matter just threw a fucking link. Now I had a tutorial submitted awhile back about it with the url how to do it since the video won't show you well... I fucking wont either since alot of you guys are idiots and will do it to peoples computers to be l33t. I'll show you part of it though:


In the video it tells you to update to SP1,but alot of you have a boot leg copy of XP and it's better to just rename that file or delete it, just watch the video it shows you how to do it.

Hmm have any of you seen that new show on ABC 8 Simple Rules?..Well not only being a really funny show it has this chic that is extremely hott ( I'd do her) and she'll be legal next month so maybe we'll see more of Kaley Cuoco. I suggest you check out the show if you haven't already.

Well on to more site news:

After I get the Forums worked out and on the new server I'll be re-doing the whole downloads section to make it really easier to find shit you're looking for and add more since I'll be freeing up alot of bandwidth I'll be able to add tons more shit for your entertainment needs, but you know me I'm a lazy fuck and get drunk to often now, but expect some really good changes very soon.

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beer good posted on Saturday 10/26/02 at 3:45 pm by Opie

Hey long time no post or something like that... shit I WAS going to post last night but I got a little drunk and in about 4 hours going to get more drunk and probably get laid by some whore, but hey I wont remember it so its all good.. Ok enough about me on to the site shit... I have bought another server for bandwidth just for the Forums since im using so fucking much, but since lots like them I'll keep them up and keep adding more stuff..Only problem now is im having some problems with the ssh dumping /restoring commands and my host has been working his ass off to fix it, so whenever that gets fixed (if it doesn't by sunday I'll get another host) I'll drop the Forums over on the other server. This site uses way too much bandwidth...

This is funny:

Subject: (no subject)

im sorry but your random pictures on ur blogs are wrong...
that kitten in the jar?
may death come quicker for u then anyone else

Hey thanks for letting me know this, for your pain I posted a nice little kitty smoking, or you can always stare at this again. Stupid whore..that isn't hurting that dumbass cat at all.. Oh and this isn't a blog either...

Ok so more news after I get this server worked out..Oh and if you emailed me to trade links or whatever I'll be going threw them all (I have like 20 or so request) and will email you Sunday if I'll add you or not, If im not on your page already don't expect an email back..

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That's a HUGE BITCH posted on Monday 10/21/02 at 2:24 pm by Opie

I 've been pretty busy doing shit lately its not even funny,even though I took this weekend off (party wise) so I can save my whore money for this weekend. Anyway first I want to thank all of the admires of this site by sending all the email saying how the love and all, I get quite a few of these and I read em all.Going to change subjects real quick.. and the best MP3 sharing program IS FUCKING DEAD! Goddamn the RIAA, they are just a bunch of pussies who think they are doing something, which they aren't since piracy/sharing MP3's will never die. It's not like the artist see any of that money anyway, they already got their checks in the bank..Damn that sucks,now I have to find another mp3 program.. Oh yeah back to email, this little idiot keeps emailing saying how he loves getting fanmail by sending my hatemail... let me show you:

Subject: (no subject)

I gave up on sending you hatemail...but I am enjoying the fan mail I recieve. It highers my self esteem after a long day. I just came to ask if you could post my e-mail on your site again because i love being loved. Keep it real.

Ok seriously,being dead serious here people.. I laughed for like 5 minutes after reading this shit, this is an exact example of a kid that has/will never see/touch/smell any pussy whatsoever. He is the reason I love the internet. I can come on here drunk and laugh all the time at someone like him. It's so sad its funny, so in all you go send him some more "fanmail" and tell him how cool he is. You could tell me how cool I am ,but we already know I am.

Lets see everyone has seen Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo right? Well I forgot how damn funny that was until I went and bought that sucka. The funniest shit is when he dates the big tall bitch and everyone is screaming out stuff like "FREAK ,HOLY SHIT IT'S BIG FOOT ,KEEP IT IN THE CIRCUS FREAK , THAT'S A HUGE BITCH.. haha I laugh my ass off every time I listen to that part so I went out to find a sound clip of it and was only able to grab an rm file but me being so cool and all I recoreded it and made it a MP3 so download this (right click save target as) and listen to that shit ,If you don't laugh you're a retard.

