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3/15/24: Archives will be updated once a server move is complete
September Archives vacation over.. posted on Monday 9/30/02 at 2:01 pm by Opie

Ok i im finally back from a really good weekend and vacation,so some updates can continue or something like that. I did so much shit. but im sure none of you care and im glad you don't..All i'll say is lots of beer,naked women, more naked women,chics jello wrestling, Casino's, and WWE..Fun stuff,but now back to work week and i don't go out when its during the week because its no fun at all. Anyway enough with the boring and on with some updates. I added some funny hatemail and if you didn't notice a News Archives under each post,I will add it by months and make it all neat for you..thats really it for now updates wise, since its still early and when i get home from work im going to update a little more but most likely won't post so you'll just have to check the updates.

I know alot of you were wondering why the server was down(was down for awhile for those that didn't know) and the reason is because the apache broke,but its all good now.Oh if you know anyone that still is going to tell them not to because for some reason the nameservers havn't updated and now that my host ditched the old server its not found,good thing hardly anyone goes to it. It will be fixed again though,since i still have it for awhile.

Ok expect quite a few updates this week since i took last week off, I didn't even feel like getting online but this week i will,so until then..

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Long time.. posted on Thursday 9/26/02 at 11:19 pm by Opie

Hey boys and girls did you miss me? I hope not,just letting you all know that im still around, but i've been enjoying my vacation all week ,like losing money and the casino's but it was fun though and i won't be able to do much to the site this weekend either since i'll most likely be hung over and Sunday im going to WWE. I have lots of shit to add to the site like 3 new hatemails and all that other shit i said 2 post ago. It will most likely get added sometime around next week, i might get around to some earlier but i havn't wanted to do a damn thing online ,the only thing i really did was check out the Forums because they are getting a ton of post a day and its back up to around 300 members now,so i suggest you join the "fun" and go post away at the Forums. Hell i may even add a chat room in there one day since theres already quite a few flash games to play and keep you entertained..

I'm not in a funny mood now, but i will make yall laugh with some funny hate mail and this other content i have to add..

Oh hell why not check this out(note the "Our Customers' Advice" towards the middle)..

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server posted on Monday 9/23/02 at 11:55 pm by Opie

If you see this then the server has updated.

I didn't plan on this but my host wanted to move all the sites to a better,more stable server. There are not any changes just be wait for the nameservers to update for everyone else.

If your from the Forums you would know they it can be accessed through an ip be sure you do not access the main site through the ip because alot of the paths wont work right with it.

So if your accessing the site through everything should work fine for you,if it doesn't post on the tag ,but most likely i will caught it.

Oh don't pay attention to the counter because its wrong sine some are still going to the old server.

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here i go.. posted on Saturday 9/21/02 at 12:24 am by Opie

Ok im sure by now alot of you have heard or seen about HIV Puppet shit that's been going around on news and other sites,but I saw it on abc news on Wednesday and thought it was the stupidest shit I've almost ever heard. They just beat me to it..The only reason im posting about this is because im sick and tired of all the AIDS,HIV,feed the children shit. It annoy's me,because instead of giving these idiots a fucking puppet why not some gotdamn condoms?

Think about it,there wouldn't hardly be as many AIDS victims dumbasses if they would hand out a little condom,hell even the starvin marvin kids could learn from something like this to understand how to, yes even put a condom on? Dumb "cluck clucking" bitches Seriously aren't you sick of those feed the children TV ads about donate 8 dollars a month for some damn rice and beans. If I had a choice I would rather give a box of trojans,so I could stop having to hear about all the AIDS or hungry kids. "Hundreds of kids are dieing each day" Ok I know this may sound mean or whatever,but I really don't give a flying shit about them since their to damn stupid to protect themselves.

To put it all in dummy words.. Stop bitching about hungry kids or AIDS in Africa and get them whores some fucking condoms and i'll stop bitching..Trojan man should go "hang out" over there.

(p.s. I know some may hate me more for this so send hate mail here..i need a laugh or two)

As for site news? Well i only did a few hacks on the Forums and havn't had time to do anything since i had to get my Class D license and im on vacation next week,but i have alot of shit to do like go get drunk and go get drunk..Don't worry i'll still have a little time to work on the site..