One last thing is I have been working on the site a little, mainly the Forums and will most likely do more on that tonight and I've been moving some stuff around on the main site too so just check back whenever or check the updates page for more info later.

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This would be weird posted on Thursday 10/17/02 at 12:51 am by Opie

Something occured to me the other day wondering what the world would be like if people had internet names. Think about it for a second..I said think hoe, anyway I'm not talking about the normal names you see I mean the "l33tguy105" ones. Can you imagine calling your buddy over "Hey j0027 did you call hottnsexy345 last night?" Or even after you have a baby and the Dr. says "What are you going to call him?" Oh I'm going to name him jimmy, thats j1mm7 with a one not an I and a seven not a Y"..Or even go with the first words you speak.."m0m3rz or dad0rZ ". Ok the point to this is,well really there isn't one I just felt like posting since I won't be able to tomorrow since I'm yet again going to the strip clubs with my perveted friends (like myself)...

Hatemail that was really funny:

Subject: Faggot
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 10:47:03 -0400
X-AntiAbuse: This header was added to track abuse, please include it with any abuse report
X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname -
X-AntiAbuse: Original Domain -
X-AntiAbuse: Originator/Caller UID/GID - [99 99] / [99 99]
X-AntiAbuse: Sender Address Domain -

you suck, your site sucks, that stupid list sucks, and i don't care if you ban me i wont never come back anyway and by the way you once used the stupid :) thing so you must be an idiot and why would a 21 (or how ever old you are) be making a website? next thing why don't you buy more space for your website, instead of asking people to give you some. Plus you stole all the pictures that are in your posts from websites THEN try to claim them as your own...but you wont let anyone else have any of the ones on your site. I still want to know why you even have a website? and don't just blow me off like some little kid.

Is it me or does that sound familiar? go read the first hatemails and you'll see what I mean,Oh did I mention this idiot sent me like 430 something emails (email bomb) and it took me um yeah a WHOLE 3 SECONDS to delete..holding shift and highlighting the first and last works like a charm. This kid has some serious problems that are quite funny though,maybe he gets raped by his dad or something? who knows who cares,dumb little l33t kiddies,I wish I was as cool as you guys! Notice he was too stupid to hide where he sent the email from,wonder what I should do now..

K time to go work on doing that cool thing..

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whoa nelly posted on Tuesday 10/15/02 at 2:55 pm by Opie

Ha after adding that 8 mile soundtrack my hits doubled and I got around 1800 hits the other day (according to this and my counter )..I just put that other counter up to show some of the idiots my counter isn't "fake" or whatever. Lets see I have to start working on the Forums again ,like adding more hacks and shit since they are starting to get really good and members are growing again.. Anyway I've been finding all kinds of shit to post on including some really good downloads and was going to add some shit last night but my cable went out,so here's some goodies for you:

-Music Video:
Christina Aguilera & Redman Video - Dirrty (Right click save target as)
-Spiderman the Movie:
cd1 cd2 (Right click save target as)

Don't say I never gave you anything and I know the Spiderman movie is DVD like quality and like 700mbs PER CD..Enjoy..

I'm sure alot of you heard about the "worlds best joke" right? If you haven't click here..Anyway I just wanted to say I think this one is much better:

A big city lawyer went duck hunting in South Louisiana. He shot and dropped a bird, but it fell into a farmer's field on the other side of a fence. As the lawyer climbed over the fence, an elderly farmer drove up onhis tractor and asked him what he was doing. The litigator responded, "I shot a duck and it fell in this field, and now I'm going into retrieve it."

The old farmer replied. "This is my property, and you are not coming over here."

The indignant lawyer said, "I am one of the best trial attorneys in the U.S. and, if you don't let me get that duck, I'll sue you and take everything you own."

The old farmer smiled and said, "Apparently, you don't know how we do things in Louisiana. We rule ourselves under the Napoleonic Code. We settle small disagreements like this with the Louisiana Three Kick Rule."