Oh yeah If you own this email addy take me off your fucking address list,the viruses are stupid even though i won't get infected.

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no subject posted on Tuesday 9/17/02 at 2:16 pm by Opie

I've been one lazy whore when it comes to updates,but since some of you have school during the week i guess its fine...I have to get my class D license this week too,so i dunno if i'll be able to do much to the site...But i did add some more hatemail and my idiot list to the funny section..

To do:

-Archive news images.
-Add some movies i have (its alot of them).
-Add a few other downloads.
-Do some more hacks on the Forums.
-Get these submitted tutorials up,i have four to add..

If you want to wait for these smile and get your picture taken or go to The Best Page In the Universe..

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wow.. posted on Saturday 9/14/02 at 1:20 am by Opie

After posting that hatemail i got a shitload of ,get this "fan mail"!!! What the shit i have fans? impossiable Cletus!,i mean this is a site that sucks ass, right? I got a really good one from Jenny and alot of other funny ones from some other "fans". Wait i don't even have a fan sign section? This must be a joke,because if i had fans i would have the lady "fans" wright something on there boobs.(im joking) Have to watch it I don't want to piss off the girls that come here.. Anyway back to these "fans",it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling when i read those emails and stuff,well not really but i did enjoy them,makes me want more hate mail or better yet good mail. If i didn't reply don't worry i still might but just so you know i did read them all and my thanks goes out to you.

Hold on you haters,i still want more hate mail,its really funny to read while im drinking something expect the fact i almost spit it out and ruin my pc from laughing,i should get a cam or something if i had it on you would most likely see me laughing the whole time because you wouldn't believe all the shit i hear,like guys AIM me asking for a fucking pic? gay gay gay..

Last thing is that i've found a daily text script (for the mp3) and i've had the daily babe one for awhile, what does this mean? Im lazy. Oh don't ask for it either, search for it like i did.

Oh yeah hahahaha this is not being racist its funny haha just look..(read the domain name dumbass)

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hatemail yet again posted on Friday 9/13/02 at 2:42 pm by Opie

Ha yeah i got a few more hatemail's that i didn't feel like posting on the main paage so i just made a section (you would of known this already if you would check the damn updates)u for yall to get a laugh at because i sure as hell did.I did some "tweaks" to the layout last night ,but nothing much else is going on expect for some funny shit going on in the Forums and i made my flash games section alot bigger too,so you might want to join because alot of you aren't even going,i guess your unaware what all is in there..

Um im not really in a posting mood now because i don't have shit else to say soooo go download some music off this site i found,some of it is gay but you never know..

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.... posted on Tuesday 9/10/02 at 11:00 pm by Opie

Nuff' said..

(I'll be an asshole again tomorrow...With more funny stuff..)

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hate mail 101 posted on Monday 9/9/02 at 11:25 pm by Opie

Subject: (no subject)
you suck, your site sucks, that stupid list sucks, and i don't care if you ban me i wont never come back anyway and by the way you once used the stupid :) thing so you must be an idiot and why would a 21 (or how ever old you are) be making a website? next thing why don't you buy more space for your website, instead of asking people to give you some. Plus you stole all the pictures that are in your posts from websites THEN try to claim them as your own...but you wont let anyone else have any of the ones on your site. I still want to know why you even have a website? and don't just blow me off like some little kid.

HAHA Consider yourself "blown off" dumb whore.. This makes me keep the site up, i laugh at shit like that and this. I knew i would get some sort of hate mail after i wrote that list and yes you are an idiot if you were offended.

The T.D album will be up in a little while,i just have to get the lryics and link the files(i already uploaded them)..I might do some other crap but i feel a sudden lazyness a coming.

Doesn't this make you want to boogie down:

***Hatemail Update*** (3:15pm)

Subject: (no subject)
im not affended by your stupid shit get more content on your site then maybe it would be better fagit
Subject: (no subject)
god your gay
Those are two different emails, send your hatemail here.

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If you.. posted on Saturday 9/7/02 at 12:14 am by Opie

Well the Forums are still doing pretty good,i deleted around 300+ members (inactive) and started to get the hang of Mysql,so i have it backed all up etc..Thast really all i've been doing is working on making the Forums better,by adding hacks to make it look and better for the users,so join if you want. I've been thinking on what to do with the site,maybe add more files or different new sections,i still havn't added those movies or news images yet..i might do them this weekend,but later this morning i have to go with a friend to get some wwe tickets,then go somewhere... Alot of shit has been going around the internet that has made me laugh my ass off,i swear some people are complete idiots,so that brings me to this...Im sure all of you have heard the Jeff Foxworthy "you might be a redneck" songs right? well i came up with my own:

You are an Idiot:

-If you use words like "asl", "lol","hehehehehe","heh","lmao","lmfao"...You are an Idiot.
-If you use smilies alot ex: :(, :)...You are an Idiot.
-If you have a site with aol progs...You are an Idiot.
-If you have a site and it contains a lamers list...You are an Idiot.
-If you instant messager someone asking for some "html codes"...You are an Idiot.
-If you TYPE IN ALL CAPS...You are an Idiot.
-If you tY9E 1N t41z f07m...You are an Idiot.
-If your name is Teck,Onyx, or to0...You are an Idiot.
-If you claim you are a hacker and really a dork...You are an Idiot.
-If you fight on the internet...You are an Idiot.
-If you deface websites...You are an Idiot.
-If you jack off to gay porn...You are an Idiot a Fag.
-If you think entensity sucks ...You are an Idiot.
-If you are too retarded to realize my counter is real...You are an Idiot.
-If you get mad over something on the internet...You are an Idiot.
-If you hate someone on the interent...You are an Idiot.
-If you think its so important to get a link on a website...You are an Idiot.
-If you tell "your momma" jokes...You are an Idiot.
-If you think drugs are cool...You are an Idiot.
-If you take anything i say serious...You are an Idiot.
-If you copy ideas or rip peoples layout...You are an Idiot.
-If you can't read...You are an Idiot.
-If you use AOL...You are an Idiot.
-If you are to lazy to get a job...You are an Idiot.
-If you boot people offline using "progz"...You are an Idiot.
-If you make progz...You are an Idiot.
-If you can't install a cgi script...You are an Idiot.
-If you come online to meet chics or guys...You are an Idiot.
-If you have more online friends than real friends...You are an Idiot.
-If you make a list like this one...You are an Idiot. (wait a minute..)

If you fall into any of those guess what..You are an Idiot.

Oh yeah if you want to be cool and hook me up with 550mbs of space and a little bandwidth i'll upload 3d Max 5 and put your link under the download,its not a big deal to me,im not uploading it to any of my servers. Just send me an email if your want to do this and be sure to..

Check the updates later whores..

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Dumbasser than me. posted on Wednesday 9/4/02 at 2:11 am by Opie

Hmm after almost a whole week i finally got my vb license so go check out the Forums and sign up if you want,its fun expect if your stupid the members in there will flame you quick,its funny.Oh yeah anyone can view the main forum but no threads until i approve you.I have done a few little hacks to it already and will probably do a few more before i go to bed.Im still need to add a shitload of news pics to the funny pics section and will do it tomorrow night if i don't find good hacks over at,Its where all the vb dorks go ,so i should fit it just fine.Lots more updates are coming you just have to give me time damn it, ive been busy with the forum shit so thats why no updates in the past few days,so whenever i get more free time i will update.This week i should have plenty of time unless something comes up,but im mainly just working all week.

If you read my last post you saw how i posted about what happened with Eminem and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, well Triumph had this comment to say:

"Eminem should lighten up ... I mean, my mom was a bitch too, but I don't go writing songs about it."

-Triumph the Insult Comic Dog


Random Crap:

-Go buy the domain while its hott!!
-Go read Teck from bizzo's and Onyx's from ??? Viagra Stories..Yes its true these pussies have limp weasels..(thier mommy told me)
-Get you Bonsai Kitten today!
-All women will soon have a 3rd boob.
-This would piss me off.
-Any guy will love this


-Phucked Up -Pretender -Core 39 - Finchuck

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