The lawyer asked, "What is the Louisiana Three Kick Rule?" The Farmer replied. "Well, first I kick you three times and then you kick me three times, and so on, back and forth, until someone gives up."

The attorney quickly thought about the proposed contest and decided that he could easily take the old codger. He agreed to abide by the local custom. The old farmer slowly climbed down from the tractor and walked up to the city feller.

His first kick planted the toe of his heavy work boot into the lawyer's
groin and dropped him to his knees where he immediately vomited.

The geezer's second kick nearly ripped the man's nose off his face.

The barrister was flat on his belly when the farmer's third kick to a kidney nearly caused him to give up.

The lawyer summoned every bit of his dark heart, vengeful will and managed to get to his feet and said, "Okay, you old coot now it's my turn."

The old farmer smiled and said, "Naw, I give up. You can have the duck."

hahaha AGAIN!

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back again posted on Saturday 10/12/02 at 4:40 am by Opie

Well I think the dns has updated for everyone,if not sorry get a new ISP. I didn't plan on my host selling but hell wasn't nothing I could do. Since I've had 2 nameserver changed in the past week I was able to get the 8 Mile soundtrack off mIRC and added it to the albums section for yall to download,I probably shouldn't of added it since it doesn't come out until the 29th but there's a special edition cd that comes out so you will most likely buy that anyway,so just use this for a preview or something. K? If you haven't been checking the updates you probably should since I've been updating quite a bit this week. Umm I think I have a problem....I'm in love with fucking strippers and the bad thing is I would never date one of them hoes but fucking is a whole nother story..I'll leave it at that.

The thought of putting up a topsites has entered my head ,but don't hold your breath ,because I haven't found a good php script that fits my needs,if you know of one send me an email an I'll check it out. (it being free of course cockhead) Lets see what else, join the Forums? Yeah do that they rule ,just like me.. Oh yeah season 3 of the dailybabes will come up next week, you horny fucks you..

Buddy of mine told me this joke, I fell out laughing:

A teenager was jacking off in the shower and his DAD walked in on accident and said "Son don't be doing that in the shower!" then the teenager said "DAD this is my dick and I'll wash that sucka' as fast as I want!"

hahahahahahahaha... Yeah I'm a retard..

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yeah posted on Wednesday 10/9/02 at 1:15 pm by Opie

A forum member posted that link a few days ago and I thought I would share with the losers that aren't signed up,anyway I've been updating the past few days so check the updates to see what was added..

If you notice any downtime in the next day or today , sorry my host sold his company and my site is going to be moved to yet another server,hopefully this won't happen again,but if this host sucks (with my luck it will) I will go get another someday.. Forums are closed until I get my site switched so I don't lose any post,when it's switched i'll post the ip so you can keep posting until the dns updates...

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Back in action. posted on Monday 10/7/02 at 1:38 am by Opie

Yeah well my host finally fixed the php, the reason why it was messed up is because he hired a guy to do a upgrade of php and the dude fucked it up,well now its all back to normal except one bug(not for any of you to notice) ,but that should get fixed Tuesday..Anyway after a long night at looking at tities Saturday night and a few beers I was able to do a little work on the site and add some funny/nasty movies to the movies section (as mentioned in the updates) so go entertain yourself and check them out.

As for upcoming updates I have some hatemail and some tutorials to add those for sure will be added this week and I want some of you to join the Forums if you want to laugh at some of the idiots we have in there and there quite a few active/good posters in there too. Probably one of the best Forums that I've seen that has everything..Just ask the members ,they will tell you themselves..

Oh yeah I was looking at some of my logs and noticed some fuckers linking my news images so I thought I would have fun with it ,so instead of the image they want to link on there site or even link on Forums I added this little neatO image.. I rule so much don't I? haha..(If your seeing it on the main page of this site let me know,because its not suppose to,don't use proxy's going to this site and use IE) If you want to prove to yourself that you're not a complete idiot check this out..

One last thing I want to thank Brian (his site isn't up right now) for donating to the site. Thanks again.

That's it for now I think..Check the updates to see if I added anything new.

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